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SW-MOTECH Crashbars/Engine Guards for Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 '12-'13

SKU: SBL.11.485.10000.B

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Constructed of heavy-duty mild steel, SW-MOTECH crashbars are designed to provide maximum protection, optical integration, and high-quality fit and finish.

All components are protected against corrosion by sandblasting and powdercoating. High-strength frame mounting points. Black.

Compatable with or without original Triumph lower crashbars installed.

Customer Reviews
Review by Anonymous
These bars just look like they belong on the TEX! And they provide a handy location for mounting Foot-pegs to stretch out should you be on a long straight boring stretch of road.
If there is anything that they could do to make it look more like OEM it would be to have a dull black finish Vs the shiny black. But I'm not complaining! (Posted on 14-07-08)
Review by fishy
The Explorer is a top heavy girl. Give her an inch of lean and she goes down on you :)..... Already put them to the test and they saved any damage and even the cheesy OEM panniers survived. Worth the investment and give you a GSA wannabe look.
Install needs an extra long socket extension with a 6pt 1/2 socket. Don't know for the street if you have to still use engine case guards but they work perfect with factory engine guards. Buy them (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by Anonymous
I've been off the bike for 3 months due to a shoulder surgery so it's been farkle time! The SW-Motech guards fit like a glove on my 2012 Tiger Explorer. The quality, fit, & finish are near perfect and they are a great addition to my OEM lower case guards. Some guys say they are a pain to install, but with the proper tools it only took me an hour and that's working with a bum shoulder. The gloss black didn't go well with the flat stovepipe black on my OE guards, so I did remove the lower bars & repainted them with gloss black then sprayed on a couple coats of matt clear on both sets of guards. They also look pretty sharp with the Barkbuster Storms I got from Twisted Throttle a couple of months ago. (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by John
While on a 2 hour trail ride in NM. A rain storm hit and the trail turned very muddy. This caused me to crash, the bike landed on the right side with not one scratch on the paint. I then proceed to drop the bike 10 more times on both side trying to ride out of the area. The mud became too much for the bike and I had to abandon it in the forest overnight. The next day I went back got the bike and drove it to a car wash. After being dropped 11 times I didn't have one scratch on the paint work or the crash bars for that matter. Money well spent, I am sorry to say that somewhere in the mud is one of my bolt on foot peg for the bars. (Posted on 13-08-01)
Review by Lloyd
I just installed these on my '12 TEX. They inspire confidence in the protection they will offer if the bike goes down. These things are made in Germany, incredible precision - when they come together in the middle it fits like a glove.

My bike came with the skid pan and the lower protection bars from the factory.

Highly Recommend !!! (Posted on 13-03-18)
Review by Stephen
Great crash bars!!!! Hope I never use them! :) I wanted upper and lower crash bars on my explorer! I felt the engine cases were a vulnerability. For this I installed the OEM crash guards.
These do well however the do not protect the upper portion of the bike....ummm, like radiator, tank and tank flare thingies.
Solution....ahhh, use both crash guards. They created their own symbiotic relationship!!!!
Twisted ROKZ....thanks guys!!!! (Posted on 12-12-11)
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