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NoNoise Ear Hearing Protector Cord with Acoustic Connectors

NoNoise Ear Hearing Protector Cord with Acoustic Connectors


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The NoNoise Ear Hearing Protector Cord assists with removal of the hearing protectors while also reducing the decibel level by 2 additional points. Simply insert them into the filter on the outside to connect the two units which lowers sound and noise levels while making them easier to handle. The connector cord is a great accessory for those that use NoNoise hearing protectors frequently.


  • Easily remove your hearing protectors
  • Sound-port allows you to maintain your hearing
  • Improved Sound Noise Reduction of 2db over Hearing Protectors


  • Connector Cord

Fitment Note: Please use caution when using with tighter fitting helmets.


Manufacturer # NN011
Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
These give you a handle when the NoNoise plugs work themselves in too deep. And they do reduce the noise coming thru, without making things too quiet. The one drawback is the hard plastic "handle" sticks out a bit too far for my helmet, so it does cause some discomfort after a few hours. (Posted on 2019-05-28)
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