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SW-MOTECH Black Aluminum Engine Guard Skidplate for Kawasaki KLR650 '87-'07 | Black

SKU: MSS.08.347.10000.B



Constructed of a 4mm-thick aluminum body that is bent and welded for heavy-duty, light-weight protection. The base of the body includes side protectors that wrap around the engine block to provide both bottom and side protection.

Special Note: This item fits the KLR650 '87-'07 with or without SW-MOTECH Crash Bars. If you would like a skidplate with a little more protection and you will not install a set of crashbars you can order Part # MSS.08.347.10001. You will NOT be able to install a set of crashbars with MSS.08.347.10001.

Video review of the Twisted Throttle Kawasaki KLR 650 Demo Bike:

All hardware needed to mount the skidplate is included. Typically installs using basic hand tools. No welding, cutting, or drilling of existing frame or body parts required. Designed to work with OEM components -- we cannot assure fit with aftermarket exhausts or other accessories.

The infamous KLR650 "Doohickey" (the left-side balancer chain tension adjuster) is accessible with the skidplate installed.

The skidplate's front mounting point is hinged so that the skidplate can be pivoted out of the way after releasing the two rear skidplate mount bolts. This makes maintenance and oil changes much faster than with our competitor's non-hinged skidplates.

Produced exclusively for Twisted Throttle by SW-MOTECH.

*Pictured with silver plate, actual product is black.


KLR 650 Crash Protection Fitment Compatibility

KLR 650 '08-'15 Crash Bars Skid Plate Center Stand
SBL.08.297.10002 RG.AB0014 GiviTN421 MSS.08.347.10001 MSS.08.469.10000 HPS.08.364.100 HPS.08.473.10000
Crash Bars SBL.08.297.10002       No Yes Yes Yes
RG.AB0014.BK       Yes Yes Yes Yes
Givi TN421       Yes Yes Yes Yes
Skid Plate MSS.08.347.10001 No Yes Yes     Yes Yes
MSS.08.469.10000 Yes Yes Yes     Yes Yes
Center Stand HPS.08.364.100 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes    
HPS.08.473.10000 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes    








KLR 650 '86-'07 Crash Bars Skid Plate Center Stand
SBL.08274.100 SBL.08297.10001 SBL.08297.10002 MSS.08347.10001 MSS.08347.10000 MSS.08469.10000 HPS.08321.100
Crash Bars SBL.08274.100       Yes Yes Yes Yes(W/ HW)*
SBL.08.297.10001       Yes Yes Yes Yes(W/ HW)*
SBL.08.297.10002       No Yes Yes Yes
Skid Plate MSS.08.347.10001 Yes Yes No       Yes
MSS.08.347.10000 Yes Yes Yes       Yes
Center Stand HPS.08.321.100 Yes(W/ HW)* Yes (W/ HW)* Yes Yes Yes  Yes  

**(W/ HW)** With HardWare kit (Free)

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Customer Reviews
Review by fishyerik
Bought this because it fit with SW-Motech crash bars. Really easy to install. Not as rugged (plate is thinner) as some other skid plates, but when combined with crash bars I think everything is well protected. (Posted on 15-04-10)
Review by motojerk
GIt this to go along with the crash bars. Very happy with the quality. Mounted very easily and actually gives you access to the drain plug. (Posted on 15-03-01)
Review by marvinsc
Comparing this product to the OEM factory plastic version, it is superb in every way. This should provide protection in most any situation you and your KLR find yourselves. (Posted on 14-12-31)
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