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SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock EVO Sidecarrier to fit Many Side Case Types for BMW F650GS '08-'12, F800GS '08-'16 & F700GS '13-'16

SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock EVO Sidecarrier to fit Many Side Case Types for BMW F650GS '08-'12, F800GS '08-'16 & F700GS '13-'16

SKU: KFT.07.559.20002.B

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The Quick-Lock EVO carrier is next generation of luggage carrier by SW-MOTECH. Same, great Quick-Lock design, with a more robust, tubular steel rack that has an even more narrow profile than the original sidecarrier! This carrier also features reinforced gussets where the arm joins the hoop for additional strength. The racks can be removed from the bike in less than 30 seconds without special tools by opening 3-4 quick-release fasteners on each side.

The black, powder-coated, tubular steel racks are compatible with luggage cases from GIVI (Monokey system)TraX ALU-BOXPelicanMicatech V2, Kappa, Shad, Hepco-Becker, Krauser, and more. Luggage-specific adapter kits are sold separately. 

When the racks are removed, only 3-4 small mounting tabs remain visible on either side of the bike. These mounting tabs are almost invisible, preserving the original visual appearance and size of your motorcycle. Required luggage-specific adapter kits are sold separately. In addition, optional key locks are available to lock the racks to the bike, with the key unlocking a pair of special quick-release fasteners which secure the racks on each side. 

  • Removable side carrier to use with almost every established motorcycle case
  • To mount and demount within seconds at barely visible fixing lugs, due to quick fasteners
  • Adaptable to TraX, Givi/Kappa, Krauser, Hepco & Becker and Shad cases by seperately available SW-MOTECH Side Carrier Adapter Kits
  • Made of oval tube, carefully constructed position close to the motorcycle
  • Highly functional and firm
  • Black powder-coated surface


  • QUICK-LOCK EVO Side Carrier
  • Mounting material
  • Mounting instructions


NOTE: This product will require relocation of the rear turn signals during installation. All necessary brackets, along with additional wiring, are included in the kit.

Overall width with racks: 570mm (22.5 inches)

Note: Fastening Kits are not required to mount these sideracks to your motorcycle. The Quick-Lock kits are keyed so you can take them on and off and have them locked when they are on your bike. The Hardbolt Kit is used if you don't want to take your sideracks off at all, as they are 'hard bolted' to your bike.

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Customer Reviews
Review by mike
Replaced the Vario Boxes with the SW Motech racks.
The kit was complete, instructions are pretty good but not the best ever.
Mounted without problems. (Posted on 2015-12-22)
Review by btd
Did a fair amount of research and selected the SW-Motech as it was one of the few that looked like it was made specifically for this bike and I've heard SW-Motech quality is pretty good.

- Powdercoated finish and welds looked pretty good and appear durable
- Utilizes factory mount locations
- Provides bike protection for the rear plastic shrouds and exhaust in the event of a tip over

- Poor fit, especially on the left side. After getting everything loosely assembled, I had to exert quite a bit of force to get the quick-lock pins to align for the left hand side. This took multiple attempts and some forcing, by hand, to get it to finally align well enough to get all 4 quick lock screws turned and set. I was quite disappointed by this alone, especially given the "German made" marketing angle. Given this is specifically made for this bike, I expected much better fit.
- The license plate holder needed some spacers and longer hardware to attach to the SW-Motech rear bracket, and this is not explained, nor are they provided, in the kit.
- Poor fit for one of the 4 bolts that attach the upper bracket to the factory mounts under the seat. 3 of the 4 fit fine, but one required some forward force on the bracket to get the bolt in. You can tell that the hole spacing is not as accurate as the factory grab handle that you remove, making one of the bolts difficult to get threaded. Again, expected a better fit for something made specifically for this bike.
- Seat does not fit back on when you've finished. The plastic tabs that slip under the metal "pins" (factory) at the rear interfere with the newly installed upper bracket. A little shaving of the plastic solves the problem but you shouldn't need to cut your brand new seat, when it fits fine with the factory grab handle bars installed, and this is not explained anywhere.
- The turn signals actually DO NOT need to be relocated. I wasted several hours relocating the signals, per the instructions, only to find out the side luggage racks do not even come close to interfering with the factory turn signal locations. This should be explained as an "option", perhaps for large metal boxes (which I do not plan to install).
- Turn signal relocation wiring is way too thick a gauge wire, making the fit inside the turn signal stalk poor, and making it very difficult to get the bulb housing back in. This also causes you to bend the terminals on the bulb socket to get everything squeezed back in. Completely unnecessary if the proper gauge wiring (same as factory) were provided. When I found out the signals DO NOT need to be relocated, I removed all of the large wiring and returned the stalk to the factory location, relieving the strain inside the bulb housing.
- Hardware provided is low grade metric 8.8 (equivalent to low US grade 5 "hardware store" material). For the price point, and the strength expected, metric grade 10.9 hardware should have been provided. It was discouraging to remove the nice factory BMW grade 10.9 Torx fasteners and replace it with this "hardware store" low grade 8.8 hex head hardware.

Given this is one of the only side rack luggage carrier options I found for this bike, I didn't have a lot of options, or else I would've returned it for something that fit better. I'm hoping it performs well going forward. The installation and fitment quality issues were very frustrating given the price point and the expectation that is set with the "German made" marketing. (Posted on 2015-01-09)
Review by Chuck
I purchased this to replace the Givi side case mounting racks. After having to bend some of the Givi rack mounting brackets to make the Givi racks fit I looked at the SW-Motech system and decided it looked like a better system than the Givi racks. I also wanted to install a Camel Fuel Tank and it was not compatible with the Givi racks.

The only problem with the installation was mounting the rear license plate bracket. The instructions did not seem to fit my 2013 BMW F800GS. I did figure out that there were hole in the license plate bracket that matched the SW-Motech bracket but the instructions showed using a different set of holes in the F800Gs bracket.

The SW-Motech racks are much stronger than the Givi racks and work very well with the Givi side cases. If you have or are getting a F800GS and plan on getting the Givi side cases I highly recommend getting the SW-Motech Quick-Lock Sidecarrier. (Posted on 2014-12-09)
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