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SW-MOTECH Handlebar risers for select BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki, KTM LC4, Gas-Gas, Honda, MZ, Suzuki, Triumph & Yamaha | Rise height of 20mm, 25mm, 30mm or 50mm

SW-MOTECH Handlebar risers for select BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki, KTM LC4, Gas-Gas, Honda, MZ, Suzuki, Triumph & Yamaha | Rise height of 20mm, 25mm, 30mm or 50mm

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Handlebar risers (BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki, KTM LC4, Gas-Gas, Honda, MZ, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha), rise height of 20mm, 25mm, 30mm or 50mm - by SW-MOTECH-Black-30mm / 1.2 inches 5
Handlebar risers (BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki, KTM LC4, Gas-Gas, Honda, MZ, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha), rise height of 20mm, 25mm, 30mm or 50mm - by SW-MOTECH-Black-50mm / 2.0 inches 2

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Provides a more upright, comfortable riding position by raising the original 7/8" (22mm) diameter tubular handlebar.

These high quality bar risers increase comfort, look great, and are easy to install.

No need to replace your handlebars. Simply remove the original top clamp, place the riser between the handlebar and original bottom clamp, and install the top clamp using the included hardware. For use with original top clamp or included matching SW-MOTECH top clamp. Available in anodized silver or black.

Rise height available:
20mm (0.8"), 25mm (1"), 30mm (1.2"), or 50mm (2").
NOTE that not all riser heights will fit on every motorcycle. Contact us and we will help you select the best option.

No change of control cables, wiring, or hoses is required for most motorcycle models for 20mm, 25mm, or 30mm handlebar risers. HOWEVER: The installer should always check for adequate cable/wiring/hose slack after installing any handlebar riser!

Simply put, the amount of cable slack varies on factory bikes even within a single model and year, so while 99.9% of all bikes will not need adjustment of cables to install handlebar risers, you should ALWAYS check for adequate slack after installation.

Please follow all Torque Specifications! Failure to do this will void warranty. See installation instructions.

What's in the Box:

  • 1 pair of riser blocks 
  • 1 pair of top clamps
  • 2 sets of screws 

Please note:

  • 20 mm height risers include four M8x55 screws and four M8x60 screws.
  • 25mm height risers include four M8x60 screws and four M8x65 screws.
  • 30mm height risers include four M8x65 screws and four M8x70 screws.
  • 50mm height risers include four M8x90 screws.

Customer Testimonial: John G - I purchased the 30MM risers for my '09' KLR650 and they work great. I don't think I could have gone higher. The electrical leads were almost maxed out. I took a 250 mile road trip and the risers relieved the tension in my shoulders and upper back that I have had on long trips in the past. I would recommend these riser for serious riders.

This riser will fit your bike if:

(1) Your bar mounts are symmetrical and parallel;
(2) Your bars are 7/8" outer diameter;
(3) You have two M8 (8mm-diameter holes with standard M8 thread pitch) threaded holes in each of your two bar mounts; and
(4) The distance between the two holes in a single bar mount is 31-37mm on center. The distance between the two bar mounts is not a factor.

These handlebar risers will only fit standard handlebar mounts that are symmetrical and perpendicular to each other; as such, these handlebar risers will not fit the Kawasaki Z1000, Kawasaki Z750S, or any other motorcycle with asymmetrical handlebar mounts.
If your handlebar mounts don't look similar to those pictured on this page, please contact us before ordering to confirm that the item will fit your bike.

NOTE that not all riser heights will fit on every motorcycle. Contact us and we will help you select the best option.

Confirmed fit list:

Pegaso 650, -'00

F650 Funduro, -'00 (does NOT fit F650GS models)
F650/ST, -'00 (does NOT fit F650GS models)
F800ST, '07- (20, 25, or 30mm rise height)
R80GS/ST, '80-'87
R1150GS (extension of front brake hose required)
R1150GS Adventure
R1150R Rockster
R1200RT, '05-
K1100RS, '02-

Gran Canyon 900, '98-

Multistrada DS1000 and DS620 (requires add-on Ducati screw kit)

599 (CB600 Hornet, naked model)
919 (CB900 Hornet, naked model)
NT700V Deauville
ST1100, '91-'94 (silver) (cannot use with stock handlebar plastic cover)
ST1100, '95- (black) (cannot use with stock handlebar plastic cover)
All Nighthawk models

Eliminator 125
ER6F Ninja 650R, '06-'08
KLR650A '87-07
KLR650E '08- Up to 30mm without changing cables.
Versys 1000 '12-
Vulcan 750
ZR 750 Zephyr
ZRX1200R (control cable extensions may be required)
DOES NOT FIT Z1000 or Z750S!
DOES NOT FIT '09- Ninja 650!

LC4 with tubular 7/8" diameter handlebars (measure hole distance before ordering)


DL650 V-Strom, '04- (non-ABS)
DL650 V-Strom, '04- (ABS model requires an upper front brake line extension for installation of risers larger than 20mm)
DL1000 V-Strom, '02-
DR650SE, '96-
GS500E '90-'06
GSF600 & GSF600/S Bandit, all years
GSF650 & GSF650/S Bandit, all years
GSF1200 & GSF1200/S Bandit, all years
GSF1250 Bandit '07-'16
SV650N, -'02 (not for SV650S faired model)
SV650N, '03- (not for SV650S faired model)
SV1000N, '03- (not for SV1000S faired model) 

Adventurer 900
Bonneville 800
Legend TT 900
Scrambler 865, '07
Tiger 1050, '07-
Tiger 955i, ’01-'06
Tiger 900, -‘01
Trident 750 & 900
Speed Triple 750, 900, 955i
Speed Triple 1050, '-07 (note: a rise height of more than 20mm requires a brake extension) 2008 and later model has 28mm bars and will not work with these risers
Street Triple 675, '08-'10 the Street Triple "R" model has 28mm bars and will not work with these risers

Note: Triumph bikes require optional screw kit that are 5mm shorter than those packed with the "universal" kit, which contains four M8x65 and four M8x70 screws.

FZ1, '01-'05 - no extension needed
FZ1, '06-'10
FZ6, '04-'10
FZ8, '11- (20mm rise height only)
V-Max 1200, -'07

Customer Reviews
Review by Loco Gringo
The 20 mm risers are awesome on the Dl 650 with ABS. I'm 5 11' and they add a lot of comfort. The difference is well worth the money your arms and your back and shoulders with thank you. The quality of the product is great. (Posted on 16-05-22)
Review by Flaco
FZ8 only allows for these before all new lines are needed. May make the switch later but will work for now (Posted on 16-02-09)
Review by Drz
I am 6' 3" abd these handle bars risers make a huge difference when standing on the pegs. I don't feel like I am hunched over the bars anymore.

For my Drz 400s I kept the old top mount brackets and used them with two new bolts to attach the ignition, as the bar risers top bracket was slightly rounded. (Posted on 16-01-28)
Review by Big D
I bought the 20mm risers for a 2015 vstrom 650. really nice quality, but I ended up having to buy the bar backs to get comfortable. My mistake, twisted throttle was great to deal with. (Posted on 15-11-18)
Review by Cliff
Good quality, look good on the Vstrom 650. Improved riding position, more comfortable. Definitely an improvement. (Posted on 15-09-15)
Review by Edmoney
I installed the risers on my TU250X about a month ago and have been very pleased with the results. 1 inch is plenty of height and is the maximum that my cables will allow me to go. Even though the style doesn't perfectly match my "dashboard", it blends in perfectly well. (Posted on 15-08-11)
Review by thebaldguy
These little extensions are very necessary if you are off-road alot. I am 5'10" and when I stand on my pegs to handle the rough stuff the bars were always a little to short to stand with a firm grip on the handles. With this short little extension I can grip solid.
This add-on is not necessary for most street riding but essential for off-road riding. It bolts on easily in just a couple of minutes (takes longer to readjust the mirrors properly than to install the extension). I recommend this on to all my off-road riding KLR friends. (Posted on 15-06-30)
Review by Brock29609
Quality item at reasonable price. I've heard BMW brake lines can vary in length, and maybe I was dealt a short one, but my stock line was a hair too short for the 25 mm risers. (Posted on 15-06-21)
Review by Superfunkomatic
I am a tall rider and on long rides would experience neck and shoulder discomfort. Adding the SW-MOTECH handlebar risers gave me the subtle rise height that I needed. Very easy to install, no cable adjustment worries and blend in well with my bike's hardware. The bolt caps are a nice touch, too. Adds to a finished look! (Posted on 15-06-20)
Review by cmack
30mm rise did not require any rerouting of cables/lines (Posted on 15-05-20)
Review by lepere13
I purchased the 1.2 bar risers for my 650 V Strom. A small change but with amazing results. An already comfortable ride has been transformed into a mile eating machine. The increase in leverage makes turning effortless. I feel like a genius. (Posted on 15-04-21)
Review by agtheokie
Went perfect on my 2013 fz8 to adapt fz1 flat bars to the bike. You need the .08 (20mm) risers so master will clear. I chose black, as i had painted the bars black. Great fit, close tolerance which is very nice. (Posted on 15-03-16)
Review by jer
I bought the 0.8 inch bar risers for my 2013 Yamaha FZ8, this seems to be the biggest you can get with stock brake lines, etc. It went on easy and it seems to be helpful. I have problems with my left arm so any less of a reach would be helpful for that. It's not so much of a change that I expect anyone would notice it. (Posted on 14-12-03)
Review by wl7cpa
I put this on my 2013 Gladius SFV650A Suzuki. They work great. Any taller and I think cables would not go right, have to replace or lengthen. (Posted on 14-09-24)
Review by LarryG
Easy 10 minute install. Perfect addition with my street fighter handlebars. NO NEED to purchase longer screws, the riser kit comes with perfect fit hardware. Great purchase! (Posted on 14-08-27)
Review by Anonymous
Easy Install and just the right realignment of the bar (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by a1b2c3
Fit right on without any mods to wiring or cables. It is amazing what a difference 1-inch makes when riding standing up. Be careful not to buy a set of bolts you don't need. (Posted on 14-07-07)
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