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DENALI 2.0 CANsmart Plug-n-Play Controller for BMW R1200 & R1250 Series Motorcycles (Discontinued)

DENALI 2.0 CANsmart Plug-n-Play Controller for BMW R1200 & R1250 Series Motorcycles (Discontinued)

SKU: DNL.WHS.11600

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PLEASE NOTE: This item has been replaced by the Gen II DENALI CANsmart Controller.

Harness the flexibility and intelligence of your BMW motorcycle's CANbus electrical system to make installation of accessories drastically easier with the DENALI CANsmart™ Controller. The CANsmart provides for plug-and-play installation of up to four electrical accessories, all controlled through your BMW's existing handlebar switches including the rotary "WunderWheel" multi controller. No more "tacked on" switches or confounding wire routing. In addition, because the CANsmart controls the power distribution functions, there's no need to wire in bulky relays to control your accessories.

DENALI CANsmart Controller Tech & Installation


The CANsmart's four dedicated circuits are pre-programmed to connect to and independently control two sets of auxiliary lights, an auxiliary horn, and an auxiliary brake light. Each accessory circuit is electronically fused and ready to use right out of the box. Free software (for Mac or PC) allows you to customize these circuits, but the default settings will be right for the vast majority of installations.

The two auxiliary light circuits enable independent adjustment of high and low beam brightness right from the vehicles WunderWheel. It also features a "flash to pass" and "strobe when horn active" setting that will strobe the auxiliary lights when you pulse your high beam switch or sound your horn. The feature-rich brake light circuit will transform a simple two-wire brake light into a smart brake light complete with running light, multiple flash pattern, and deceleration activated braking functionality. The horn circuit enables the addition of an auxiliary horn without having to add a relay and dedicated horn wiring harness.

Want more flexibility? We thought you might. You can set any of the four circuits to Simple Circuit Mode, which will disable all custom circuit settings to provide a clean switched 12V circuit to power an accessory of your choice. The electronic fuse is the only active setting so you can properly fuse your accessory.


  • True Plug & Play installation
  • Offers custom control of your electrical accessories
  • 4 dedicated circuits pre-programmed to control two sets of auxiliary lights, an auxiliary horn, & an auxiliary brake light
  • Each circuit is electronically fused and preconfigured to use right out of the box
  • New firmware allows full dimming control of two-wire circuits, including any brand of driving light
  • Features dozens of customizable settings that can be controlled with the factory BMW “WunderWheel“ or CANsmart Accessory Manager Software
  • Two light circuits allow independent adjustment of high & low beam brightness with the WunderWheel
  • Flash to pass & strobe when horn active can strobe your auxiliary lights when you pulse the high beam or sound your horn
  • Compatible with the DENALI B6 Auxiliary Brake Light for integrated running light, multiple flash pattern, deceleration & activated braking functionality
  • Permits use of auxiliary horn like the DENALI SoundBomb without having to add a relay or dedicated horn wiring harness

What's in the box:

  • CANsmart Controller
  • (2) 4ft light extension cables
  • 5ft SoundBomb horn extension cable
  • Brake light pigtail
  • Zip-ties
  • Adhesive hook-and-loop fastener
  • Micro USB programing cable

Software (Released 3/16/2020):

Windows Download (v2003.1 - Released 3/31/2020)

Mac Download (v2003.1 - Released 3/31/2020)

Please Note:

  • When choosing DENALI 2.0 LED Auxiliary Lights for use with the CANsmart system, be sure to order only the light pods themselves. With the CANsmart, the cabling and relay set included in the full kits is not necessary. You can find the DENALI pods here: D4, D2, DM, DR1, D7, and S4 . (Sold individually, so order two per lighting style you desire!) 
  • Be sure to connect your CANsmart Plug-N-Play controller into the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) connector near the tail light. Do not use the ABS lean angle connector under the seat. See installation instructions for details.

2013-2018 BMW R1200GS LC

2014-2018 BMW R1200GS LC Adventure

2015-2018 BMW R1200RS

2015-2018 BMW R1200R

2014-2018 BMW R1200RT

2019 BMW R1250GS

2019 BMW R1250RT

2019 BMW R1250GS Adventure

2019 BMW R1250R

2019 BMW R1250RS

Manufacturer # DNL.WHS.11600
Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
Got this a month ago and it was so easy to install onto my BMW R1200GS! (Posted on 2018-11-28)
Review by Guest
Great product And I am lite up yesyesyesyyyyyyyyyyyy (Posted on 2018-08-21)
Review by Guest
OK. So I gave two stars. First lets talk about the technology: ezCAN by Hex Innovative is what runs the Denali set up. Same as the HexCan but BETTER by offering multiple individual channels that is controlled by a very intuitive app that runs off the PC. So why two stars you ask?

After having to partially install the big 4-light/horn kit from TT ($800+), everything was perfect. Did a 4200 mile lazy round-trip ride to Austin for the MotoGP. Flawless. Then installed the rest of the kit. Suddenly the bike would not start on the first shot and I lost the "Dynamic" throttle response and the lights stopped working properly on one of the channels.

Long story short: The CONNECTORS were bad on TWO separate cables from Denali. You know: The things you pay a premium for? So I don't need to splice any wires, all plug-and-play... Well the wire crimping within the connectors was faulty on two separate wire sets. So I ended up having to splice everything together after all. And now that's done? Bike starts on the first shot, my Dynamic throttle is back and the lights work exactly as programmed. A month from now I'll forget about the frustration and be thrilled with the light set up. But for now... not so much. (Posted on 2018-08-19)
Review by Guest
I use the CanSmart to control 4 items on the bike. It was easy to set up and using the applicable PC software, I configured the CanSmart to run a set of D2 lights, the Denali brake light, my heated seats, and an outlet for heated gear that I wanted on a switched circuit. The Denali items were all plug and play and the heats seats and gear was an easy splice to connections into the CanSmart. Easy set up and clean wiring under my seat. I switched from using a PDM60 to the CanSmart because I only needed 4 circuits and I wanted the cleaner installation and set up of the front and rear lights. (Posted on 2018-08-07)
Review by Guest
Twisted Throttle always gets my order here quick, and the items are always the best. Denali lights are awesome. (Posted on 2018-08-03)
Review by Guest
Very happy with purchase. Works great & it is truly plug& play plus you can custom if need be. The hardest thing about installing is how to fish the wires so one of the easiest installations I've ever done. It isn't cheap but well worth it since you don't have to cut any wires & it is controlled through the CANbus! (Posted on 2018-06-27)
Review by Guest
Installed the CanSmart on my 2017 R1200GSA along with Denali D4 light pods, the Denali SoundBomb and the Denali B6 taillight. No one would ever describe me as a mechanic, and yet the installation of the lights, horn and CanSmart was easy and seamless. I must have called the guys (and gal!) at TT 4 - 5 times to make sure I was doing things the way that needed to be done; fantastic customer service. In fact, when I’m back in Rhode Island visiting family this summer, I am planning to swing by and say hello to the TT gang in person. Couldn’t be happier with install and functionality; no chance I won’t be seen and heard with the aircraft lights and wailing siren now hanging from the frame of my GSA. (Posted on 2018-05-27)
Review by Guest
The install was an “Easy” / “Moderate” install. The product is awesome! I installed D4 2.0 and D1 2.0 light with the controller. They work as advertised with full control through Turn Signal Cancel button and Wonderwheel on my 17 BMW GS Adventure. (Posted on 2018-03-04)
Review by Guest
My MC: 2016 BMW 1200 GSA. Installed the DENALI 2.0 CANsmart Plug-N-Play Controller For BMW R1200 LC-Series Motorcycles and DENALI D4 2.0 TriOptic LED Light Kit With DataDim Technology and routed wiring for Denali SoundBomb Compact Dual-Tone Air Horn waiting for back ordered DENALI Horn Mounting Bracket For BMW R1200GS LC '16-'17 & R1200GS Adventure '14-'17(8mm bolt) also waiting on backordered DENALI B6 Auxiliary LED License Plate Brake Light. Also have and will install DENALI D4 2.0 Amber Lens Kit.
So far so good, it pays to download and read the instruction sheet. Benefiting from living the good life I unknowingly hooked up the correct longer 3 wire connector to the primary (D4) lights. All “Auxiliary Light Set One Settings” function as stated.
After viewing JVB Productions YouTube video for 2014 and later R1200GSAw Bodywork and Tank Removal/Install numerous times I felt confident on body panel and fuel tank removal facilitating routing of the light and horn wiring. I wouldn’t have / couldn’t have - done it with JVB’s excellent tutorial. He has one for removal of the rear rack and cover on a 2017 Rallye bike that also clarifies what to expect on earlier GSA models such as mine.
Jim VonBaden has other YouTube videos that may help others as well.
So in conclusion, thanks to the brainiacs that thought up these Denali products. the engineers that spec’d ‘em out, the tool and die makers that machined ‘em, the QA that verified ‘em, the assemblers that put ‘em together, the QA that verified ‘em (I worked in aircraft QA :>) and the crew at Twisted Throttle that made certain the customer was taken care of and satisfied. Kudos all ‘round! (Posted on 2017-08-20)
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