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MRA Motorcycle Windshield Yamaha FZ-09 '17 & MT-09 '18-'19 | NRM Racing Screen

MRA Motorcycle Windshield Yamaha FZ-09 '17 & MT-09 '18-'19 | NRM Racing Screen


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The MRA Motorcycle Windshield NRM Racing Screen is specially made for your Yamaha FZ-09 / MT-09. This high quality windshield is designed to perform like a sport screen but has the looks of a race screen. The NRM style will enhance the aerodynamics, high-speed stability, and aesthetics of your motorcycle. The profile has been developed through extensive wind tunnel testing to significantly decrease pressure on the helmet at high speeds. What does this mean for you? The air is being deflected over you instead of into you, resulting in less drag and a much smoother ride.

This windshield is a perfect fit with the included mounting kit.

Take your riding to the next level with this MRA Motorcycle Racing Screen windshield on your Yamaha FZ-09 or MT-09.


  • Direct bolt-on replacement for manufacturer windscreen
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Superior optical clarity with no focal points that can melt gauges—see below for more info
  • Virtually unbreakable but in the event that it breaks, it's designed to fail with blunt edges
  • Resistant to most chemicals including alcohol, cleaners, and fuel
  • Lower part of screen has black gradient to hide rear of instrument panel
  • Significantly reduced buffeting, wind noise and turbulence
  • Enhanced comfort while sitting upright & on longer rides
  • Sculpted to maximize aerodynamic performance
  • Reduces and deflects wind pressure away from your head
  • Designed and engineered in Germany
  • Developed in a wind tunnel and tested on the autobahn
  • Constructed from PMMA thermoplastic (acrylic) that's manufactured to MRA's unique specifications—that's right, a secret formula

What's in the box:

  • MRA NRM Racing Screen for Yamaha FZ-09 & MT-09
  • Installation instructions

What is an optical focal point?

We all know that one kid who would burn ants with a magnifying glass on a sunny day. Now imagine the magnifying glass is your windscreen and your motorcycle instrument cluster is an ant. Ouch, right?

An optical focal point is the point at which light passing through a windshield would converge on--and begin to damage--your motorcycle... unless you're using an MRA windshield! MRA uses CAD technology and testing to ensure every screen is completely free of optical imperfections and focal points. Be careful when shopping for windscreens. Read the fine print and disclaimers to make sure your motorcycle isn't at risk or simply go with the superior choice and install an MRA!

Product SKUs:

  • MRA.4025066158812 - Clear
  • MRA.4025066158829 - Smoke Gray
  • MRA.4025066158836 - Black

2017 Yamaha FZ-09

2018-2019 Yamaha MT-09

Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
Makes the FZ09 a better sport-tourer, and doesn’t detract from the sporty look of the bike. I did LOTS of research before I chose this one. It’s perfect if you want to reduce your fatigue on long rides. (Posted on 2019-03-07)
Review by Guest
I’m 5’11 and this does exactly what I need it to do. It gives me a lil something to tuck behind when speeds get “excessive”. Completely takes the wind off my head when tucked. (Posted on 2018-07-28)
Review by Guest
I purchased the windscreen about a month ago with the hopes it would look great on the bike without being too large and take away from the look of the FZ-09. I am very happy with how the black screen looks and how it helps re-direct a lot of the wind away from my chest. I am 5'6" and 128 lbs so having the windscreen was a great choice. (Posted on 2018-06-01)
Review by Guest
Super fast delivery to New Zealand. I did a 4500km tour and the screen is great! (Posted on 2018-04-04)
Review by Guest
Great quality, got it quickly.
Happy customer here for sure (Posted on 2018-03-17)
Review by Guest
Installed the MRA windscreen on a 2018 MT 09 ... installation directions were excellent ... looks great on the bike. Very satisfied with the wind protection (I'm 5' 6"). (Posted on 2018-02-07)
Review by Guest
Purchased a few months ago but just put it on today. It is like night and day compared to without one. Directs the wind to the top of my helmet riding straight up but with a little lean forward it flows right over. Overall great product and definitely reccomend. (Posted on 2017-11-23)
Review by Guest
I started to commute on my yamaha FZ09 after I wrecked my car and need something to take the edge of wind at 75mph. this move the wind off my torso and up to my shoulders and head area (Posted on 2017-09-03)
Review by Guest
Bought this a month ago. Looks amazing + easy installation, quality is top notch.

Block most of the wind that was initially directed to my chest + shoulder. However now everything is blowing directly to my head. I am a taller rider at 6'1, so that might be the problem. The wind noise is VERY VERY loud at anything above 80km. It will break your eardrum if you do not have a earplug (and is barely bearable with earplugs in).

Overall, good products and does its job. However won't recommend because of the wind noise. (Posted on 2017-08-29)
Review by Guest
Super simple install. Works great! Really compliments the looks of the bike -2017 Fz-09- (Posted on 2017-08-12)
Review by Guest
The quality of this screen is top notch and it was packaged extremely well. Installation was a breeze, and it looks pretty good on the bike. However, when riding, the wind goes straight to my head and it makes the ride EXTREMELY noisy. This may be because I am a taller rider (6'3"). It does do a great job of keeping the wind off of my body. Overall, I feel that if I was shorter, it would be a really good windscreen. But as of right now the noise is really unbearable and I am leaving it off of the bike. (Posted on 2017-08-08)
Review by Guest
The mra windscreen went on as the instructions said it would.
It is what the bike needed. I still get the wind on my shoulders but it was originally hitting me below my chest! (Posted on 2017-06-26)
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