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DENALI SoundBomb Mini Electromagnetic Low Tone Motorcycle Horn

DENALI SoundBomb Mini Electromagnetic Low Tone Motorcycle Horn

SKU: TT-SB.10200.B

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At 113 decibels, the distinct low-tone sound from the DENALI SoundBomb Mini Motorcycle Horn is twice as loud as a typical 100 decibel disc horn. Designed to be a direct Plug & Play upgrade from your factory horn, requiring no additional relay or wiring harness as long as the original horn has blade-style electrical connections. When stock isn't quite enough, be heard with the SoundBomb Mini.

Product Specs:

  • 113 Decibels at 3 feet
  • Operating voltage:12 Volts (11.7volts required)
  • Power draw: 5 Amps
  • Single piece design
  • Dimensions: Approximately 3.25" x 3.4" x 2.5"
  • Stylish all black design
  • Fits in most factory horn locations

Kit Contents:

  • Single piece electromagnetic horn
  • Mounting hardware
  • Fully illustrated Installation instructions

Please note: If the original horn does not have blade-style electrical connections, the original horn connector needs to be removed and replaced with female spade connectors in order to connect to the Soundbomb Mini

Currently this horn is not compatible with KTM 1190 & 1290 Motorcycles and a solution is in the works

Manufacturer # TT-SB.10200.B
Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
The right-side fork on my 2011 ZX10R will hit the Denali when turned right all the way if installed in exactly the same place as the OEM horn. The kit does come with a couple extension brackets though and I was able to use one of these to move the new horn closer to the centerline of the bike. This installation required me to attach the extension bracket horizontally to move the Denali as far to the center as possible which keeps it out of the way of the fork. The screw holding the extension bracket to the OEM brace cannot be tightened enough to keep the Denali from turning downward under its own weight though. In order to keep the extension bracket horizontal, I used safety wire from the screw bracket on the back of the Denali up to the top of the OEM horn brace above the radiator. Now when I use the Denali in traffic, other drivers no longer look for a motor scooter! (Posted on 2016-06-06)
Review by moto
Not so loud, bad instructions. They're promoting it's twice as loud, its not, they're promoting its plug and play. it's not. (Posted on 2016-06-03)
Review by therr
Better than stock but not as much improvement as I had hoped. I frequently honk the horn as I pull into the drive to get the dogs attention. My wife said it sounded different but only a little louder. Less an improvement than I had hoped. (Posted on 2016-05-25)
Review by xsr900
easy install on my super ténéré1200,and soud is perfect. (Posted on 2016-05-23)
Review by Spanky
Easy to install, and louder than previous set of horns together. (Posted on 2016-05-03)
Review by Jim Shorts
My 2003 Yamaha FZ1 has 130 rear wheel horsepower--and a stock horn that bleats like a little lamb. The Denali is much louder, and has the tone of a regular auto horn. It fit the space the stocker was in just fine. The Denali has to face downward, so my stock mounting strap wouldn't work. The straps that come with the Denali are thin and a bit flimsy, so I sistered them together and used both of them. I'm very pleased with the horn, and feel safer with it in place. (Posted on 2016-04-27)
Review by Mashrider
I bought this for my Street a Triple, works great" (Posted on 2016-04-25)
Review by Kiki231
Probably the easiest and best upgrade you could do for safety. This is a 10 minute install. This horn is loud. I don't know why I didn't do this earlier. (Posted on 2016-04-22)
Review by Rog
Easy install, lower tone and a bit louder than the pathetic wimpy stock horn on my FZ-07. I highly recommend it. (Posted on 2016-04-14)
Review by Norm C
I bought this to get rid of the tweet sound of the stock horn. Now cars can hear me when I honk .Great sound and very easy installation. I recommend this to all riders. (Posted on 2016-04-12)
Review by Larry
Very loud and easy install took 10 minutes to install (Posted on 2016-04-07)
Review by CB111
Went on the KLR 250 in minutes. Now, assemble the horn with an electrical connector for BMW. (Posted on 2016-03-28)
Review by Spin
This is an easy but very useful upgrade. My '13 Honda CB1100 has anemic horns as delivered , but not now! This will help phone addicted cage drivers pay attention. (Posted on 2016-01-28)
Review by ricksha84
Received my Denali Soundbomb Mini (low tone) horn quicker than expected.
It couldn't be any easier to install. Unplug 2 wires and remove one nut to remove the pitiful stock horn. The Denali installed on the same bracket with one nut and two wire connectors that plugged onto the stock spade connectors on my bike. While the Denali isn't as loud as an air horn or dual horn setup, it's definitely MUCH
louder than stock and is light and easy to mount. My only small complaint is the length of the mounting stud. If you wish to use a lock washer or flat washer when mounting the horn, the threaded stud is a little on the short side. Another 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length would have been appreciated, but I managed to make it work with a little work. Would definitely recommend this item. (Posted on 2016-01-14)
Review by Ray G
Horn is louder then stock,small but not enough to go where the stock Tiger horn was mounted. Finally found a place on the frame under the tank,drilled a hole to mount and wired,works great (Posted on 2015-11-12)
Review by Victor
I called TT to get advice on a horn small enough to use in the limited space available on my new Yamaha FJ-09. After the usual thoughtful discussion with the TT rep, I ordered the single Denali SoundBomb Low Tone unit. Inexpensive, small and very easy to install (15 minutes) with only one tool. Frankly I was skeptical that a single unit, instead of the usual two unit low + high tone horns would do the job-Wrong! This thing is the bomb (Sorry). It is just plain loud, and the tone is sort of intimidating. Clearly, one should not use one's horn without reason, but if you must, And on a bike that happens from time to time, this thing will do the job of announcing your presence in no uncertain terms. Thanks TT, I'm impressed. (Posted on 2015-11-08)
Review by Robert
The newer BMW horns use a single locking connector that is not compatible with this horn. (Posted on 2015-11-05)
Review by tjriderva
I tested the old horn from my BMW 11' R1200RT against the Denali. I got exactly the same volume out of both 100DB at roughly 5 feet. I was surprised the Denali was not louder than the BMW stock horn. I am going to keep the Denali as it has a different tone which I think is more noticeable. I don't know at what DB the stock disc horn is rated, so may not be a defect of the Denali, but I would take with a grain of salt the Touratech statement "Mini is twice as loud as a typical 100 decibel disc horn". Bought a connector REPAIR PLUG, 2-PIN - NO. 610619 to connect to the Denali to the BMW witing, which made the install a sinch. (Posted on 2015-11-04)
Review by Nymetsfan912
I think this has to be one of the best upgrades for safety without installing an air horn. This thing sounds like a car horn and is such an improvement over the OEM disc horns. The install couldn't get any easier either. This was purchased for my 2015 Suzuki DL1000 (Posted on 2015-11-03)
Review by Huffman
Installed on a 2010 Bonneville, only took a couple minutes, very simple. Louder but not overwhelming, could be a bit louder. Tone is much better than the tinny sounding stocker. Because my bike came with crash bars I had to use one of the provided adapters to mount it up. If you don't have the bars you may be able to direct mount with the Triumph hardware. Glad I did it, great deal at this price. (Posted on 2015-10-24)
Review by loudandproud
I just mounted this Denali horn onto my bike, and its turned my horn from a meek 'pardon me, excuse me' horn to a 'HERE I AM !' horn.
Great loud, low tone, that get's peoples attention. I'd say its like having
a car horn on your bike. (Posted on 2015-10-20)
Review by Robert
The newer BMW horns use a single locking connector that is not compatible with this horn. (Posted on 2015-10-19)
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