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Mefo Ice Speedway Slick (ISW-F), Racing Only, Front 23 inch, Size 2.50-23, Not for Highway Use / Not DOT-approved, 48L, Tube Type Bias Ply Tire


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This Ice Speedway Tire is designed specifically for use racing on ice speedway surfaces and comes ready to be spiked. This tube-type front tire has a load and speed rating of 48L. This tire is not DOT-approved and is not safe for or intended for use on paved highways.

* Specific casing construction for Ice Speedway
* Uniquely designed rubber compound for easy "Spike-Movement"
* Incorporated positioning lines in the casing for perfect spike fitting

In the past, ice speedway racers just used standard soft knobby tires with the knobs cut off when they needed a tire for spiked racing. Now MEFO offers a new, unique front tyre for Ice-Speedway Sport which is famous in winter. This unique tire offers a perfect alternative for the "less-than-ideal" solution available at present. After a substantial development and testing phase for carcass stability and grip, MEFO developed a stable and stiff carcass with balanced compound especially for Ice-Speedway-Sports.

During professional testing the overall result has been extreme grip with stable handling into the curves of the ice rink helping to reduce lap times. The carcass surface is also hatched with lines and was judged by test driver Franky Zorn (Austria) as an optimum for spike positioning and grip.

The construction of the casing is continually being developed by MEFO and our "factory rider" Franky Zorn, who reached a considerable 3rd place in the Grand Prix World final score and found the connection to the top which is usually dominated by the Russian riders.

Matching rear tires and special tubes are also available from MEFO for Ice Speedway Sport use.
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