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AdMore Lighting High Output LED Light Bar with Running, Brake and Progressive Amber Turn Signals

AdMore Lighting High Output LED Light Bar with Running, Brake and Progressive Amber Turn Signals

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Share your intentions while you share the road with the Admore Lighting LED Light Bar.

Designed to provide additional running, brake and signal visibility to your motorcycle, the Admore Lighting LED Light Bar is now 60% brighter. Available in clear or smoke lens, the 78, high-intensity, bi-color LEDs provide red running lights, bright red brake lighting and progressive amber turn signals. Built in brake modulation starts the brake signal with three bright flashes to help alert motorists to your intentions.

  • Black polycarbonate case.
  • 78 high-intensity LEDs.
  • Bi-color Amber and Red lighting.
  • 3 second brake modulation flashes Red brake signal.
  • Amber turn signals pulse in direction of signal.
  • Provides day and night visibility.
  • Surface mount design.
  • Universal black powder-coated bracket included.
  • Measures 8in by 1-1/4in by 7/8in.
  • Flush mount or bracket mount options.
  • Simple installation.
  • Mounting instructions, harness, and posi-tap connections included.

 Watch the light bar in action

 Fitment Notes:
  • For installations on motorcycles with an LED Tail Light such as the BMW R1200GS LC '13-'14, it is recommended that the RED wire be connected to the positive circuit of the motorcycle’s Auxiliary Power Supply socket or accessory. With this installation, the BLUE wire continues to be connected to the Tail Light wire. On 2013 to present BMW "R" model applications.. Red and Blue should be merged and connected to 12v switched as found in the Red/Blue trace wire of the fuse holder at the rear base of the tank.
  • When installing on a Motus Motorcycle, the 12 volt ignition wire needs to be used since the bike uses a constant lower voltage for factory brake lights.
  • Not compatible with the Can-Am F3S Spyder and other machines with OEM twin brake lights that also function as turnsignals. The single function running/brake/left signal/right signal power wires are not present.

Customer Testimonial: Seth K. - Boston, MA. BMW R1200RT Great customer service from Twisted Throttle and from the manufacturer. If you like to be seen, install this product!


Motorcycle Wire Identification Guide
This information is to be used as a guide only.
Always consult the factory wiring diagram for your particular motorcycle model year before attempting any installation.
If your motorcycle is not listed below, check out our article on Determining Your Motorcycle's Brake, Tail & Turn Signal Wires.

Tail Lights* Gray with Black stripe* or Blue with Gray stripe* or Black with Gray stripe* or Red, Yellow and Gray*
Brake Lights* Yellow with Gray stripe* or Gray with Black stripe*
Left Turn Signal Blue with Red stripe
Right Turn Signal Blue with Black stripe
High Beam Headlight White
Low Beam Headlight Yellow
Ground Brown
*Note: BMW wiring varies drastically on Tail Lights and Brake Lights. Single wire Tail Lights will vary even more. 
Can-Am Spyder
Tail Lights Orange
Brake Lights White
Left Turn Signal Gray and Pink
Right Turn Signal Brown and Yellow
Ground Black
Harley Davidson
Tail Lights Blue
Brake Lights Red with Yellow stripe
Left Turn Signal Violet
Right Turn Signal Brown
High Beam Headlight White
Low Beam Headlight Yellow with Black stripe
Ground Black
Tail Lights Brown with White stripe
Brake Lights Green with Red or Yellow stripe
Left Turn Signal Orange
Right Turn Signal Light Blue
High Beam Headlight Blue
Low Beam Headlight White
Ground Green
Tail Lights Red
Brake Lights Blue
Left Turn Signal Green
Right Turn Signal Grey
High Beam Headlight Red with Black stripe
Low Beam Headlight Red with Yellow stripe
Ground Black with Yelow stripe
Tail Lights Grey
Brake Lights White with Black stripe
Left Turn Signal Black
Right Turn Signal Light Green
High Beam Headlight Yellow
Low Beam Headlight Black with Blue stripe
Ground Black with White stripe
Tail Lights Blue
Brake Lights Yellow
Left Turn Signal Brown
Right Turn Signal Green
High Beam Headlight Yellow
Low Beam Headlight Green
Ground Black

Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
If this product has long term reliability and durability, then it will be an awesome purchase for my DL1000. The installation was a breeze; the positaps work fantastic. It's very bright and the pulsing brake light and turn signal feature are safety pluses. I'm very happy with this Canadian made product and with the typical excellent service from Twisted Throttle. Happy camper!! (Posted on 2019-10-04)
Review by Guest
The output of the light is really bright and looks amazing in person. No photo or video does it justice. Was very hard to wire mine on my 2018 KLX250 as no one from twisted throttle, admore or Kawasaki had the correct wiring diagram. Seems the new KLX has more wires then the previous years so this took some trial and error. Never got installed on our Can Am Spyder RT for the same reason. Once working I got one forestry road ride before the plastic shell cracked and a second forestry road ride before the entire guts fell out and were lost. Admore send me a replacement but as winter approaches I’ve not had time to reinstall and I’m worried the new one will break as well. (Posted on 2018-11-26)
Review by Guest
I bought this 3 months ago and it is exactly what I needed. I bought a used B-King and it had an aftermarket brake light on it. It of course died and no replacement parts could be found. So I got this light and it works perfectly. Nice installation instructions also.
Thank you,
Larry (Posted on 2018-08-09)
Review by Guest
Love this light. Its simply the best safety light out there.
My fellow riders say they can see it working from very far away even in bright daylight.
Every motorcycle should have one. It really catches the attention of other drivers behind me. I feel a lot safer with this light on the rear if my 2017 Indian Roadmaster.
Thank you Admire for creating such a fine product. (Posted on 2018-07-18)
Review by Guest
It took me about an hour to complete the install on my ‘16 V-Strom 650. There were no surprises with mountimg or wiring the Admore bar, although I’d suggest having a circuit tester handy for quick identification of the wires under the seat.
Everything works just as advertised and it is much brighter than I expected. A friend riding behind me said the biggest benefit was in direct sun light where the stock lights were almost completely washed out and the Admore was clearly visible. (Posted on 2018-03-25)
Review by Guest
This light bar is not compatible for the 2017 Can-Am F3S Spyder. The F3S tail light assembly is a 3-wire circuit for each side (tail light, brake/turn signal, ground). The light bar is a 4-wire circuit (tail light, brake, turn signal, ground). (Posted on 2018-03-21)
Review by Guest
Bought this light for the wife's custom bobber.
We had purchased and installed a few different tail lights and this one is without a doubt the best!
Even running on a bright sunny day , the running light is very visible, the incorporated turn signals and the flashing brake light are awesome!
Highly recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade there tail light, for sure offers extra safety and was easy to wire in. Twisted throttle shipped this quick, great transaction. (Posted on 2017-12-08)
Review by Guest
Excellent LED light bar. Really improved my bike's visibility from behind.

Easy to install. The wire connects work very well. (Posted on 2017-06-20)
Review by Guest
I bought this light so I would have some additional visibility to other vehicles behind me. I have noticed that cars seem to give me a little extra room since I installed this light, so it appears to be working. The extra running lights are great and the brake light is very bright, I also love the progressive turn signals.

I got rained on for the first time yesterday and the light didn't' show any signs of water getting into it, and it worked great.

I would definitely recommend this to product. (Posted on 2017-06-15)
Review by Guest
This is the second Admore LED light bar I have purchased. The first went onto my BMW F650CS and the second on my wife's Honda Shadow 750. This product greatly enhances visability from the rear of the bike. This is especially true on the Honda with a light relocation kit. Now the rear lights are closer to eye level for the cages. (Posted on 2017-05-20)
Review by Guest
Great visual awareness from your 6.
However, the light causes a drain on the battery. Fully discharges a new battery in less than two weeks, when the bike is sitting and not being used in that time period.
When the light is disconnected, the battery drain does not occur.
Yes, could keep it on a trickle charger most of the time, but I should not have to. (Posted on 2017-04-17)
Review by Guest
A must have on the Suzuki 650 Vstrom! Would order again (Posted on 2017-03-17)
Review by Guest
This purchase was to replace a unit that was damaged on my bike after having it for about 2 years. I think it does a reasonable job of getting additional attention with the flashing brake light feature, and it isn't obnoxious. (Posted on 2017-02-16)
Review by Guest
Installed without a hitch on my 2006 Honda VFR800 despite the "tail tidy" once I found a wiring diagram, which took about 30 seconds. The mounting bracket could probably be attached right to a licence plate without any difficulty so don't let your disdain for fenders stop you from being more visible. AdMore Lighting customer support is top-notch, too! Total install time? About an hour including fiddling around with positioning. (Posted on 2016-11-08)
Review by Guest
Put this on an XT 250 to get away from the stock turn signals that take a beating trail riding. This light bar is well built and fairly easy to install with the included metal mounting bracket and sealed wire lead. (Posted on 2016-08-23)
Review by Guest
Definitely an easy install on my NC700X. Looks great, nice n bright and attention grabbing! (Posted on 2016-07-15)
Review by RhodeTrip
Installed on a 2015 Yamaha Super Tenere to improve visibility. I really like this product, I put one on my Victory Vision and now on the Yamaha. With all the distracted drivers you need something to help get their attention and I feel this does a good job to make that happen. (Posted on 2016-05-13)
Review by gpr
I have an AdMore LED Mini Light Bar on my 2011 BMW F650GS and have just added one to my (new-to-me) 2013 BMW F800GT. I wouldn't ride without such a thing. Great visibility of your slowing, stopping, turning intentions. Installation instructions are clear, even if sometimes it's tricky finding the right wires on the bike. (Posted on 2016-04-12)
Review by CB111
Significantly improves visibility from my 6.
Install is easy once the bikes wires are identified. (Posted on 2016-03-28)
Review by RodsXR
I was looking for daytime lighting to make my XR more visible in traffic. Anyway you cut, it the XR is a dirt bike with a skinny rear profile and weak tail/brake light. It can easily get lost in traffic. The AdMore light bar is perfect on this bike. WAY more visible from behind. I mounted it through the lower mounting holes of the stock XR license plate holder. I ran the wiring harness up through the taillight/fender channel following the stock wiring to the main lightning connectors on top of the air box where I tapped into them using the supplied connectors. Super easy. Grounded the unit directly to the frame ground at the same location. At 500 miles and counting, the lights are working perfectly and couldn't be happier. A number of guys have asked where I got it. Twisted Throttle all the way! (Posted on 2016-03-17)
Review by James
I've been searching for a solution to increase the visibility of my bike (Yamaha Stryker 1300) for a few years now. In that time I have tried using a couple of different light systems, but nothing compares to the AdMore light bar. This thing is perfect. Not only is it super clean looking but it is also super bright. Could not be happier. (Posted on 2016-02-12)
Review by Lloyd
Upgraded from the previous version. These are quite bright and augment the stock BMW LED taillight nicely. Love the pulsing brake action - really seems to catch the eyes of trailing drivers.

Excellent support from the manufacturer. (Posted on 2015-11-02)
Review by twili
This is my second time buying Admore Lighting Led Mini Light Bar for my bike. It is very nice, and increases visibility from behind a lot. Also the leds look fantastic. The only problem is that I keep breaking it every 6 months. :) At first Admore sent me a free replacement. But after second, I feel like it not to right ask again, and ordered a new one. This time to prevent it broken, I'll strengthen it with sugru. (Posted on 2015-10-22)
Review by KLRKeith
Easy to install on the KLR 650. Really nice improvement in visibility. One thing, it is heavier than I thought. I bolted it to the license plate initially, but when trail riding, it vibrated and broke the plate! If not doing heavy duty trail riding the mount there would be Ok. If trail riding, I moved plate to rear fender and put admore where the plate used to be. Works awesome now. (Posted on 2015-10-21)
Review by Superfunkomatic
This is a very bright tail light along with integral turn signals and a brake light that provides a nice attention getting flash when the brakes are first pressed. But it is not annoying because when the brakes are released and immediately pressed again it doesn't do the flash, it just provides normal brake lights. My guess is that it times out for one minute before it does the flash sequence again. This is a really nice thought out feature. (Posted on 2015-06-21)
Review by Kiki
I just had this light bar installed on my new motorcycle. Had one on my previous machine as well. I feel confident that it's brightness helps motorists better see me, especially when I'm braking or turning. It also looks good. Only drawback: I'm unable to hook up the wiring myself; have to pay a shop to do so. (Posted on 2015-06-20)
Review by Irfrank
Installed on new BMW r12r. Wasn't able to get turn signals working correctly. New bike so Admore didn't have wiring diagram. Kept it anyway because I primarily wan't running and brake light functions. Progressive turn signals were confusing with stock signals anyway. Added brake light is a plus for safety. (Posted on 2015-05-12)
Review by chuck
I had no problems installing these lights.The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The flash sequence is a little too fast ,in my opinion.The sequencing turn signal is a clear advantage. (Posted on 2015-03-22)
Review by Jack
I bought this on recommendation from my wife. She said I needed to make myself more visible to other drivers. I couldn't be happier. (Posted on 2015-01-29)
Review by Ackmando
With patience the install was easy. Don't cut the given length with the unit. Just coil it up and stash it. It will come in handy when doing fender/light oriented work. In hindsight I would have spent the extra $5 for the smoked glass. I would have also gotten the longer unit. Flip on the emergency blinkers and watch the action. (Posted on 2014-11-26)
Review by citybiker
I'm pretty handy with mechanical and electronic things but this install has stumped me. The instructions barely give you any information and the website is not of any additional help. I'm going to have to take a half day off work to ring customer service and hope they can walk me through it. Super frustrating. (Posted on 2014-10-30)
Review by YuuuuuuuuuuuuuuP
What a great device to add. At first look it seemed very difficult to install but after I actually got started it was hard at all. I attached mine to the bottom on my license plate. You have to know where your tail lights are routed too. Once you find them you have to identify which ones are for the turn signals, stop light, running light, and ground. Once you figure all that out you use the "posi-taps" and tap into them without having to disconnect anything. Overall, I think this is a great addition to your bike. (Posted on 2014-10-01)
Review by Dino
I bought this light about a month ago, and only got around to installing it yesterday, simple install and in my garage, really bright, today four of us went for a roughly 200km ride, we had to make a early gas stop for one of the guys and it started, they were all impressed with the brightness of the brake light and liked the effect of the added turn signal, overall I would say a great product and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone, you can never have enough visibility. (Posted on 2014-09-11)
Review by Bigboy61
I let my Yamaha service techs install this item while my bike was in for its normal service.
It is one of the many farkles that I am glad that I had installed. It really aids, in conjunction with your rear brakes, an extra level for cagers to see you during turning and stopping.
The extra Admore lights have proven to be a great assets for any motorcycle! (Posted on 2014-09-02)
Review by Patrick
This is the second Admore LED light bar I have purchased. The first went onto my BMW F650CS and the second on my wife's Honda Shadow 750. This product greatly enhances visability from the rear of the bike. This is especially true on the Honda with a light relocation kit. Now the rear lights are closer to eye level for the cages. (Posted on 2014-08-15)
Review by Guest
I've been searching for a solution to increase the visibility of my bike (Yamaha Stryker 1300) for a few years now. In that time I have tried using a couple of different light systems, but nothing compares to the AdMore light bar. This thing is perfect. Not only is it super clean looking but it is also super bright. Could not be happier. (Posted on 2014-08-08)
Review by frankenbeemer
The quality and ease of installation on my 2013 R1200gs was first rate. Very satisfied and have already recommended this product to many of my friends who also ride. (Posted on 2014-08-06)
Review by Markst1100
Quality product! Works great!
Was an easy install on my ST-1100, took less than an hour. (Posted on 2014-07-29)
Review by Mr_Canoehead
Great addition - really adds to rear visibility and with the FJR wiring harness, no cutting or taps required on my Gen 2 FJR. (Posted on 2014-07-07)
Review by Anonymous
Any time a bike is hit the number one response from the car is I did not see him/her. Add this item and they will see you at least from behind... (Posted on 2014-07-07)
Review by Anonymous
This has been a good addition to my fjr, very bright and give additional visibility both day and night. The one knock is wow it is Great quality, but Admore sure is proud of their stuff.. (Posted on 2014-07-07)
Review by Aaron
Definitely an easy install on my NC700X. Looks great, nice n bright and attention grabbing! (Posted on 2013-12-25)
Review by christopher
Very easy install and quite a bit brighter than my stock tail light. The signals and brake light really grab your attention from the rear. (Posted on 2013-09-05)
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