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NoNoise Sleep Noise Filter Hearing Protection

NoNoise Sleep Noise Filter Hearing Protection


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Background noise or snoring while sleeping can easily ruin what would otherwise be a restful night. Protect your sleep without blocking the sounds you want to hear with the NoNoise Sleep noise filter hearing protection.

Designed specifically for sleeping, the Sleep noise filter hearing protection by NoNoise will help protect your hearing from harmful noise levels while allowing lower level noises such as children, alarms and alerts to be heard. So much more than ear plugs, NoNoise utilizes ceramic filtration technology to filter higher sound levels that cause hearing damage but allow lower sound levels to be heard.

  • Reduces snoring and background noise

  • Allows alert sounds like children or alarms to be heard

  • Preserves situational awareness

  • Comfortable, washable and re-usable

  • Silicone free construction

  • Venturi shaped sound channel

  • Zirconium oxide ceramic filter

  • No muffling or blocked ear feeling

  • Thermoplastic outer construction

  • Over 20 years experience in industry and military hearing protection

  • Exceeds strict European EN352-2 guidelines and certified to ISO9001:2008

Protection / Attenuation Data

Mean sound attenuation (EN352-2:2002) is 33.4dB at the higher, most damaging frequencies.

All data in decibels (dB)
M = Mean attenuation; S = Standard deviation; APV = Assumed protection value;
SNR = Single number rating; H, M, L = Value in high, medium and low frequency spectrum

Manufacturer # SLP.UK
Customer Reviews
Review by Illini
They are easier to put in my ears in the middle of the night than earplugs. However, I can still hear my husband's snoring, just not as loud. (Posted on 2016-03-17)
Review by Paulette
I love these earplugs because they are very slender and comfortable. I wear them to block out the noise of the heating system and refrigerator. You don't have to worry about sleeping through an alarm because you can easily hear that. They block off all the apartment noise so you can get to sleep quickly. (Posted on 2016-03-07)
Review by JayG
They don't work. I heard as much of my wife's snoring with them as I did without them. For the price I expected them to be great, not terrible. (Posted on 2016-02-12)
Review by JayG
They don't work. I heard as much of my wife's snoring with them as I did without them. For the price I expected them to be great, not terrible. (Posted on 2015-12-15)
Review by Cheri
We needed the ear plugs that wouldn't be seen while in use. These work well. You can hear talking but it shuts out percussive noise. (Posted on 2015-10-24)
Review by TriumpTigerGuy
I will never use another brand of earplug again! These are amazing, hard to believe how well they work! I rode around for 2 hours with an opened face helmet from 10-95mph in total shock at how well they work! (Posted on 2015-02-06)
Review by tjriderva
I have tried may but these are by far the best. Have several pair. Comfortable and work as well as foam. Only minor issue is that the stem could be a little longer. If the plugs get pushed in to far it can take a little longer to grab the end to pull them out. (Posted on 2015-01-14)
Review by Kat
My (16 yr old) son has sensory issues due to his autism. He is high functioning but becomes overwhelmed when in noisy places. We didn't want to completely isolate him in a loud group setting with headphones and came across your product. He is so thrilled with the ear plugs!! He can hear conversations while the background noise is muted. He never lets them out of his sight! This has made a life change for him. Thank you so much. (Posted on 2014-11-26)
Review by camp49
POSITIVES: cool medal shaped carrying case
these plugs work ok
these plugs do not slip out after long rides

NEGATIVES: hard to clean
My ears ring after rides (Posted on 2014-08-28)
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