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DENALI DRL Daytime Running Lights Kit with Universal Fender Mounting Kit | Amber or White

DENALI DRL Daytime Running Lights Kit with Universal Fender Mounting Kit | Amber or White

SKU: DNL.DRL.10000

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This Daytime Running Light Kit is designed to mount a pair of DENALI DRL pods on the front fender of your bike, creating maximum visibility to oncoming traffic. This kit directly replaces the original M5 or M6 fender hardware securing the DRL’s close to the fender for a sleek, low-profile installation.

What Makes the DENALI DRLs So Cool They're Hot?


Purpose built to create the most amount of light from the smallest, slimmest housing possible, the DENALI DRLs integrate perfectly with the front end and are unbelievably bright. Complete with an integrated dual intensity circuit, the lights can be wired to run at full intensity, half intensity or automatically switch between the two with the motorcycle's original high beam switch. A waterproof connector and posi-tap pigtail utilize power from your vehicles running light circut, making installation a breeze and operation effortless; the DRLs will simply come on and turn off with your vehicle's ignition. 

Like emergency strobe lights, the DENALI DRL optics are designed to concentrate the light at the source as opposed to project it down the road. While ideal for daytime and nighttime conspicuity, these lights will also provide a noticeable spread of light immediately in front of your motorcycle at night. Available in white and amber.

Using the included wiring adapter, the DRLs can be directly plug-and-play connected to a CANsmart Accessory Controller or to any DENALI 2.0-series wiring harness. When connected to a DENALI 2.0 harness, the DRLs will run only in high-intensity mode. But when connected through the CANsmart, the DRLs can be fully dimmed.


  • Dual Circuit: 50% & 100% intensity
  • 180° viewing angle
  • 6 Extremely bright LEDs per light pod
  • Very efficient 12-watt total power consumption
  • Size: 4.8in H x 1.1in W x 0.6in D

  • Low profile design

What's in the box:

  • (2) DENALI DRL pods
  • (2) Fender mounting brackets
  • (1) M5 & M6 fender mounting hardware kit
  • (2) Wiring pigtail
  • (1) Wiring splitter
  • (2) Wiring adapters for DENALI CANsmart or 2.0-series lighting harness
  • (3) Posi-taps

Kit Components:



Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
I bought a set of these in white for my 2009 Suzuki DL1000 and am so happy I did. I mounted them on the front forks using one of the fender bolts. They sure are bright! It makes me feel good to know that I'm just that much more visible on the road now. Gets driver's attention for sure. (Posted on 2019-09-15)
Review by Guest
FIRST. These are made to be seen, not see.. They are extremely bright without blinding people in a spotlight fashion. You will want a the lo/hi switch if you want to run them all of the time, hi works great mid-day but is way too bright for dusk/night/dawn.

Build quality is very nice. Install looks factory. (Posted on 2019-07-16)
Review by Guest
These are incredibly bright. At first I wired them to come on with my headlight at 100%. Immediately I discovered I also needed the 50% due to their brightness. One of the mounts wasn’t tapped to accept the tiny screw that the led attaches with. I just drilled the hole a little larger and used a screw and nut. The kit comes with most everything you need for wiring. I ended up using a relay and a three position switch. Hi, off, low. I’m satisfied with the results. Not much light down the road, but you will be seen. (Posted on 2018-10-28)
Review by Guest
I bought the new Denali DLRs for my FJR1300 to make the bike more visible as I commute into the city everyday. With drivers on their cells phones and taxis out to kill you, I want all the visibility I can get. The DLRs are perfect for both early morning and afternoon commutes. The only issue I had was that I wanted to be able to switch the lights from low to high, and even off, as I needed. From the box, you can't do that. So I ordered a "DNL.WHS.11200 DENALI 2.0 Hi-Low-Off Switch, Waterproof" and bought a male connector to make it a plug and play installation. Now I turn the DLRs on low for the 0-dark-30 early morning ride, and turn them on hight for the afternoon ride home. (Posted on 2018-09-05)
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