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SW-MOTECH On-Road / Off-Road Footpegs For Aprilia SL750 Shiver '07-'15, BMW F800R '09-'14, F800GT '13-'16, Suzuki DL650 V-Strom '04-'15 / V-Strom 650XT '15-'16 & V-Strom 1000 '14-'16

SKU: FRS.05.011.10000.S

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The convertible footpeg system from SW-Motech allows you to replace your stock pegs with wider pegs at one of two heights, complete with a removable rubber pad for quick conversion from on to off-road applications! Bike-specific mount and set of footpegs with removable textured rubber foot pads included.

  • Attaches to original footpeg mount
  • Footpegs are made out of high-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Removable rubber pads reduce vibration
  • Larger than original footpegs
  • Textured surface on rubber pad provides superior traction
  • Footpeg mount is CNC-milled from high strength aluminum alloy
  • Height can be lowered 15mm from stock position
  • Convertible design great for both street and off-road riding
  • Pegs with rubber attached are 2 inches wide and 3 inches long

Note: On some motorcycle models, SW-MOTECH On-Road/Off-Road Footpegs will have a slight forward angle to allow for a more natural riding position.

Customer Reviews
Review by Superfunkomatic
I bought these to replace the OEM foot pegs on my 2015 DL650 V-Strom. They were very easy to install and definitely make standing up much easier. The rubber foot pad is easy to take off and on for off-road riding if you so choose. (Posted on 15-07-07)
Review by GeeeB
Easy to install & did not need to adjust the rear brake or the shifter. (Posted on 15-06-24)
Review by nwroadie
I bought these to replace the lame stock pegs on my '14 V-Strom, these bolted up nicely and with the slight forward roll, feel great both on the road and off. (Posted on 14-11-18)
Review by StromTrooper
I bought a set for my brother-in-laws bday and liked 'em so much I had to get a pair for myself.
The look really good on the bike and are much better than stock, IMO. Wide base and slight forward cant make for more comfortable riding, and with the rubber off the steel cleats offer rock solid grip, even when things get a bit muddy. I looked around lots before buying these and have been nothing but pleased. Very easy to install, too. (Posted on 14-09-10)
Review by runrun
Stock pegs on 2011 BMW F800R have poor traction, especially in wet, and I also wanted a larger peg surface area for better weight distribution -- I tend to get hot spots on the soles of my feet. Having the option of lowering the pegs a bit was also a plus.

Success on both counts.

Installation is a breeze, but two tips: When bolting the peg plate to the peg bracket adapter, don't fully insert the plate's locating thingy into the peg bracket. Use the bolt to draw the two together, otherwise it is very difficult to get the bolt started without first filing the peg plate. And grease the bracket before reassembly, as it is a very snug fit.

Only tiny negative is that the feeler bolt/hero blob from the stock peg doesn't fit, as the threaded hole in the new peg plate is too big. But nice little plugs for the hole are included. (Posted on 14-09-09)
Review by JCL
I like the extra width compared to stock. These have a slight pitch forward which makes it more comfortable when standing on pegs. These pegs look like they belong the bike. (Posted on 14-09-02)
Review by Robert
These are well made, install easily, and are way better under-boot than my stock pegs.
I wish there was even more drop, but with the rubbers off, you maximize drop and the contact area is stable and gives good grip. Very good overall, even if they didn't give some drop, they would be worth putting on over most stock pegs I bet. (Posted on 13-03-21)
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