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Throttle Locks

Throttle Locks

Throttle Locks

A throttle lock is an easy to use cruise control device that can be utilized to maintain engine RPM for enhanced control over bumps, improved long distance comfort and reduced wear on controls. Kaoko offers bike specific models that are the same weight and shape as the original bar end. Installation is easy, simply unbolt the factory bar end and replace it with the cruise control. Throttle locks are great for riding on bumpy roads as the throttle can be adjusted to decrease sensitivity so your grip can ease up while you enjoy a more relaxed, smoother ride. Reduced fatigue is one of the biggest benefits as your right hand can be completely removed from the handlebar to stretch and prevent the muscles in your hand, arms, shoulders and back from locking up. The Kaoko throttle lock is easy to use, simply roll it back with the grip to keep the throttle open and roll forward at any time to defeat. Available for variety of configurations including motorcycles equipped with Barkbusters handguards, OEM handguards, heated grips and even bar end mirrors. Install a Kaoko throttle lock on your motorcycle and enjoy every ride!

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