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SW-MOTECH Handlebar Riser Bar Backs & Top Clamps for Motorcycles | Pair - 31mm Rise & 22mm Pullback

SW-MOTECH Handlebar Riser Bar Backs & Top Clamps for Motorcycles | Pair - 31mm Rise & 22mm Pullback

SKU: LEH.00.039.152

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This set of SW-MOTECH Handlebar riser bar backs and top clamps provides a more upright, comfortable riding position by raising and retracting the original 7/8" (22mm) diameter tubular handlebar. No need to replace your handlebars - simply remove the original top clamp, place the riser between the handlebar and original bottom clamp, and install the replacement top clamp using included hardware. Barbacks increase handlebar height by 31mm and move them back 22mm, producing an overall handlebar displacement of 35.4mm (1.4") at a 45 degree angle from the original position.

This product has replaced LEH.00.039.132 and LEH.00.039.133 and offers a superior powdercoated finish while fitting a wider range of bikes.

When installed, there may be a slight gap between the bar riser and the top clamp. This gap allows the top clamps to be torque-tightened onto the bar riser to prevent the bar from spinning.

No change of control cables, wiring, or hoses is required for most motorcycle models for normal 20mm to 30mm handlebar risers, HOWEVER:

Barbacks offer significant additional displacement of the handlebars and are more likely to require modification of cable/wiring/hose slack after installation than are standard handlebar risers.

The installer should always check for adequate cable/wiring/hose slack after installing any handlebar riser!

Simply put, the amount of cable slack varies on factory bikes even within a single model and year due to slight differences in the way the lines/cables are routed through the bike. While 99.9% of all bikes will not need adjustment of cables to install handlebar risers, you should ALWAYS check for adequate slack after installation.

Available in powdercoated silver (s) or black (b).

Please follow all Torque Specifications to the letter Failure to do this will void warranty.

Read the review by WebBikeWorld!

Confirmed fit list:

Pegaso 650, -'00

F800ST (the fork brake cable stay and cable ties must be temporarily removed during installation)(ABS models will require brakeline extension) 
F650 Funduro, -'00 (does NOT fit F650GS models)
F650/ST, -'00 (does NOT fit F650GS models)
R80GS/ST ('80-'87)
R1150GS (extension of front brake hose required for 30mm riser)
R1150GS Adventure
R1150R Rockster
R1200RT, '05-
K1100RS, '02-

Multistrada DS1000 and DS620

599 (CB600 Hornet, naked model)
919 (CB900 Hornet, naked model)
All Nighthawk models
NT700V ABS: Move the front brake hose clamp on the top triple tree down 1.5 inches.

Eliminator 125
ER6F Ninja 650R, '06-'08
KL250 Super Sherpa, '09-
Vulcan 750
ZR 750 Zephyr
ZRX1200R (control cable extensions may be required)
DOES NOT FIT Z1000 or Z750S!
DOES NOT FIT '09- Ninja 650!

LC4 with tubular 7/8" diameter handlebars (measure hole distance before ordering)


DL650 V-Strom, '04- (non-ABS)
DL650 V-Strom, '04- (ABS model requires an upper front brake line extension for installation of barbacks)
DL1000 V-Strom, '02-'15 ('14-'15 ABS)
DR650SE, '96-
GSF600 & GSF600/S Bandit, all years
GSF650 & GSF650/S Bandit, all years
GSF1200 & GSF1200/S Bandit, all years
GSX650F, '08- (One of our customers has confirmed that these barbacks will fit this bike without any cable modification.)
SV650N, -'02 (not for SV650S faired model)
SV650N, '03- (not for SV650S faired model)
SV1000N, '03- (not for SV1000S faired model)

Adventurer 900
Bonneville 800
Legend TT 900
T3 Classic
Tiger 955i, ’01-'06
Tiger 900, -‘01
Trident 750 & 900
Trophy 900 & 1200
Speed Triple 750, 900, 955i
Speed Triple 1050, '-07 (note: a rise height of more than 20mm requires a brake extension) 2008 and later model has 28mm bars and will not work with these risers
Street Triple 675, '08-'10 the Street Triple "R" model has 28mm bars and will not work with these risers

FZ1, '01-'05 - John Sawyer has confirmed for us that this riser fits without cable modification. Tilt the bars forward when seating the bar in the riser to get some extra slack, then tilt the bars back into driving position. Cable ties may need to be removed during installation.
FZ1, '06-'08
FZ6, '04-
V-Max 1200, -07

*Some Triumph models may need two additional M8x20 short-head attachment screws for attachment to handlebar mounts.

These handlebar risers will only fit standard handlebar mounts that are symmetrical and perpendicular to each other; as such, these handlebar risers will not fit the BMW F650GS, Kawasaki Z1000, Kawasaki Z750S, or any other motorcycle with asymmetrical handlebar mounts.

This riser will not fit bikes with oversize (1" or 28mm diameter) handlebars, such as the KTM LC8 Adventure 950.

If your handlebar mounts don't look similar to those pictured on this page, please contact us before ordering to confirm that the item will fit your bike.

While installation of these barbacks is possible on many bikes, such installation sometimes requires rerouting or extending the original hoses or cables.

This riser will fit your bike if:

(1) Your bar mounts are symmetrical and parallel;
(2) Your bars are 7/8" outer diameter;
(3) You have two M8 (8mm-diameter holes with standard M8 thread pitch) threaded holes in each of your two bar mounts; and
(4) The distance between the two holes in a single bar mount is 31-37mm on center. The distance between the two bar mounts is not a factor.

LEH.00.039.113 barbacks have outside top dimensions of 52mm L x 20mm W. Hole spacing in the base is 25mm (inside-to-inside diameter) and 45mm (outside-to-outside diameter).

LEH.00.039.123 top clamps have outside dimensions of 52mm L x 20mm W x 21mm H. Hole spacing in the top clamp is 25mm (inside-to-inside diameter) and 45mm (outside-to-outside diameter).

Kit includes:
- barbacks (1 pair)
- top clamps (1 pair)
- four M8x30 screws
- four M8x25 screws .

Please follow all Torque Specifications to the letter Failure to do this will void warranty.

Customer Reviews
Review by NY Rider
I just returned from a cross country trip where I put 4,800 miles on my 2014 Suzuki V-Strom 1000. I tried to install 2" risers, but didn't have sufficient cable to pull it off. These risers were the next best option. Installation was super easy. It literally took me 17minutes to install. With two people it probably takes LT 10 minutes. The risers worked well too. They raised the bar and pushed them back toward me too. This mad the ride much more relaxed by taking a little pressure off my arms and back. (Posted on 16-07-02)
Review by Some Guy on a Bike
A definite improvement for me after installing on a GSX650F. Puts hands and posture in a more neutral position so there is less pressure on the wrists and shoulders. Glad I ordered them! (Posted on 16-05-25)
Review by Guest
I had installed a set of standard SW-Motech risers and they were ok...but I still felt like I was reaching too far forward. I was look at a set of Rok Risers, but I didn't like the way they were mounted. Lo and behold, SW-Motech comes out with these beauties.
Install was super easy; 10 minutes tops. No issues with stock cable lengths. Fit & finish is top notch.
The best part? Now my bike fits perfect. No more aching shoulders or stiff elbows. There is still enough lift to be comfortable when standing up on the pegs.
Just another quality product from SW-Motech and Twisted Throttle. You guys rock!!! (Posted on 16-04-27)
Review by Jeffro206
Looked at several different risers and bar back sets, either didn't like the way they mounted or the rise was too high or far back to keep the cables and hoses stock. These mounted very well and didn't have to change anything else. Took quite a bit of pressure off my wrists when riding long distances. (Posted on 16-04-12)
Review by marvin
makes riding so much more comfortable.just as advertised (Posted on 16-03-07)
Review by Rand
The Honda NT700V is a great bike, but the bars are a bit low and forward to be comfortable for me on an all day ride. These work perfectly! No more lower back pain no matter how many miles! (Posted on 16-02-29)
Review by jtbl
Need a rise and setback. This "universal" version fit my V7II bolt spacing and did not require changes to any cables on my bike. Just unbolt the existing bracket, have someone hold the bars while you fit the riser. Use some blue Loctite and torque to spec. (Posted on 16-02-02)
Review by Strom rider
Advertised as exact fit. It does fit the handlebar, but does not allow the ignition switch to properly mount on the top clamp as the clamp is rounded with recessed nolt holes. (Posted on 16-01-19)
Review by Patsfun62
Put these on my 2014 V Strom 1000 Adventure. Brake and clutch lines are very tight even with the ties and stays removed when moving the bars full left and right. May at least buy an aftermarket brake line in the future. (Posted on 16-01-13)
Review by Cresty
Installed on a 2014 Honda CB 1100, no installation problems. Wish it was available in chrome, but the silver blended well with existing chrome. (Posted on 15-09-12)
Review by Fauster
There's not much to say other than the machining of these riser barbacks was very and tgoodhe fit was perfect on my R1150R Rockster. The instructions were fine although installation was pretty straightforward. They look good, they fit, and they performed their intended use. There is less pressure on my hands and handling was not compromised. And I was still able to mount my SW-MOTECH accessory mount onto the top clamp. I'm happy. (Posted on 15-08-29)
Review by Waterbuffalo74
Installed these on my 2007 Suzuki V-Strom 650 to make and handlebars highers, and to move them further away from me. Much better placement for the handlebars when I'm standing on the pegs, and when I'm sitting also more comfortable. (Posted on 15-07-08)
Review by ken
i picked these up for my bike and yes ,they made a world of difference .they are easy to install with 'some' cable manipulation, I moved the hand controls in about a 1/4" on both sides, there is still a bit of tightness on one of the electrical cables at a full turn but the bars still lock and under normal riding conditions I don't see an issue. yes they're a hundred bucks but....worth it ! now if I can only find a 500 mile seat. ha!! (Posted on 15-06-10)
Review by Dave
I just traded my 08 VStrom (DL 1000) on the 2015 model. I pretty much had my farkling done but was looking for a solution to get the handlebars up and back. The 2015 is different in that the front brake setup goes from hose at the reservoir to a steel union at the fender affording very little slack to add bar back/risers. The clutch is about the terms of very little little extra room to work. found these bar backs that worked without having to change any hoses/cables. There is a very nice write up about this part on their site. I installed these and they worked perfectly.....I just removed the keepers under the fairing for a bit more slack. This was a huge deal......saved a whole lot of work. The part is high quality....SW expected. I hope this part gets listed specifically for the V2. (Posted on 15-06-10)
Review by Belrix
I installed these Barbacks on my 2012 Honda NC700X and they moved the handlebars up and back to provide a very comfortable ride!

I did have to re-position the front brake line hose a little to provide enough slack, not a big deal at all. (Posted on 15-05-14)
Review by AtomicWoodworker
Bought this riser/barback set to alleviate forward pressure on my hands at the grips of my VStrom 1000. Works exactly as advertised. Allows to ride more upright and even helps me stand up more comfortably. Great product for the price.

The only thing to watch out for are the RHS brake and throttle cables. Once installed, there is virtually no slack left in either one. Recommend loosening or repositioning a few of the cable brackets to give you more room to maneuver. (Posted on 15-05-07)
Review by Superfunkomatic
The product was just as advertised. Came in the mail quickly. (Posted on 15-04-29)
Review by Rocketman2300
Well made and great fit. Came with all the hardware and easy instructions. (Posted on 15-03-28)
Review by kuyohtay
Unfortunately, I entered my 2009 Ducati MTS 1100S and these came up. They don't fit the large diameter tapered bars. Also, for the money, quality is just below average. If they fit, they would be functional, but the powder coating was thick and drippy. The castings are average. Should have been machined and anodized (black was my choice) Would not recommend unless you have no other choice. (Posted on 15-03-03)
Review by Anonymous
They're priced awfully high, but their construction seems very good. These did exactly what they're supposed to do - rise the bar and move it back. Unfortunately it seems that I didn't need either. I would love to return them but in my stupidity I lost a plastic cap to one of the bolts and now am stuck with a $96 hunk of aluminum. So make sure you actually need a riser/barback before you order. (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by Scottness
Great bar risers. The color matches well to the bike and it does exactly what it says it should… That said, the pressure on my hands wasn't effected enough and I've had to order something different to get the weight off my hands. If you are 5'6" or taller and are looking to alleviate pressure from your hands, this product isn't for you. Otherwise, it's awesome. (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by Robert
They're priced awfully high, but their construction seems very good. These did exactly what they're supposed to do - rise the bar and move it back. Unfortunately it seems that I didn't need either. I would love to return them but in my stupidity I lost a plastic cap to one of the bolts and now am stuck with a $96 hunk of aluminum. So make sure you actually need a riser/barback before you order. (Posted on 13-08-17)
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