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DENALI SoundBomb Split Dual-Tone Motorcycle Air Horn Kit | Horn & Wiring Harness

DENALI SoundBomb Split Dual-Tone Motorcycle Air Horn Kit | Horn & Wiring Harness

SKU: TT-SB.10100.K

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Replace the original horn on your motorcycle with the attention grabbing DENALI SoundBomb Split Dual-Tone Air Horn Kit. The SoundBomb lives up to its name by emitting a loud blast that even the most distracted motorists cannot ignore. With 120 decibels of sound output measured at 3 feet, the SoundBomb is 4 times louder than a standard motorcycle horn. Designed specifically for motorcycles, this horn is vibration and weather proof and is finished in black to blend in with your machine. The split pneumatic and acoustic body design provides a multitude of mounting options. Complete with a rugged wiring harness that includes an inline 30-amp fuse and relay socket, this kit is plug and play for all motorcycles that have blade style horn wiring connections and includes extra connections for those that do not. Avoid being a statistic by alerting others with the SoundBomb Split Dual-Tone Air Horn Kit by DENALI. 

DENALI SoundBomb: Can You Hear Us Now?


SoundBomb Horn Features:

  • Sound output of 120dB at 3ft
  • 30 amp draw
  • 12volt operating voltage
  • Two piece electro-pneumatic horn
  • 3ft air line included
  • Compressor measures 4.5in (116mm) wide
  • Compressor measures 2.9in (75mm) high
  • Compressor measures 3in (76mm) deep
  • Acoustic unit measures 4.1in (104mm) wide
  • Acoustic unit measures 3.7in (94mm) high
  • Acoustic unit measures 3.4in (86mm) deep

Harness Features:

  • 5.5ft harness length
  • 30amp Mini inline fuse
  • Inline relay socket
  • Protective vinyl sheath
  • Weather resistant


  • SoundBomb 2 piece horn
  • 3ft air hose line
  • 30amp Relay
  • Complete Harness with inline fuse and relay plug as well as pre-connected ring terminals and female blade connections
  • 2 posi-tap inline wire connectors for custom applications
  • 2 male blade crimp on connectors for custom applications
  • 2 female blade crimp on connectors for custom applications
  • 4 wire zip ties
  • 30amp Mini Fuse for pre-connected inline fuse holder

*Bike specific mounting bracket and BMW specific wiring adapter sold separately.


  • Motorcycles with blade style horn wire connections

Mounting Notes:

  • All necessary mounting hardware is included with the split horn to mount the compressor to an existing M8 thru hole, and the acoustic unit to an existing M6 thru hole. For some motorcycle models bike-specific mounting brackets are available.
  • The compressor should be mounted so that the cylinder is vertical with no more than a 25 degree variance from the vertical position.

Fitment note: 

KTM Motorcycles: The CAN bus system found on most KTM motorcycles is extremely sensitive. Its recommended that you leave the OEM horn connected for proper operation and to prevent failure lights from appearing on the dash.


BMW Motorcycles: All modern BMW motorcycles use a specialty connector at the OEM horn connection. A DENALI Horn Wiring Adapter is necessary for plug-n-play connection with BMW Motorcycles and is available for purchase (P/N:DNL.WHS.10100). Alternatively you can use the Posi-Tap connectors to make the connection

Check out our Horn Mounting Tutorials page for helpful hints on how to install your product!!!


Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
Excellent quality product and I recommend also buying the wiring or harness kit as it makes the installation much easier.
Loud pipes save lives but air horns stupid warns ! (Posted on 2018-03-06)
Review by Guest
Sounds as expected. Sounds amazing. Cars and distracted people are now awake. Also the dual unit made easier the installation allowing the heavy piece be anchored in a hidden space and the actual trumpet where the sound can blast. Easy installation. I like it a lot, product recommended. (Posted on 2018-02-26)
Review by Guest
I was skeptical about the volume promised, but I have decided to try to do everything possible to stay upright and alive while on my motorcycle, thus a louder horn was in order. The split assembly proved perfect, I was able to mount both pieces inconspicuously. I would highly recommend purchasing the wiring harness as well. The horn is all that was promised, it is really loud! I love it, if I can only remember where the horn button is when the pucker factor goes off the chart! (Posted on 2018-01-16)
Review by Guest
Easy to install
People in cages will notice me now (Posted on 2018-01-14)
Review by Guest
Great safety upgrade. Split unit is nessessary for the 2017 SUZUKI SV650. Wiring harness makes wiring simple. (Posted on 2017-08-24)
Review by Guest
FEATURES: VERY LOUD (spooks my friends even after I warn them about how loud is going to be); EXCELLENT TONE (to me it sounds like a "Blast from the Past" , please pardon the pun, like a Great Gatsby Duesenberg). Sounds much "nicer" than online audio.
BEST FEATURE: The "SPLIT" construction allows us to (finally) be able to fit a truly loud horn on practically ANY bike. Since the compressor and the horn are two separate components, the compressor can go under the seat while the horn (being so much smaller than conventional air horns) is much easier to fine a good, effective place to be installed. (Posted on 2017-07-13)
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