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SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger (GEN 3)

SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger (GEN 3)


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The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger provides a vital line of communication with friends and family when you want it, and emergency assistance when you need it. Using 100% satellite technology, SPOT works virtually anywhere in the world, even where cell phones don’t – all with the push of a button.


  • Choose your Track Rate: New upgraded tracking options, Unlimited and Extreme Tracking, allow you to choose the rate at which your tracking messages are sent – every 2 ½ , 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes.
  • Extended Tracking Mode: Adventure doesn’t have a time limit and neither should your tracking. When you upgrade to Unlimited or Extreme tracking SPOT Gen3 will continue sending tracks for as long as you keep moving or until the power runs out.
  • Motion-Activated Tracking: No matter the tracking service level you choose, SPOT Gen3’s tracking has the added benefit of being Motion Activated. A vibration sensor tells SPOT to send tracks when you are moving and to stop when you do. This conserves battery power and keeps your Shared Page from getting cluttered when you stop to camp for the night.
  • Longer Battery Life: SPOT Gen3 has nearly twice the battery life of the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger! Keep the adventure going even longer, without the hassle of changing your batteries.
  • New Power Options: Now there are more options for how you power your SPOT! In addition to using the included 4 AAA Energizer® Ultimate Lithium 8x batteries, you can use NiMH rechargeable batteries or, line power your SPOT Gen3 with a 5v USB connection.
  • Managing Your SPOT Gen3: SPOT requires an active subscription for service. Set-up your account and choose your services at From your SPOT account you can manage personal contacts, customize your messages, set your rate of tracking, and edit emergency contact information.


Press the power button to turn SPOT on; LEDs will illuminate. Press and hold the power
button until it blinks rapidly to turn SPOT off.


Self Test: SPOT performs a self-test when you initially turn on your SPOT. If all visible lights flash red, the SPOT self-test has found a failure, and SPOT will not send a message. If the On/Off light, GPS light and Message Sending light all blink red, SPOT has a GPS failure, but SPOT may still be able to transmit an SOS or HELP message without your GPS location.

SPOT Message Schedule: 

SPOT is designed to provide outstanding quality and reliability. For optimum reception always place your SPOT with the logo side up in clear view of the sky. Reception can be inhibited due to hills, buildings, metal roofs or other obstructions so it is normal that some messages may not go through. That is why SPOT automatically sends multiple messages in every mode, giving you excellent overall reliability. In some modes, this means multiple attempts to send the same message, while in other
modes it means regularly updating GPS coordinates and sending a new message with the most up to date information.


Activate a SPOT Device

Before you can use any SPOT device for the first time, you need to activate a satellite service subscription. This simple, step-by-step activation process will have your device ready for adventures in a few minutes.
Activation link
  3.43" (9.4 cm)
  2.56" (6.6 cm)
  1" (2.5 cm)
  4.0 oz (147.4g)
Operating Temp:
  -30C to 60C
(-22F to 140F)
Operating Altitude:
  -100m to +6,500m
(-328ft to +21,320ft)
Humidity Rated:
Method 507.3, 
95% to 100% cond.
Vibration Rated:
  Per SAE J1455
  4 AAA Energizer™ Lithium Ultimate 8X
State 100% Clear View Sky 50% Clear View of Sky / 50% Obstructed View
Power On ~ 3 months ~ 3 months
SOS (or Help if reactivated ~ 6 days ~ 3 days
Track Progress ~ 7 days ~ 3½ days
Check-in / Custom Message ~ 700 messages ~ 700 messages

Special Notes:

  • Testing of SPOT under common usage environments has shown that battery performance can be degraded in operating environments where SPOT's GPS must take a longer time to acquire your GPS location, such as trying to send a message indoors or under extreme canopies. For optimal performance, please try and utilize SPOT in locations with a clear view of the sky with the logo side up.
  • SPOT needs a clear view of the sky to obtain a GPS signal and provide the most accurate location information. It is not reliable indoors, in a cave, or in very dense woods.
  • Orienting SPOT so that the SPOT logo is facing up towards the sky will improve performance as the antenna is located under the logo.
  • Keep your SPOT at least 12 inches away from other GPS devices.
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