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SW-MOTECH Left & Right Side mirror wideners for right/left-threaded M10 mirrors (Yamaha/Ducati), 30mm

SKU: SVL.00.504.101



If you're tired of seeing your own shoulders in your rearview mirrors, then these are for you! This pair of mirror wideners screw into the original mirror mount on your motorcycle heandlebars, providing a spacer between the base of the rearview mirror and the motorcycle's original mirror mount.

The height of the part itself is 38mm. The actual displacement will vary depending on the angle that the wideners are mounted onto the bike.

Fits the following bikes:


  • Multistrada 620 & 1000DS* (extension of mirror turn signal wires may be required on 2006 & later models)
  • Monster 900, -'99 (may also fit other Monster models)
  • Scrambler 803 '15

*Note: check the right-side mirror to confirm whether it's reverse threaded before ordering this product. Ducati has used both right-right and right-left threaded mirrors on this bike. If using right-right mirrors, use mirror widener part SVL.00.505.101.


  • FZ-09 '14-
  • FZ6, '04- (for European naked version only; not for faired North American FZ6)
  • FZ8 '11-
  • TDM900, '02-
  • XJR1300, '02-
  • MT-01, '05-
  • Majesty 400
  • WR250X
  • WR250R
  • XT250
  • XT1200Z Super Tenere
Customer Reviews
Review by bobZ
I installed the SW-Motech Mirror Wideners with the stock Yamaha mirrors. Previously without the wideners, the field of view in the mirrors revealed approximately 1/2 shoulder and 1/2 rear view. After a test ride, I was pleasantly surprised to see closer to 90% rear view and the rest shoulder!
One stumbling block was the right hand mirror / left hand threading. The provided allen head 10mm bolt "class of fit" tolerance was much tighter than the mirror shaft itself and the bolt would thread in a few turns, start to get tight as if I was cross threading it. I removed the lock nut from the mirror and used it to "loosen" up the threads on the provided 10mm left hand bolt, twisting almost as if I were cutting new threads. Then set about to advance that bolt into the mirror mount on the handlebars, cautiously turning as if I were "cutting threads", backing out frequently to make sure I wasn't stripping the threads.
All went well and I was happy to maintain the stock mirrors and gain the increased views. I was skeptical that a widener of 30mm would provide as much view as it did and I think from a safety standpoint, it was money well spent. (Posted on 14-07-16)
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