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Redverz Atacama Groundsheet | Sleeping Bay

Redverz Atacama Groundsheet | Sleeping Bay


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This protective floor covering hooks directly beneath the inner tent/sleeping bay to prevent against abrasion and damage in coarse terrains.

  • Tent can be used without the inner tent and just the sleeping bay foot print. 
  • Weight: 6oz.

The Redverz Atacama Groundsheet can help lengthen the life of your tent floor and also functions as a dry area for folding and packing away the product. These fitted floor sheets help to prevent the collection of water during rainy weather. 

The sleeping bay ground cloth and garage ground cloth for the Atacama Expedition Tent are two different, distinct cloths of different sizes to fit perfectly in each designated area.  With "Sleep" imprinted directly on the sleeping bay area foot print there is no confusion as to which ground cloth belongs where.  Ground cloths are optional and sold separately.  


  • In the event nonspecific ground cloth is all that is available, tuck any excess material under the tent floor. Any fabric that overhangs past the tent's perimeter will catch and collect water. 
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