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ROK Straps Motorcycle Adjustable Stretch Strap Twin Pack

ROK Straps Motorcycle Adjustable Stretch Strap Twin Pack


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With a stretch design help to prevent your load from shifting, adjustable length for a multitude of applications, easy to use buckles for quick connections, and loop webbing mounting points, the ROK Straps Motorcycle Adjustable Stretch Strap Twin Pack are the ultimate in motorcycle cargo straps.

Designed specifically for motorcycles, the 1in (25.4mm) wide ROK Straps Motorcycle Adjustable Stretch Strap Twin Pack secures a wide range of loads without the use of rigid hooks.

  • Flat shock cord to minimize pressure on load
  • Solid natural rubber shock cords for longevety
  • Adjustable length from 18in to 60in (45cm to 150cm)
  • Complex shape to resist curling
  • UV, shatter and crack resistant buckles
  • Polyester braided webbing for wear resistance
  • Webbing loop connection points
  • Rugged quick release buckles
  • Minimal recoil for safety
  • No sharp hooks to protect your bike and gear
  • Corrosion proof & rot resistant to withstand the elements for years of use
  • Secures up to 100lbs (45kg)
  • Available in Moto Plaid, Pink/Black, Hi-Viz Green/Black, Black, Black/Orange, Camo, or Black Reflective
Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
just got back from two weeks moto-touring Alaska. i used two sets of the largest Rok Strap available. one should have sufficed, but i wanted to "double-up." the "webbed end" was frayed and did not seem to hold up. i believe that a two-inch belt would be required to hold down the luggage that off-road motorbikes require. this one-inch plus a bit is NOT secure enough. (Posted on 2018-07-16)
Review by Guest
Purchased recently for use on multi-day trip. First day, 400 miles, secured medium duffel to rear seat/rack on Ducati Multistrada. Second day, after 150 miles, stopped at cafe. When I returned to bike, I found both straps had loosened and fallen off bag, although still connected at buckles. Right side strap had fallen to rest on hot exhaust/muffler and melted partially through strap. I was able to use conventional bungees to complete ride, but disappointing experience with this product. (Posted on 2018-05-03)
Review by Guest
Bought this last year. I have used it once for my bike ... and twice in my car!! So easy to use! (Posted on 2017-09-20)
Review by Guest
Not much more to say ROK straps are the best. Super secure and they last a long time. All at a bargain price. (Posted on 2017-07-08)
Review by Guest
I thought these were great until one broke and ripped a nasty hole in my knuckle, then I faced a 350 mile trip with one strap less and a damaged finger. Lucky I had a good old fashioned bungee spare (and a band aid). (Posted on 2017-05-30)
Review by Guest
I think I'm on my 6th set after ten years. The pair I recently bought broke on the first pull. I was in Thailand and tied the strap off for a two week ride. When I got back I emailed to get a new buckle since the rest of the straps were fine. Simple, right? I could send the straps back or help them out by asking for a replacement to the male end of the buckle that farted out. Response: please send a picture, description and who sold them to you. I did that. Then nothing. I emailed again. Oh, we're just a distributor, we have forwarded your complaint to the company. Hey, I have another trip coming and wasting my time for two weeks is not helpful. I should have just sent the d..n straps back to Twisted Throttle and would have received a new set by now. They are a good product but the company needs a better response when a problem occurs. (Posted on 2017-03-17)
Review by Guest
Purchased these just to have in the bag for future trip planning. We recently used them on our KLR to supplement the regular tie downs on a Wolfman duffle. The ROK Straps worked great. Easy to use, offer flexibility for variable attach points, and are easy to disconnect during regular use in order to have access to contents within a bag. Be sure to pass the straps through a "D" ring or webbing on whatever you are trying to secure (to prevent shifting). I'm not sure I would rely solely on the strength of the bungee to retain the entire load, but paired with the adjustable buckle, these straps are very secure. Definitely worth the money, and much better than off-the-shelf bungee cords. (Posted on 2016-08-07)
Review by Bodypac
Not my first Rodeo with these straps. My first set have been on my GS 1200 for 9 years and 100K and just staring to show some stress. Ordered 3 sets ...bungee cords are dead. Might try to use as belt on my pants (Posted on 2015-11-19)
Review by HenryF
I bought these on someone's recommendation, they are by far the best starps I have ever used on any bike in 20 plus years. The can be secured over the seat or luggage rack when not in use and not flap around, and securely tie anything down when needed. (Posted on 2015-08-02)
Review by Mikesim
I bought these to use during a 4,000 mile trek around the Western US. I am using them to securely attach my camping gear to the luggage rack on my top box. They are much more secure than bungies.... so far so good. (Posted on 2015-05-12)
Review by Mac
Just got these. Like the idea. For sure the stamps won't fall off while working with your bag. The real review will come with how long they last! I expect they will last a long time, seems to have been made out of really good materials. (Posted on 2015-04-07)
Review by catchme
I have a set for each of my bikes. They are rugged, easily adaptable, and hold things securely - even over rough terrain. (Posted on 2014-11-11)
Review by Nikolatetios
I have them one year now, they 're just nice! Easy to install, easy to use. After heavy loading I came to the conclusion that it would be better to be a bit more 'heavy'. But, whatever...they are just great! (Posted on 2014-08-29)
Review by Pops
These straps are strong and make it simple to attach just about anything safely to a motorcycle! (Posted on 2014-08-14)
Review by Anonymous
These straps are awesome!! If you ride a motorcycle and have fooled around trying to tie or bungee stuff to your bike, buy these you will not be disappointed. (Posted on 2014-07-07)
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