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SW-MOTECH EVO Engage QUICK-LOCK Tank Bag | 7L (Discontinued)

SW-MOTECH EVO Engage QUICK-LOCK Tank Bag | 7L (Discontinued)

SKU: BC.TRS.00.107.2000

Sorry, but this item is no longer available.

This product is no longer able to be ordered by us. Once we sell the last ones, they're gone! Check out the related products on the right side of this page for similar items you may be interested in.

The Engage is a small 7-liter tank bag specifically designed for motorcycle gas tanks that slope steeply downward to the rear of the gasoline filler cap. Compatible with the SW-MOTECH QUICK-LOCK EVO tank rings, see the app chart below to determine which tank ring is appropriate for your bike.

Choosing the Right Tank Bag: SW-MOTECH EVO Quick-Lock vs GIVI Tanklock


The SW-MOTECH QUICK-LOCK tank bag system enables the tank bag to be mounted or removed easily without the use of straps or magnets that may damage your motorcycle's finish. The system includes the tank bag, upper tank ring and a separately available tank ring that is designed to be installed onto the motorcycle. Once the system is assembled, the tank bag can be snapped securely into place or removed by pulling a release lanyard at the front of the tank bag.


  • Easily removed for gas fill ups
  • Reflective trim
  • RC-Fuse Zippers (RC-Fuse Video)
  • Exterior pockets
  • 2 Cable ports
  • GPS mount sleeves
  • 2 Year warranty


  • Capacity: 7 liters
  • Length: 14.17in (36cm)
  • Width: 10.62in (27cm)
  • Height: 5.11in (13cm)


  • Quick-Lock Non-Electric top ring 
  • Rain cover 
  • Shoulder strap

Optional accessories: 

Once you ha’ve installed the tank ring, attaching your tank bag is easy!

QUICK-LOCK Tank Bag attachment instructions:
Step 1: Position tank bag directly over tankring. Step 2: Press down on tank bag, locking it into position.

Detach the tank bag with one hand in one second!

QUICK-LOCK tank bag detachment instructions:
Step 1: Pull cord to release locking mechanism. Step 2: Lift bag up.


Tank Ring Fitment Guide
To order, determine the correct tank ring for your motorcycle from the chart below, and make the correct selection from the drop down menu above.

SW-MOTECH EVO Tank Ring and Tank Bag Fitment Guides



SW-MOTECH Micro Tank Bag SW-MOTECH Daypack Tank Bag SW-MOTECH Sport Tank Bag
2.5-5 L
Micro 12v
5-9 L
Daypack 12v
14-21 L
Sport 12v
SW-MOTECH City Tank Bag SW-MOTECH Trial Tank Bag SW-MOTECH GS Tank Bag
11-15 L
City 12v
15-22 L
Trial 12v
16-22 L
GS 12v
SW-MOTECH Engage Tank Bag SW-MOTECH Yukon 90 Tank Bag  
7 L
Engage 12v
9 L
Yukon 90 Y


SW Motech EVO Style Tank Ring Guide
This chart refers to EVO Tank Ring applications only
UniversalClick to view 
SW-MOTECH ALU-RACK Top Racks Type 204
Drill-On (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
ApriliaClick to view  
RS125 '98-'02 Type 175
Pegaso 650 '93-'96 Type 118
Pegaso 650 '97-'07 Type 175
SL750 Shiver '08-'16 Type 175
ETV1000 Caponord '01-'07 Type 175
SL1000 Falco '00-'01 Type 175
RSV1000 Tuono '04-'05 Type 175
RSV1000 Tuono '05-'10 Type 300
RSV4 Factory APRC '13-'16 Type 300
Tuono V4 R '11-'17 Type 300
Caponord 1200 '13-'16 Type 300
Caponord 1200 Rally '16-'18 Type 300
BenelliClick to view  
Tre 1130K '07- Type 190
BMWClick to view  
G310GS '18 Type 160
G310R '17-'18 Type 160
F650 Funduro '93-'96 Type 118
F650 ST '93-'96 Type 116
F650 Funduro '97-'00 Type 116
F650GS and F650GS/Dakar '00-'07 (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
F650GS Twin '08-'12 Type 201
G650GS '09-'10 (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
G650GS '11-'16 Type 205
G650GS Sertao '12-'15 Type 205
F700GS '13-'18 Type 201
F800R '09-'18 Type 206
F800GS '13-'18 Type 201
F800GS Adventure '14-'18 Type 201
F800GT '13-'17 Type 206
F800S '06-'10 Type 206
F800ST '06-'12 Type 206
R850R '94-'01 Type 120
S1000R '14-'18 Type 127
S1000RR '10-'18 Type 127
S1000XR '15-'18 Type 126
or Type 306
HP2 Sport '08 Type 123
HP2 Sport '09-'12
(beginning with August 2008 production dates)
Type 127
HP2 Enduro '05-'06 Type 120
R1100GS '94-'99 Type 120
R1100R '93-'01 Type 120
R1100RS '93-'01 Type 120
R1100RT '96-'01 Type 120
R1100S '99-'05 Type 120
R1150GS Adventure '02-'05 Type 120
R1150GS '99-'04 Type 120
R1150R Rockster '00- Type 120
R1150R, '00-'06 Type 120
R1150RS '01-'05 Type 120
R1150RT '00-'04 Type 120
R1200GS Adventure '06-'07 Type 120
R1200GS Adventure '08 Type 123
R1200GS Adventure '09-'13
(beginning with August 2008 production dates)
Type 127
R1200GS '04-'07 Type 120
R1200GS '08 Type 123
R1200GS '09-'12 
(beginning with August 2008 production dates)
Type 127
R1200GS LC '13-'18 without Keyless Ride Type 126
R1200GS LC '15-'18 with Keyless Ride  Type 306
R1200GS LC Adventure '15-'18 without Keyless Ride Type 126
R1200GS LC Adventure '15-'18 with Keyless Ride  Type 306
R1200R '07-'08 Type 124
R1200R '09-'10 (beginning with August 2008 production dates) Type 127
R1200R '11-'14 Type 128
R1200R '15-'18 without Keyless Ride Type 126
R1200R '15-'18 with Keyless Ride  Type 306
R1200RS '15-'18 without Keyless Ride Type 126
R1200RS '15-'18 with Keyless Ride  Type 306
R1200RT '14-'18 without Keyless Ride Type 126
R1200RT '15-'18 with Keyless Ride  Type 306
R1200S '07-'08 Type 123
R1200S, '09- (beginning with August 2008 production dates) Type 127
R nineT '14-'18 Type 127
R nineT Pure '17-'18 Type 127
R nineT Racer '17-'18 Type 127
R nineT Scrambler '17-'18 Type 127
R nineT Urban G/S '18 Type 127
K1200GT '03-'08 Type 126
or Type 306
K1200GT '03-'08 Type 306
K1200R '05-'08 Type 126
or Type 306
K1200R Sport '07-'08 Type 120
K1200RS '97-'06 Type 120
K1200S '05-'08 Type 120
K1300GT '09-'12 Type 126
or Type 306
K1300S '09-'16 Type 126
or Type 306
K1300R '09-'15 Type 126
or Type 306
BMW Models with Keyless Ride Type 306
BuellClick to view  
Firebolt XB12R (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
Lightning Long XB12Ss (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
Lightning Super TT XB12STT (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
Lightning XB12S & XB12Scg (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
Ulysses XB12X (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
Ulysses XB12X T (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
1125R '08-'10 (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
CagivaClick to view  
Elefant 900 '92-'96 Type 190
Ducati Click to view 
M 600 Monster & M 620iE Monster '94-'06 Type 110
Super Sport SS 600 Type 110
Monster 696 '09-'14 Type 300
Superbike 748 '00-'03 Type 110
M 750 Monster & M 750iE Monster '97-'03 Type 110
Super Sport SS 750 Type 110
Monster 796 '10-'14 Type 300
or Type 203
Monster 797 '17-'18 Type 110
M 800 Monster & M 800 S2R Monster '04-'07 Type 110
Monster 821 '14-'17 Type 110
848 Streetfighter '11-'15 Type 300
Superbike 848 & Superbike 848 EVO '08-13 Type 110
Superbike 899 Panigale '14-'15 Type 300
M 900 Monster & M 900iE Monster '94-'04 Type 110
Super Sport SS 900 Type 110
M 916 S4 Monster '00-'04 Type 110
Superbike 916 '94-'98 Type 110
Multistrada 950 '17-'18 Type 126
or Type 306
M 992 S2R Monster '05-'09 Type 110
959 Panigale '16-'18 Type 300
M 996 S4R Monster '00-'04 Type 110
Superbike 996 '00-'02 Type 110
M 998 S4RS Monster '06-'09 Type 110
M 1000iE Monster '03-'05 Type 110
Super Sport SS 1000 DS Type 110
Superbike 1098 & 1098R '07-'09 Type 110
Monster 1100 & 1100S '09-'10 Type 300
or Type 203
Monster 1100 EVO '11-'14 Type 300
or Type 203
Streetfighter 1100 & 1100S '13-'15 Type 300
Superbike 1198 & 1198R '09-'12 Type 110
1199 Panigale '12-'14 Type 300
1299 Panigale / S '15-'18 Type 300
Monster 1200 & 1200S '14-'18 Type 110
Monster 1200R '16-'18 Type 110
Multistrada 1200 & 1200S '10-'17 Type 126
Multistrada 1200 Enduro '16-'18 Type 126
or Type 306
Multistrada 1260 '18 Type 306
HondaClick to view  
CB500/S '93-'03 Type 106
CBR500R '13-'15 Type 208
CBR500R '16-'18 Type 304
CB500F '13-'15 Type 207
CB500F '16-'18 Type 304
CB500X '16-'18 Type 304
599 & CB600F Hornet '98-'10 Type 106
CBF600 '08-'09 & CBF600SA '10-'12 Type 106
CBR600 & CBR600F '95-'14 Type 106
CBR600RR '03-'12 Type 106
CBR600RR '13-'18 Type 104
NT650V Deauville '98-'05 Type 106
CB650F '18 Type 304
CBR650F '14-'16 Type 304
NT700V Type 106
XL700V Transalp '07-'14 Type 106
VFR750, all years Type 106
NC750S/SD '14-'17 Type 302
CB750 Nighthawk '92-'03 Type 106
VFR800 '98-'01 & VFR800 VTEC '02-'12 Type 106
VFR800X '10-'13 Type 106
VFR800X '14 Type 304
VFR800X '15-'16 Type 307
VFR800F '14-'15 Type 304
CB900F Hornet '02-'05 Type 106
CBR900 all years Type 106
CBR900RR '93-'03 Type 106
919 all years Type 106
CBR929, '00-'01 Type 106
CBR954 '02-'04 Type 106
Africa Twin CRF1000L '16-'18 Type 304
Africa Twin Adventure Sports CRF1000L2 '18 Type 304
VTR1000F Superhawk, all years Type 106
VTR1000SP1 Firestorm, all years Type 106
VTR1000SP2 RC51, all years Type 106
XL1000V Varadero '08-'12 Type 106
CBF1000/F '06-'14 Type 106
CBR1000F '93-'96 Type 106
CBR1000RR '04-'13 Type 106
CBR1000RR '14-'17 Type 304
CBR1000RR '17-'18 Type 106
CB1000R '08-'14 Type 106
RC51 '00-'05 Type 106
CB1100 EX '17 Type 304
CBR1100XX Blackbird all years Type 106
VFR1200F '09-'14 Type 106
VFR1200X '10-'13 Type 106
VFR1200X '14-'17 Type 304
ST1300 Pan European Type 106
CB1300 '03-'09 & CB1300S '05-'10 Type 106
KTM Click to view 
390 Duke '13-'16 Type 210
390 Duke '17-'18 Type 211
Super Duke 990 Type 170
1090 Adventure R '17-'18 Type 126
1190 RC8R '11-'15 Type 301
1190 Adventure / R '13-'16 Type 126
1290 Super Adventure / R / S / T '15-'18 Type 126
1290 Super Duke R '14-'18 Type 306
1290 Super Duke GT '17-'18 Type 126
or Type 306
Kawasaki Click to view 
EX250R Ninja '87-'06 Type 135
Ninja 250R '08-'14 Type 116
Versys-X 300 '17-'18 Type 311
Ninja 300 '13-'17 Type 116
ER-5 '96-'05 Type 140
Ninja 500R '08-'14 Type 116
EX500R / GPZ500S Ninja '87-'06 Type 135
KLE500 '91-'05 Type 135
ZZR600 '05-'06 Type 140
ER-6f, ER-6n & Ninja 650R '06-'16 Type 140
Ninja 650 '17-'18 Type 311
or Type 312
Versys 650 '07- '18 Type 140
Z650 '17 Type 311
or Type 312
ZX6 / ZZR600, '90 - '00 Type 135
ZX6R Ninja '95-'18 Type 140
ZX6RR '05-'06 Type 140
Vulcan S '15-'18 Type 140
ZR7 '00 Type 135
ZR7S '01-'03 Type 135
ZX7R '90-'03 Type 140
Z750 '04-'12 Type 140
Z750S '05-'07 Type 140
ZX9R Ninja '94-'03 Type 135
Z900 '17 Type 311
Versys 1000 '12-'18 Type 140
Z1000 '03-'16 Type 140
Ninja 1000 & Z1000SX '11-'18 Type 140
ZG1000 / GTR1000 Concours '94-'07 Type 135
ZX10R Ninja '04-'18 Type 140
ZRX1100 '97-'01 Type 135
ZRX1200R/S '01-'06 Type 140
ZZR1200 '02-'06 Type 140
GTR1400 Concours '10-'18 Type 140

ZX14R Ninja '08-'18
Please verify before ordering: If your gas cap has 7 screws order the Type 135 ring. If your gas cap has 5 screws, order the Type 140 ring.

Some ZX14s have holes without any threading and require two extra nylocks to attach the ring. If you're attaching a tank ring to this bike, let us know and we'll send you the extra Nylocks! 

Type 135
Type 140 
ZZR1400 '06-'16 Type 140
Moto Guzzi Click to view 
Breva V750 IE Type 180
Nevada Classic 750, '06- Type 180
California EV Touring '06-'17 Type 180
Breva 850 '05-'10 Type 300
Griso 850 '05-'10 Type 300
Norge 850 '07-'10 Type 300
V11 Scura, 2002 (requires use of additional spacer kit to raise tank ring) Type 180
Breva 1100 '04-'07 Type 300
Griso 1100 '05-'10 Type 300
1200 Sport '08-'14 Type 300
Stelvio 1200 '08-'17 Type 300
Breva 1200 '06-'11 Type 300
Griso 1200 '07-'17 Type 300
Norge 1200 '06-'14 Type 300
Motus Click to view 
MST '15-'17 Type 300
MSTR '15-'17 Type 300
MV Agusta Click to view 
Brutale 675 '12-'16 Type 160
F3 675 '12-'18 Type 160
Brutale 800 '12-'18 Type 160
F4-1000 '06-'11 Type 110
F4 Senna '06-'11 Type 110
Brutale 910 '06- Type 110
F4 '12-'18 Type 300
Suzuki Click to view 
GS500 & GS500F '01-'05 Type 115
GSF600 Bandit '00-'05 Type 115
GSX600F Katana '88-'97 Type 125
GSX600F Katana '98-'01 Type 115
GSX-R600 '96-'03 Type 115
GSX-R600 '04-'18 Type 125
RF600 '93-'95 Type 115
GSF650 Bandit & Bandit/S '05-'13 Type 125
DL650 V-Strom '04-'11 Type 115
V-Strom 650 (all models) '12-'18 Type 125
SFV650 Gladius '09-'15 Type 125
SV650 & SV650S '99-'02 Type 115
SV650 & SV650S '03-'08 Type 125
SV650 '17-'18 Type 125
GSX650F '08-'15 Type 125
XF650 Freewind '97-'03 Type 115
GSX-R750 '96-'03 Type 115
GSX-R750 '04-'18 Type 125
GSX-S750 '18 Type 125
GSX750F Katana '88-'97 Type 125
GSX750F Katana '98-'01 Type 115
RF900 Type 115
GSX-R1000 '00-'02 Type 115
GSX-R1000 '02-'16 Type 125
V-Strom DL1000 '02-'13 Type 115
V-Strom 1000 '14-'18 Type 303
TL1000 '98-'02 Type 115
TL1000R '98-'02 Type 115
SV1000 & SV1000S '03-'05 Type 125
GSX-S1000 / Z '15-'18 Type 125
GSX-S1000F '15-'18 Type 125
GSX1200 '99-'01 Type 115
GSF1200 Bandit '97-'06 Type 115
GSF1250 Bandit & Bandit/S '07-'16 Type 125
GSX1300 B-King '07-'14 Type 131
Hayabusa GSX1300R '99-'07 Type 115
Hayabusa GSX1300R '08-'18 Type 125
TriumphClick to view  
Daytona 600 '04 Type 160
Daytona 650 '05 Type 160
Daytona 675 Triple '06-'17 Type 160
Street Triple / R '07-'17 Type 160
Street Triple Rx '15-'16 Type 160
Street Triple S '18 Type 160
TT 600 Type 160
Speed Four, all years Type 160
Daytona 750 & 1000 '91-'92 Type 160
Trident 750 & 900 '91-'98 Type 110
Tiger 800 / XC / XCx / XCa '11-'18 Type 160
Tiger 800 XR / XRx / XRt '15-'18 Type 160
Daytona 900 '93-'96 Type 110
Sprint 900 '93-'98 Type 110
Tiger 900 '92-'98 Type 110
Tiger 955 '99-'01 Type 160
Tiger 955i '01-'06 Type 160
Daytona 955i, T595, & Speed III '95-'06 Type 160
Sprint RS 955 '99-'04 Type 160
Sprint ST 955 '99-'04 Type 160
Sprint ST 1050  '05-'11, Sprint GT '11-'14 Type 160
Tiger 1050 '07-'11 Type 160
Speed Triple 1050 / S / R '04-'17 Type 160
Daytona 1200 all years Type 160
Explorer 1200 / 1200 XC '12-'16 Type 160
Tiger Explorer XCx & XCa '16-'18 Type 160
Tiger Explorer XR, XRx & XRt '16-'18 Type 160
Trophy 1200 & 900 (some model years) Type 160
Trophy 1200 '98 Type 110
Rocket III Type 160
Victory³Click to view  
Hammer & Hammer S, '05- 
(tank bags may hit optional V-drag bars; fit ok with original bars)
Type 110
Kingpin, '05- Type 110
Kingpin Tour, '05- Type 110
Vegas, '05- Type 110
Vegas 8-ball, '05- Type 110
Vegas Jackpot, '05- Type 110
³ May fit additional Victory model years; we have not tested compatibility. Not compatible with most Victory Arlen Ness models, as the handlebars on those models do not provide enough clearance for installation of a tank bag or accessory mount on the tank ring.
YamahaClick to view  
YZF-R3 '15-'18 Type 305
FZ6 '03-'10 Type 110
FZ6R '10-'17 Type 110
YZF600R '94-'06 Type 115
FZR600 '90-'98 Type 115
YZF-R6 '99-'16 Type 110
XJ6 Diversion '08-'14 Type 110
FZ-07 '14-'17 Type 209
MT-07 '18 Type 209
FZ700 '87 Type 115
YZF750 '94-'05 Type 115
FZ8 '11-'14 Type 110
TDM900 '01-'13 Type 110
FJ-09 '15-'17 Type 308
MT-09 Tracer / GT Type 110
FZ-09 '14-'17 Type 110
MT-09 '18 Type 110
XSR900 '16-'18 Type 110
FZ1 / FZS1000 Fazer all years Type 110
FZR1000 '94-'95 Type 115
YZF1000 '94-'05 Type 115
YZF-R1 '98-'14 Type 110
YZF-R1 '15-'18 Type 305
FZ-10 '17 Type 305
MT-10 '18 Type 305
BT1100 Bulldog '02-'05 Type 116
XT1200Z Super Tenere '11-'18 Type 110
FJR1300, all years Type 110
MT-01 '05-'14 Type 110
XV1700 Warrior '05- Type 110

SW-MOTECH EVO Tank Ring Installation Video

Note: If you already own an SW-MOTECH tank ring please ensure it has an EVO style quick-lock ring prior to making this purchase. This tank bag comes automatically with an EVO style top ring which is incompatible with ION style tank rings.

Manufacturer # BC.TRS.00.107.20001
Customer Reviews
Review by haliski
The bag is small, but nice enough. It's curvature doesn't really fit the bike tank but thats a minor detail. I gave this 3 stars because regardless of how far down (ie toward the rider) you try and put the bag, it's going to essentially block the powerlet and ignition! I can barely fit my key in to start the bike with this bag on, and my cigarette lighter/ powerlet plug (which is very skinny) does not fit. Very unhappy with this.

Second issue is getting the screws into the inside of the bag and screwing them in to the tanklock ring. I had to drill through the two middle snaps that keep the plastic to the bag, and it took far too long trying to fit my hands to the inside front of bag to screw in the top screws. Of course, this problem would have been avoided had I not had to mount the tanklock so far forward on the bag to minimize the problem mentioned above. (Posted on 2016-07-02)
Review by ArtGsx84
I absolutely love this bag. I don't have to carry anothing in my pockets anymore (keys wallet etc). Very good quality bag. (Posted on 2016-06-06)
Review by PaulDL650
I have spent more time than I ever have installing Just The Tank Ring. The only part I do not need to modify to use. And then It will be too late, to RETURN. Drill this punch that. (Posted on 2016-04-05)
Review by Jim
This bag installed easily and is aesthetically pleasing. The construction is top quality. It is also the right size for me although the bike could accommodate a large model. (Posted on 2016-03-26)
Review by Zach
fits the contour of my 2013 multistrada tank well! (Posted on 2016-01-13)
Review by KAKEL
SEE YOU SOON. (Posted on 2015-10-08)
Review by Superfunkomatic
Got this just before a big trip and it worked out great. I was a little disappointed that although the quality of the materials is good, the bag is lopsided - the right side of the bag sits lower than the left and is slightly twisted. It doesn't hit my tank or affect the lockring (it's just a visual thing), but it looks a little weird when looking at the bike. Also, for the price (higher than many competitive products), having to drill and locate the baseplate is a little weird. Seems like a sliding mechanism built into the base that you locate and then lock with a few screws would be a better way to go. (Posted on 2015-09-24)
Review by s1xstr1ng
...or maybe "Mini Glove Box?". I really like the quick-release system and low profile tank ring (when bag not attached) but it comes at the price of space INSIDE the bag. Just like the description states, it's small. For some reason I envisioned my 7 liters as being... more... contiguous, I guess. Due to highly adjustable mounting options, the locking mechanism takes up a lot of room in a bag that doesn't have any room to spare which leaves me with 7 liters worth of nooks and crannies to stuff my stuff. If all you need in a tank bag is a place to put small items like your cell phone, charger, wallet, keys, glasses, lip balm/stick, tic-tacs, extra ear plugs, receipts, a beanie, and a few nutri-bars, this is the bag for you. You'll be able to fill it up with the contents of say a small/medium sized purse or glove box in no time. Better there than in your pockets, right? All-in-all it's a great little bag though - well constructed, functionally sound, easy to use, quality materials, thoughtfully engineered, looks just awesome. If you need a more room than that, go for something bigger or expandable (like the SW-Motech Trail). (Posted on 2015-09-04)
Review by Freddie53
Don't write reviews much but this bag is perfect for my needs, easy to install and easy to remove for fueling. (Posted on 2015-08-26)
Review by RadioMan1
Fits the bike perfectly, removes easily, does not touch the paint.
Looks better than the BMW bag. (Posted on 2015-08-25)
Review by WBC
Little pricey but a quality product. Have to drill your own holes so be careful. (Posted on 2015-06-29)
Review by Boz
bought this for my 2015 BMW R1200RT. The snap-off, snap-on feature works great and the design looks like it was made for my bike! Really, I can't think of any cons for this product .... only PROs! (Posted on 2015-06-25)
Review by Heavydutydan
Bought this bag system for my 2013 BMW F800 GS. The overall quality is excellent, and it's great for your smaller items. (Wallet, extra keys, cellphone, ear plugs, sunglasses, registration forms, etc) After years of riding, I've concluded I don't actually like a large, bulky tank bag. This one, on the BMW is nice and slim, doesn't take up a lot of room in the cockpit, so if you're looking for a big tank bag, this one isn't for you.

My only problem with this bag, if you're putting this on your BMW F800GS, is that the bag ends up sitting way too close to your ignition switch, making it a little clumsy to insert or remove or even turn your key, (although it's still possible to do all this while the bag is in place) The one major issue, is if you have the small factory 12v plug near your ignition switch, forget about using it. It's nearly impossible to use while this bag is in place, as it covers it (see photos). I got around this problem already as before I even bought this bag, I routed a 12v line from my battery up to another spot for auxiliary power for other accessories anyways, so I can live without the 12v one that's in that spot. If you're handy (and if you ride a motorbike, you SHOULD be) you can always move the 12v socket to another spot, or add another like I did.

The other issue is that even though the bag is contoured, it doesn't perfectly contour with the bike, which is understandable, as it wasn't made to exactly fit in the first place. If you have an F800 GS, and can live with these small issues, you won't be disappointed. The last tank bag I was using was secured on with straps and I hated the sloppy look of the straps and how they were ruining the body work of the bike by rubbing on it. This bag system cleans up your bike and doesn't leave any sloppy straps all over the place.

Another small issue would be the rain bag they give you. It's actually a complete opposite of the rest of the product. It's completely garbage. Cheaply made, thin material with a useless cord you use to cinch it tight to the bag. I wouldn't count on it lasting as long as the rest of the bag system. (Posted on 2015-06-22)
Review by grod3
This bag is a great bag for holding small quick needed items such as cell phone, glasses, wipe cloths. It also has a hole in the top for power cords. I ran my own power to the bag so when removed from the mounts it maintains power while disconnected (Posted on 2015-06-06)
Review by BikerPhil
This is a really good looking bag. It flows nicely with the lines of the 2015 Yamaha FJ-09. It is small, but efficient. It has wire ports on both ends, and accommodations for a gadget (phone, GPS) holder on the front. I put the template for the ring connector
all the way to the back, drilled the holes, fastened the ring connector down, and done. I didn't drill the anti theft device hole, and after watching the video on how to get the bag off if you can't get to the tab/cable, wished I had....but I will later. Always make sure the tab that is looped through the release cable is snapped on to the front. It can be difficult to retrieve it if it gets tucked under the bag. Overall, a great looking product that stands off of the paint, and works great! (Posted on 2015-03-19)
Review by John
I like the bag but was fooled by how tiny tiny it is. Good for a couple pair of glasses, rag, small bottle of water and that is it.
I especially like the quick release mount. (Posted on 2014-12-01)
Review by JLW
This is just right... Way big enough to carry all my pocket stuff, and then some... Easy on, easy off... Easy install too. (Posted on 2014-11-30)
Review by corso
Costs way more than it should. That being said it us a nice bag, fit and finish are good and it sits nicely on the multistrada. Don't waste your $$ on the electric version, this one has a spot you can route wiring through if your bike is equipped (Posted on 2014-11-10)
Review by Detours
With a couple of caveats, I really like the 'Engage' tankbag. Other brands offer a tankring bag in this size, but this is the only bag of its size that conforms to the steep tank on my V-strom 650. The side pockets are good for sunglasses, the rainfly or an energy bar or two. It's a small bag to begin with, but the main compartment is unfortunately smaller than it looks. At the cost of interior volume, the floor vacuum-molded floor takes up a lot of room, but it allows you to flush-mount the quick-lock at the front or back of the bag to custom fit your tank. The velcro divider makes it even more cramped, so I tossed it. Still, there's enough room for a quart of oil and a light jacket (make that a very light jacket), with some odds and ends in the curved section.

The quick-lock mechanism is very solid and holds the bag securely, but make sure it engages cleanly after you gas up. A solid tug will tell you if it's on tight. To release the bag, you have to reach under the front of the bag and pull a wire loop with your finger, which is a pain even with my XL hands. Mounting the quick-lock closer to the front would have made this easier, but then the bag wouldn't lay as close to the tank, which was the whole point of paying more for this bag ... so yeah, a little annoying.

The rainfly is 100% waterproof (which I've tested in about an hour of medium rain) and has about 10" diagonal clear plastic. But even without the rainfly, the bag is very, very, very water resistant. I got caught in a 45 minute rain without the rainfly and the water just beaded up on the fabric. I'm sure the windshield helped some, but not a drop got through the fabric or zippers. Leave the rainfly at home unless you're touring in the Pacific Northwest.

So all in all, a 4 star bag. I took away one star for its high price (compared to other brands that mount to the tankring) and the difficulty reaching the release wire under the bag. (Posted on 2014-10-10)
Review by Tom
I had used a Cortech tank bag on my BMW K1300S and was very disappointed in the quality, design and mounting system. Tossing that, I've now purchased and installed this SW-MOTECH bag and couldn't be happier. Aside from the fact that this particular bag fits my K-bike bike tank perfectly---it's style and fit seem custom designed for this bike---the quality is superior: design, materials, features, mounting system, and detailing are all exceptional. It simply couldn't be better. Whenever I need similar products in the future, SW-MOTECH will be my first, and likely only, stop. (Posted on 2014-09-13)
Review by EGreen
For the money, I expected much nicer. My bag is not symmetric at the back... not even close. Terrible workmanship in that area. The drilling and mounting using the template is a complete pain. Does not line up well with 2014 Vstrom 1000. I recommend getting another bag for this bike, plain and simple. Very disappointed. (Posted on 2014-09-05)
Review by GTz2254
I carry lots of "stuff" on my '13 Concours and I like a small tank bag for items like wallet, phone, ear plugs, etc. Strap-on bags are not suitable for the Concours and I do not like magnetic bags as I have not found one that did not mar the paint. The SW-Motech Engage is exactly the right size and mounts to the gas cap, leaving a gap between bag and tank that will not harm the finish. It clip on easily and removes in a second for fill-ups. Also I am able to clip my Gerbings heated jacket controller to the compartment on the left side. My only complaint is that the installation instructions for the base plate are a little tough to follow. Otherwise, great product. (Posted on 2014-08-05)
Review by Anonymous
I have a Bags Connection system on my 2010 F800GS and is very functional. The new mechanism is very finicky and I spend an extra 2 minutes at every fill-up trying to be certain it has latched. In order for the contour to even come close to matching lines of tank the tank bag needs to be forward which results in the horn being activated every time it is in tight quarters with bars to left as in backing against curb. I am ready to start rigging the so it works which will likely involve washers to remount the ring on the tank and a sharp knife to cut the little pockets off the side of the tankbag. (Posted on 2014-07-07)
Review by Bill
Installed this tank bag on my 2014 Suzuki DL650. Fits perfectly and looks great. Does not interfere with the handlebars. Very functional, just the right size to hold wallet, sunglasses, keys, earplugs, and all the other bits you carry. Excellent quality. (Posted on 2014-07-07)
Review by Sherrill
I purchased this for my BMW K1300S and the fit and function are perfect. I use this for day trips and the pockets and internal divider keep everything organized and easy to find. The bag is secure on the bike and easy to remove for gas fillups.
I like this EVO Quick-Lock concept and have now ordered the 'City' version for longer trips when I tend to over pack! (Posted on 2013-09-24)
Review by christopher
Very easy on and off. Quality construction but I wish it held a little more stuff. The shape looks really nice but restricts what can be put in it. (Posted on 2013-09-05)
Review by James
Been riding with this bag on my BMW R1200GS for a while now. I needed to fabricate a wedge to get it to sit properly on the tank but once installed it looks and works great. The quick release mount is great when gassing up or leaving the bike in "questionable" areas. I holds everything I want but could use some more compartments. (Posted on 2013-03-31)
Review by Z26 Cao Viet
I have just bought it for my BMW S1000RR, its the best match to tank curve but you need to mod another mount tank ring base for the best position on tank. (Posted on 2012-10-03)
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