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SW-MOTECH Left & Right Side Mirror Extenders for Yamaha FJR1300 '06-'19

SW-MOTECH Left & Right Side Mirror Extenders for Yamaha FJR1300 '06-'19

SKU: SVL.06.501.11000.B

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If you're tired of seeing your own shoulders in your rearview mirrors, then these are for you! This pair of mirror extenders screw into the original mirror mount on your motorcycle's fairing, providing a spacer between the base of the rearview mirror and the motorcycle's fairing. Extends each rearview mirror approximately 1.56 inches perpendicular to the original profile of the mirror base.

Special Note: 2005 and earlier Yamaha FJR1300 does not use this mirror extender. For the '01-'05 FJR1300 please purchase SVL.06.501.101
SW-MOTECH Mirror Extender Kit Guide
ApriliaMirror Extender Kit
Click to view
Pegaso 650 '06-'12 SVL.00.505.101
SL750 Shiver '07-'16 SVL.00.505.101
Dorsoduro 750 '09-'16 SVL.00.505.101
Mana 850 '07-'15 SVL.00.505.101
RSV1000 Tuono '02-'04 SVL.00.505.101
RSV1000R Mille '04-'09 SVL.13.501.107
BMWMirror Extender Kit
Click to view
G310GS '18-'19 SVL.00.504.10100.B
G310R '17-'19 SVL.00.504.10100.B
F650 '93-'00 SVL.00.505.102
F650CS Scarver '02-'06 SVL.00.505.102
F650GS '99-'06 SVL.00.505.102
F650GS Dakar '00-'10 SVL.00.505.102
G650 Xchallenge '06-'09 SVL.00.505.102
G650 Xcountry '06-'09 SVL.00.505.102
G650 Xmoto '06-'09 SVL.00.505.102
G650GS '11-'16 SVL.00.505.101
G650GS Sertao '12-'15 SVL.00.505.101
F650GS Twin '07-'10 SVL.00.505.102
F700GS '12-'18 SVL.00.505.102
F750GS '19-'20 SVL.07.506.10000.B
F800GS '07-'16 SVL.00.505.102
F800GS '17-'18 SVL.00.505.102
F800GS Adventure '13-'16 SVL.00.505.102
F800GS Adventure '17-'18 SVL.00.505.102
F800GT '13-'17 SVL.07.501.11000.B
F800R '08-'18 SVL.00.505.102
F800S '06-'10 SVL.07.501.10800.B
F800ST '06-'12 SVL.07.501.10800.B
F850GS '19-'20 SVL.07.506.10000.B
S1000RR '10-'19 SVL.07.501.10900.B
S1000R '14-'19 SVL.00.505.10600.B
S1000XR '15-'19 SVL.00.505.10600.B
R1150GS '99-'04 SVL.00.503.10500.B
R1150GS Adventure '02-'04 SVL.00.505.102
K1200S '04-'08 SVL.07.501.105
K1200R '04-'08 SVL.00.505.102
K1200R Sport '06-'08 SVL.00.505.102
R1200GS '04-'12 SVL.00.505.102
R1200GS Adventure '06-'13 SVL.00.505.102
R1200GS LC '13-'18 SVL.00.505.10600.B
R1200GS LC Adventure '14-'19 SVL.00.505.10600.B
R1200R '06-'14 SVL.00.505.102
R1200R '15-'19 SVL.00.505.10600.B
R1200ST '04-'09 SVL.00.505.102
R1200ST '04-'09 SVL.00.505.102
R1250GS / Adventure '19-'20 SVL.00.505.10600.B
R1250R '15-'19 SVL.00.505.10600.B
R nineT '14-'20 SVL.00.505.10600.B
R nineT Pure '17-'20 SVL.00.505.10600.B
R nineT Scrambler '17-'20 SVL.00.505.10600.B
R nineT Urban G/S '18-'19 SVL.00.505.10600.B
K1300S '08-'16 SVL.07.501.105
K1300R '08-'15 SVL.00.505.102
DucatiMirror Extender Kit
Click to view
Monster 600 '93-'01 SVL.00.505.101
Monster 620iE '01-'05 SVL.00.505.101
620 SD Multistrada '04-'07 SVL.00.504.10100.B
Monster 750 '97-'02 SVL.00.505.101
Monster 750iE '01-'03 SVL.00.505.101
800 Monster '03-'05 SVL.00.504.10100.B
Monster 800 S2R '04-'07 SVL.00.505.101
Scrambler Sixty2 '16-'19 SVL.00.504.10100.B
Scrambler 800 '15-'19 SVL.00.504.10100.B
Scrambler Desert Sled '17-'18 SVL.00.504.10100.B
Hypermotard 821 '13-'15 SVL.00.504.102
Hyperstrada 821 '13-'15 SVL.00.504.102
Monster 821 '14-'17 SVL.00.505.10300.B
848 Streetfighter '11-'15 SVL.00.505.10300.B
Monster 900 '94-'99 SVL.00.505.101
Monster 900iE '99-'04 SVL.00.505.101
Monster 916 S4 '00-'04 SVL.00.505.101
Monster 992 S2R '05-'09 SVL.00.505.101
996 Monster S4R '03-'05 SVL.00.504.10100.B
998 Monster S4RS '06-'09 SVL.00.504.10100.B
Monster 1000iE S2R '03-'05 SVL.00.505.101
Multistrada 1000SD '02-'04 SVL.00.504.10100.B
Multistrada S 1000SD '05-'06 SVL.00.504.10100.B
Monster 1200 / S '14-'16 SVL.00.505.10300.B
XDiavel '16-'19 SVL.00.505.10300.B
Hypermotard 950 / SP '19 SVL.00.504.102
HondaMirror Extender Kit
Click to view
CBR125R '07-'12 SVL.00.505.101
VT125C Shadow '98-'06 SVL.00.505.101
Varadero XL125 V '01-'08 SVL.00.503.100
CRF250L / Rally '13-'19 SVL.00.505.10500.B
CBR300R '15-'18 SVL.01.501.10900.B
CB500 '93-'03 SVL.00.505.101
CB500S '96-'03 SVL.00.505.101
CBF500 '04-'06 SVL.00.505.101
CB500F '13-'15 SVL.00.505.101
CB500F '16-'18 SVL.00.505.10500.B
CB500X '13-'15 SVL.00.505.101
CBR500R '13-'15 SVL.01.501.10702B
CBF600N '07-'12 SVL.00.505.101
CBF600S '04-'12 SVL.01.500.100
CBF600S '04-'07 SVL.01.501.10900.B
CBF600S '08-'14 SVL.01.501.10800.B
CBR600F '91-'96 SVL.01.501.102
CBR600F '99-'06 SVL.01.500.100
VT600 '88-'99 SVL.00.505.101
XL600V Transalp '87-'99 SVL.00.505.101
FMX650 '05-'07 SVL.00.505.101
XL650V Transalp '00-'06 SVL.00.505.101
NT650V Deauville '98-'05 SVL.01.501.110
CB650F '18 SVL.00.505.101
CBR650F '14-'16 SVL.01.501.10702B
NC700S / SD '11-'16 SVL.00.505.101
NC700X / XD '11-'15 SVL.00.505.101
NT700V Deauville '05-'09 SVL.00.503.100
NT700V Deauville '05-'09 SVL.01.501.11100.B
XL700V Transalp '07-'12 SVL.00.505.101
CB750 Sevenfifty '92-'03 SVL.00.505.101
NC750S / SD '14-'15 SVL.00.505.101
NC750X / XD '14-'15 SVL.00.505.101
VT750C Shadow '00-'06 SVL.00.505.101
VT750C2 Shadow '97-'06 SVL.00.505.101
XRV750 Africa Twin '89-'03 SVL.00.505.101
VFR750F '91-'97 SVL.01.501.102
VFR800 '97-'99 SVL.01.501.102
VFR800 '98-'01 SVL.01.500.100
VFR800 V-tec '02-'06 SVL.01.500.100
VFR800F '14-'15 SVL.01.501.10601.B
VFR800X Crossrunner '11-'15 SVL.00.505.101
CB900F Hornet '01-'05 SVL.00.505.101
CBR900RR '93-'95 SVL.01.500.100
CBR900RR '00-'03 SVL.01.500.100
Africa Twin CRF1000L '16-'19 SVL.00.505.10500.B
Africa Twin Adventure Sports CRF1000L2 '18-'19 SVL.00.505.10500.B
CB1000R '08-'15 SVL.00.505.101
XL1000V Varadero '98-'11 SVL.00.505.101
CBF1000 '06-'09 SVL.00.503.100
CBF1000 '06-'09 SVL.01.501.10800.B
CBR1000RR '04-'07 SVL.00.503.100
CBR1000RR '08-'11 SVL.01.501.10601.B
VTR1000F Superhawk '97-'06 SVL.01.501.110
CBR1100XX Blackbird '96-'07 SVL.01.501.104
CB1100 '13-'14 SVL.00.505.101
VFR1200X '11-'17 SVL.00.505.101
CB1300 '03-'09 SVL.00.505.101
CB1300S '05-'14 SVL.00.503.100
CB1300S '05-'14 SVL.01.501.11200.B
HusqvarnaMirror Extender Kit
Click to view
TR650 Strada '13 SVL.00.505.101
TR650 Terra '13 SVL.00.505.101
Nuda 900 / R '11-'15 SVL.00.505.10600.B
KawasakiMirror Extender Kit
Click to view
Ninja 250R '08-'12 SVL.08.500.100
Ninja 300 '13-'17 SVL.08.501.11200.B
ZXR400 '94-'99 SVL.08.500.100
KLE500 '91-'06 SVL.00.505.10500.B
ER5 '96-'05 SVL.00.505.101
GPZ500S '87-'93 SVL.08.500.100
GPZ500S '87-'93 SVL.08.501.108
Ninja 500R '08-'09 SVL.08.500.100
ZZR600 '89-'93 SVL.08.501.103
ZZR600 '94-'04 SVL.08.501.106
ZZR600 '05-'05 SVL.08.501.103
ER-6n '06-'16 SVL.00.505.101
ER-6f '06-'11 SVL.08.500.100
ZX6R '95-'02 SVL.08.501.103
ZX6R '03-'12 SVL.08.500.100
ZX6R 636 '13-'18 SVL.08.501.11200.B
Ninja 650R '08-'16 SVL.08.500.100
KLR650 '94-'98 SVL.00.505.101
KLR650 '08-'18 SVL.00.505.10500.B
Versys 650 '06-'19 SVL.00.505.101
Z650 '17-'19 SVL.00.505.101
ZR7S '00-'04 SVL.08.501.104
ZX7R Ninja '96-'01 SVL.08.500.100
Z750 '03-'12 SVL.00.505.101
Z750R '11-'12 SVL.00.505.101
Z750S '05-'06 SVL.08.500.100
VN900 Vulcan '08-'19 SVL.00.505.101
ZX9R Ninja '94-'03 SVL.08.501.103
GPZ900 '84-'89 SVL.08.500.100
GPZ1000 '85-'90 SVL.08.501.108
KLV1000 '03-'05 SVL.00.505.101
Versys 1000 '11-'19 SVL.00.505.101
Z1000 '03-'16 SVL.00.505.101
Ninja 1000 & Z1000SX '11-'13 SVL.08.500.100
Ninja 1000 & Z1000SX '14-'16 SVL.08.501.10500B
ZX10R Ninja '04-'07 SVL.08.500.100
ZX10R Ninja '11-'15 SVL.08.501.11200.B
ZRX1100 '97-'01 SVL.00.505.101
ZX11 Ninja & ZZR1100 '89-'01 SVL.08.501.102
ZRX1200R '01-'06 SVL.00.505.101
ZRX1200S '00-'05 SVL.08.501.104
ZX12R Ninja '00-'02 SVL.08.500.100
ZZR1200 '02-'05 SVL.08.501.104
ZX14R Ninja & ZZR1400 '06-'19 SVL.08.500.100
VN1500 Vulcan Classic '08-'15 SVL.00.505.101
VN1600 Vulcan Classic / Nomad '08-'15 SVL.00.505.101
VN2000 Vulcan '08-'15 SVL.00.505.101
KTMMirror Extender Kit
Click to view
390 Duke '15-19 SVL.00.504.10100.B
640 Adventure '98-'07 SVL.00.505.101
690 Duke III '07-'10 SVL.00.505.101
690 Duke IV '11-'15 SVL.00.505.101
690 Duke IV R '11-'15 SVL.00.505.101
950 Adventure '03-'06 SVL.00.505.101
950 SM '05-'07 SVL.00.505.101
950 SMR '05-'07 SVL.00.505.101
990 Adventure '06-'13 SVL.00.505.101
990 SM '07-'13 SVL.00.505.101
990 SMR '07-'13 SVL.00.505.101
990 SMT '07-'13 SVL.00.505.101
1190 Adventure '13-'16 SVL.00.505.10500.B
1190 Adventure R '13-'16 SVL.00.505.10500.B
1290 Super Duke R '13-'19 SVL.00.505.10500.B
1290 Super Duke GT '17-'19 SVL.00.505.10500.B
KymcoMirror Extender Kit
Click to view
Downtown 300 '09-'16 SVL.00.505.101
Xciting 500 '05-'09 SVL.00.505.101
Moto-GuzziMirror Extender Kit
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Breva 750 '05-'07 SVL.00.505.101
Nevada Classic 750iE '05-'15 SVL.00.505.101
Breva 1100 '05-'07 SVL.00.505.101
V 11 '05-'15 SVL.00.505.101
Breva 1200 '06-'11 SVL.00.505.101
Norge 1200 / GT 8V '06-'17 SVL.00.505.101
Stelvio 1200 '08-'11 SVL.00.505.101
SuzukiMirror Extender Kit
Click to view
VL125 Intruder '99-'09 SVL.00.505.101
DR200S/SE '08-'19 SVL.00.505.101
GZ250 '98-'02 SVL.00.505.101
DR-Z400S/E '99-'19 SVL.00.505.101
DR-Z400SM '05-'19 SVL.00.505.101
GS500E '89-'08 SVL.00.505.101
GS500F '04-'06 SVL.05.500.100
GSF600 Bandit '00-'04 SVL.00.505.101
GSR600 '05-'10 SVL.00.505.101
GSX600F Katana '97-'01 SVL.05.501.104
GSX-R600 '97-'00 SVL.05.500.100
GSX-R600 '00-'05 SVL.05.501.101
GSX-R600 '03-'05 SVL.05.500.100
GSX-R600 '05-'07 SVL.05.501.106
GSX-R600 '08-'19 SVL.05.501.11000.B
RF600 F/R '94-'99 SVL.05.500.100
DL650 V-Strom  '04-'11 SVL.00.505.101
DL650 V-Strom '12-'19 SVL.00.505.10500.B
GSF650 Bandit '05-'13 SVL.00.505.101
GSF650 Bandit S '05-'08 SVL.05.500.100
GSF650 Bandit S '09-'13 SVL.05.501.10900.B
SFV650 Gladius '09-'15 SVL.00.505.101
SV650 '98-'08 SVL.00.505.101
SV650S '98-'02 SVL.05.501.102
SV650S '03-'08 SVL.05.500.100
XF650 Freewind '97-'03 SVL.00.505.101
GSX650F '08-'15 SVL.05.500.100
GSX650F '08-'15 SVL.05.501.10900.B
GSX750F Katana '98-'05 SVL.05.501.104
GSX750 '97-'03 SVL.00.505.101
GSX-R750 '96-'99 SVL.05.500.100
GSX-R750 '99-'05 SVL.05.501.101
GSX-R750 '05-'07 SVL.05.501.106
GSX-R750 '11-'19 SVL.05.501.11000.B
RF900 F/R '94-'99 SVL.05.500.100
DL1000 V-Strom '01-'13 SVL.00.505.101
V-Strom 1000 '14-'19 SVL.00.505.101
GSX-R1000 '01-'04 SVL.05.501.101
GSX-R1000 '05-'08 SVL.05.501.106
GSX-S1000 '15-'19 SVL.00.505.101
GSX-S1000F '15-'19 SVL.00.505.101
SV1000 '03-'05 SVL.00.505.101
SV1000S '03-'05 SVL.05.500.100
TL1000R '98-'99 SVL.05.500.100
GSF1200 Bandit '96-'06 SVL.00.505.101
GSF1200 Bandit S '00-'04 SVL.05.500.100
GSX1200 '99-'01 SVL.00.505.101
GSF1250 Bandit '07-'13 SVL.00.505.101
GSF1250 Bandit S '07-'13 SVL.05.501.10900.B
GSX1250FA '10-'15 SVL.05.501.10900.B
GSX1300R Hayabusa '99-'19 SVL.05.501.101
GSX1300 B-King '07-'12 SVL.00.505.101
GSX1400 '01-'06 SVL.00.505.101
TriumphMirror Extender Kit
Click to view
Daytona 675 '06-'12 SVL.11.501.10000.B
Street Triple '07-'17 SVL.00.505.101
Street Triple Rx '15-'16 SVL.00.505.101
Tiger 800 '10-'14 SVL.00.505.101
Tiger 800XC '10-'14 SVL.00.505.101
Tiger 800XC / XCx / XCa '15-'20 SVL.00.505.10500.B
Tiger 800XR / XRx / XRt '15-'20 SVL.00.505.10500.B
Tiger 855 '93-'98 SVL.00.505.101
Bonneville T100 - SE '04-'16 SVL.00.505.101
Scrambler '06-'16 SVL.00.505.101
Street Scrambler '17-'19 SVL.00.505.101
Street Twin '16-'18 SVL.00.505.101
Thruxton 900 '04-'07 SVL.00.505.101
Tiger 900 '93-'99 SVL.00.505.101
Tiger 955i '00-'06 SVL.00.505.101
Sprint GT '10-'13 SVL.11.501.10100.B
Speed Triple 1050 '04-'16 SVL.00.505.101
Speed Triple R 1050 '11-'16 SVL.00.505.101
Tiger 1050 '07-'11 SVL.00.505.101
Tiger Explorer 1200 '11-'15 SVL.00.505.10500.B
Tiger Explorer 1200 XC '11-'15 SVL.00.505.10500.B
Tiger Explorer XCx & XCa '16-'20 SVL.00.505.10500.B
Tiger Explorer XR, XRx & XRt '16-'20 SVL.00.505.10500.B
YamahaMirror Extender Kit
Click to view
TZR125 '97-'99 SVL.06.500.100
XVS125 Drag Star '00-'06 SVL.00.505.101
XVS250 Drag Star '00-'06 SVL.00.505.101
XV535 Virago '00-'06 SVL.00.505.101
WR250X '07-'18 SVL.00.504.10100.B
F6 '03-'10 SVL.00.504.10100.B
FZR600R '94-'96 SVL.06.500.100
YZF600R '96-'00 SVL.06.500.100
YZF-R6 '03-'05 SVL.06.501.103
YZF-R6 '08-'19 SVL.06.501.10600.B
XJ6 '08-'15 SVL.00.504.10100.B
XJ6 Diversion '08-'15 SVL.06.501.10700.B
XT600 '84-'01 SVL.00.504.10100.B
FZS600 Fazer '97-'01 SVL.06.501.103
FZS600 Fazer '02-'03 SVL.06.501.104
FZ6 Fazer '03-'10 SVL.06.501.10800.B
V-Star 650 '06-'08 SVL.00.504.10100.B
MT-03 '05-'13 SVL.00.504.10100.B
XT660R '04-'09 SVL.00.504.10100.B
XT660X '04-'09 SVL.00.504.10100.B
XT660Z Tenere '07-'10 SVL.00.504.10100.B
FZ-07 '14-'17 SVL.00.504.102
MT-07 '18-'19 SVL.00.504.102
XSR700 '18-'19 SVL.00.504.102
YZF750R '93-'96 SVL.06.500.100
XTZ750 Super Tenere '89-'96 SVL.00.504.10100.B
FZ8 '10-'13 SVL.00.504.10100.B
XSR900 '16-'19 SVL.00.504.102
FZ-09 '13-'17 SVL.00.504.10100.B
MT-09 '18-'19 SVL.00.504.10100.B
FJ-09 '15-'17 SVL.00.504.102
TRX850 '96-'99 SVL.06.500.100
TDM850 '91-'01 SSVL.00.504.10100.B
TDM900 '01-'09 SVL.00.504.10100.B
XJ900F '83-'95 SVL.00.504.10100.B
XJ900S Diversion '94-'96 SVL.00.504.10100.B
Bolt '14-'19 SVL.00.504.102
YZF-R1 '01-'06 SVL.06.501.103
YZF-R1 '09-'14 SVL.06.501.10500.B
YZF-R1 '15-'19 SVL.06.217.10000.B
FZ-10 '17 SVL.00.504.102
MT-10 '18-'19 SVL.00.504.102
FZR1000 '89-'94 SVL.06.500.100
FZ1 '94-'96 SVL.00.504.10100.B
FZS1000 Fazer '00-'05 SVL.06.501.104
FZ1 Fazer '06-'15 SVL.06.501.10900.B
BT1100 Bulldog '02-'05 SVL.00.504.102
XJR1200 '95-'99 SVL.00.504.10100.B
XT1200Z Super Tenere '10-'19 SVL.00.504.10100.B
XJR1300 '98-'15 SVL.00.504.10100.B
FJR1300 '00-'05 SVL.06.501.101
FJR1300 '06-'15 SVL.06.501.11000.B
MT01 '04-'15 SVL.00.504.10100.B
ZeroMirror Extender Kit
Click to view
DSR '16-'19 SVL.00.504.102

2006-2019 Yamaha FJR1300

Manufacturer # SVL.06.501.11000/B
Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
This is a pretty good product. A little pricey for what you get. I was a little sceptical a first. But they do improve view to the rear through the mirrors. (Posted on 2017-10-14)
Review by Guest
Fit perfect on my fjr 1300. Make sure you turn the spacer where it fits flush around the mirror. (Posted on 2017-09-13)
Review by Guest
good quality, but priced higher than it should be. On a FJR you really don't gain much more visibility as angle goes more ahead than out. Better to rework the pivot bolt washers. Taking mine back off to gain back side clearance. (Posted on 2016-09-01)
Review by Guest
These work, pushes mirrors out so you can see more than yourself. Looks okay on bike. Would be much better if color matched bike but I believe they would cost too much at that point. Good buy, install takes a little because of plastic on bike. (Posted on 2016-08-30)
Review by Z090
The wider view is an improvement. The design is clever, easy install, and blends in with the look of the bike. (Posted on 2016-02-11)
Review by Bigboy61
Needed these due to the Barkbuster Winter Handguards that I installed. The guards decreased the visibility from the mirrors. These mirror wideners are just awesome. Gives me my rear view sites back and more! Even when the Barkbusters come off in the spring, the added mirror viewing will still be needed. PITA to install, but worth it! (Posted on 2015-12-22)
Review by dataFJRgen3
I've had these on for a month and they do work. They move the mirrors out just enough to make a noticeable difference, and they look good- like original equipment. I agree with others that the price seems high for what you get- but the parts are very high quality and fit perfectly, and the mirrors don't vibrate. Now that I know- I feel that it was a good purchase and the value is there. Think of it as buying function and results, instead of buying "parts". They were easy to install- the hardest step by far was getting the dash apart- which is something FJR owners should be proficient at anyway . . . . (Posted on 2015-10-31)
Review by Fjr13004me
Ever since I bought the bike I've had small blind spot mirrors so I could see behind me and to the side. With these extensions I've eliminated the blind spot mirrors and can see everything. Easy install from the pictures. Holes on one were off slightly but made it work. (Posted on 2015-06-17)
Review by Eddie
A good solid mount and makes mirrors usable. I would buy again. (Posted on 2015-06-09)
Review by Tiger_993
The mirror wideners do help with getting a better view directly behind which I find to be very important. Even so, I think these are over priced for what they deliver and would be more appropriately priced around $50. I'm keeping them since there is no real alternative in the marketplace. (Posted on 2015-05-20)
Review by al58
they were simple to install. They work great and it is nice being able to see behind me now. (Posted on 2015-04-13)
Review by Tpb
Bought these to help me see directly behind me. Stock mirror's positioning left a major blind spot. These helped immensely. (Posted on 2015-03-18)
Review by azokie
I purchased these about three weeks ago and just installed them. The installation instructions were not for a 2014 FJR 1300 but provided the idea needed to get the instrument panel off to do the installation. The mirror extensions do help and fit well. But for the instructions being for a prior year FKR 1300 models I would have given a better rating. (Posted on 2015-02-01)
Review by LarryS
It is a common complete that the rearward field of vision on an FJR1300 is rather narrow. The rider typically gets a better view of his/her elbows than the road behind. These wideners solved that problem. They are made of a heavy plastic (Delrin or something similar.) The wideners are the same shape as the base of the mirror mount. So, they blend into the lines of the bike nicely. Installation was simple. It took longer to get the upper cockpit and center dash panel off than to attach both mirrors. The entire installation took less than thirty minutes. My only gripe is that they are rather pricey. (Posted on 2015-01-24)
Review by SlowRider
The stock mirrors (2012 FJR) require one to move arms to see vehicles directly behind. The extenders move the mirrors out enough to where I don't need to do this any longer. Also look good aesthetically. Nice accessory.

When you install, play around with the pieces a bit and ensure proper alignment with the mirror base. It's not intuitively obvious and easy to put the extender on incorrectly and have misalignment with the mirror base.

Easy to install. Took about 20 minutes from start to finish. Gotta follow the pictures as the directions seem to be only in German! (Posted on 2015-01-23)
Review by JREW
They work fine. They are expensive for what you get, but the function is there. (Posted on 2014-07-23)
Review by robtclark
I have had these of my 2011 FJR for several years and can honestly say that they really work and have saved my life! Easy to install after get the ever interconnecting bike pieces of the fairing. (Posted on 2014-07-07)
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