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SW-MOTECH Crashbars / Engine Guards For BMW F650GS '08-'12, F700GS '13-'15 & F800GS '08-'15

SKU: SBL.07.556.10000.B



Constructed of heavy-duty mild steel, SW-MOTECH crashbars are designed to provide maximum protection, aesthetic integration, and high-quality fit and finish.

All components are protected against corrosion by sandblasting and powdercoating. High-strength frame mounting points. Black.

Crashbar includes a built-in M10 hole for mounting a set of MFW Footpegs. Requires M10 Footpeg Joint Kit.

Constructed of 27 mm outer-diameter mild steel tubing.

Customer Reviews
Review by JimBobRob
Be mindful of using the correctly sized spacers during install. I also added some purchased spacers on the main engine bolt (top) to avoid body contact when install was finished. All bolts lined up well, and overall the install went well. Very happy with the final product - does not stick out too much, but also does not contact the body panels. (Posted on 15-03-03)
Review by Gs_rrmotorrad
My pre-requisite was to buy something German to appreciate their precision. Quite disappointment when I discover, missing page of instruction, was giving me a run-around between tools, took longer then expected installation. Furthermore, the sizing of bolts and space what has wrttien didn't really match up correctly, add insult to injury, it was missing a spacer to install the cross bar between left and right crash bar. Truly would suggest the find alternatives for people when they select other brands for consideration. (Posted on 15-02-09)
Review by btd
Liked the powdercoated black finish which matches the factory frame paint well. Bars integrate well with lines and shape of the bike, while offering good protection. Installed fairly easily and fit was pretty good. The left side crossbar attachment point was a little off, and required some light force to get it to align so the bolt could be threaded through. All other fasteners matched up nicely.

The biggest con with this purchase was that, especially for the price point, low grade metric 8.8 hardware is provided. This is equivalent to low US grade 5 hardware that you get at a typical hardware store. Especially given the importance of strength for these crash bars, I would've expected higher grade 10.9 metric hardware. Additionally, it was disappointing to remove the nice looking factory 10.9 Torx hardware, especially the large bolts that are quite visible on this "naked" bike, and replace them with this lower grade 8.8 standard hex head hardware.

Otherwise though a nice product that looks good on the bike (except for the visible hardware). (Posted on 15-01-09)
Review by Amr
I bought the subject Crushbars/Engine Guard a few weeks ago and I recieved the shippment within few days; the engine guard is very well designed and looks like an integrated part of the bike, it did not change or hide the original look of the bike. The bike looks amazing and butiful and you cannot even notice that a new part is added to the bike. Thanks god the bike hasn't been dropped but I feel it will be very well protected. One thing I would change is the instructions, it should be specific for the bike and not include more than one bike, it took long time to identify the parts. (Posted on 14-12-03)
Review by kzf700gs
While I don't intend on dropping the F700GS, these crash bars will be the first to interface. One of the first upgrades I had planned on, and after much research & reading about others' experiences and likes I decided on the SW Motech bars. Relatively easy on the pocket book.

Upon receiving the package, I checked all parts against the list and made sure I'd have the necessary tools. I suggest that you read the instructions through completely before any removal/ installation work. Bars are of quality construction, design, and were quite easy to install: removal of two bolts, and everything else you need is in the package. You will have extra spacers and bolts, as this kit has everything needed for installing on different bikes. It is fairly easy to separate out what is needed for your bike & what isn't, but plan an extra 10 minutes to verify.

They look great on the bike, provide possibilities for LED lighting mounts later, don't stick out far from the bike & look like extensions of the bike's design.

Overall a great product, and am very happy with them. (Posted on 14-12-03)
Review by DCHagan2
My F800GS fell over on the right side from the center stand (sunk into the asphalt). The only damage was scratches on the engine guard and broken plastic on the hand guard. A must have to protect your investment! (Posted on 14-10-04)
Review by Zauzogbo
Fits perfectly.
Blends with bike as tubes are same size and color as frame.
Gives a more balanced look to front of bike.
Instructions somewhat messy.
Welding not up to par with BMW's frame. (Posted on 14-08-27)
Review by Anonymous
Very happy with the SW-MOTECH Crashbars. They are very well made and fit well, The only thing I would change would be the instructions which include more than one bike. Not real clear due to sizes of screws and spacers being close in size, and you don't use all. Still a great product. (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by Hal
I decided to go with the SW -Motech
crash bars because of the protection I thought they would provide . Let me tell you , 1 week after I installed the bars, the bike went down on it's right side
Not ONE SCRATCH ! ( the right bar has a couple of marks from the asphalt .
These bars will ABSOLUTELY protect your new F700GS - take it from someone who knows ! (Posted on 13-05-20)
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