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Turn Signal to Running/Turn/Brake Light conversion kit (stem-mounted turn signals - type 1)

Turn Signal to Running/Turn/Brake Light conversion kit (stem-mounted turn signals - type 1)

SKU: EC.01314

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Your rear turn signals are illuminated only when the turn signal is flashing. The rest of the time, these housings go unused, not emitting any light. This LED kit converts your original turn signals to three-function amber turn signals, red running lights, and red brake lights, adding extra illumination to your bike without adding extra lighting fixtures.

Our signal kits simply, easily and legally:
- make those dead housings additional red running & brake lights the rest of the time.
-TRIPLE the size of your rear running and brake lights without adding any additional housings.
- do not alter the operation or components of the stock turn signals.
- shut off the red light in the signal housings when the amber signal comes on.

Other kits make your signal lights into running lights and signals, but in amber:
- ILLEGAL on any motor vehicle and much more expensive than our kit plus.
- NO brake lights!

NOTE: Brake modulator is NOT included, this kit will not cause your brake light to pulse.

No dying or replacement of the lens is required either with our kit. Federal regulations require a motorcycle to have amber turn signals and this kit keeps you in compliance and safer.

Priority of illumination as follows
(first is highest priority & overrides all others):
1. Turn Signal (amber)
2. Brake Light (high intensity red)
3. Running Light (low intensity red)

This kit is designed for a stem mounted housing using an 1156 or 1073 sized turn signal bulb which is inserted straight into the base.

A special composition grommet (to accommodate the intense heat the turn signal bulb produces) sits on the bulb and acts as the mounting base for the circuit board. Our setup uses Ultra-Bright LED's to achieve the red color through the amber lens. Small separate circuits take brake and running light inputs and for each signal sending all information through 2 wires to each LED board.

Add additional lighting without adding additional light housings!

Confirmed fit list:
Excelsior Henderson

Deuce-style housing

GL1100 (Interstate/Aspencade)

Concours GTR1000 / ZG1000, -'07
KLR650A, -'07 (bike-specific adapter EC.08108 required for installation)

Touring Cruiser
(customers have fit the kit in other Victory models as well)

Manufacturer # No
Customer Reviews
Review by EmeraldVTX
Love it! It's installed it on my Honda VTX1800C 5 years ago and it's still going strong. Fantastic visibility and easy to install! (Posted on 2016-02-15)
Review by EddieM
I got this setup a while back and finally got around to installing it. The kit is well thought out and put together. It is a generic type kit, so the installation instructions are also generic, but that's OK. Installation was not intuitive but it's due more to the bike (Kawasaki Concours 1000) and the design of its rear signals along with wiring access. The installation went pretty well after consulting a friend who had already done the installation. I also replaced the lenses with clear ones and the bulbs with amber. The clear lenses allow the red LEDs to show better than the amber ones did. All in all, a good kit. I can't seem to find it on the Electrical Coonection website though, so it may be a limited production item. If you want to be more visible, especially at night, I highly recommend this kit. (Posted on 2015-08-13)
Review by MLG
I spent about 3 hours today trying to install this kit. My bike has HD bags with brackets. In order to fish the wires to the bulbs in the housing itself, I have to remove the bags, remove the bag brackets, and because there is zero room and a tight factory harness, I will need to remove the rear wheel to get the needed access to the mustache and harness to do a decent job. Other than getting wires to the bulbs it is straight forward. Dropping the rear wheel will happen when I have to change it and replace the brakes so I won't be installing this kit until this winter. The kit looks great and I will get it done but it isn't worth 20+ hrs of work alone in my particular case. I don't get to rode that much. Maybe you will have better access to the get wiring to the bulb through the factory config. I'll add that my bike is a 2003 and hasn't been to a shop since it was sold because I do all the PMs myself. (Posted on 2015-08-05)
Review by vrodgod
Looks like a good product, however, not what I was looking to purchase. I need the module that makes the bulbs I already have work. I am still waiting for the return info that was supposed to be emailed to me. (Posted on 2015-06-23)
Review by Kale420
Nice addition to the KLR. It always helps to provide the cars with a little extra , hey I am here. Install took a bit, disassembling the back of bike and threading the wire trough the turn signal stems. Wiring was instructions were good( when they talk about about connecting the green wires to the green wire, they are referring to the 2 sets wires they send with adapter (blue, green to red). Happy with purchase! (Posted on 2015-04-24)
Review by turbodan
I installed the turn signal upgrade kit and am pleased with the additional safety of added lights to the rear. I only wish the brake light on one side would not flash out when the opposite side turn signal is operating. This might be confusing to cage drivers in their little bubble of ignorance. (Posted on 2014-10-22)
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