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SW-MOTECH Convertible 12-Volt Plug For Use In Both Car Cigarette Lighter Sockets And BMW/Euro-Style Sockets.

SKU: EMA.00.107.11800



This fused plug fits both your car's cigarette lighter socket AND your motorcycle's BMW/Euro-style socket, and can be used to replace the original plug on any 12-volt device without an integrated transformer. Perfect for replacing a car-only 12-volt plug or alligator clip connectors so that the device can be used in both your car and motorcycle.

Simply cut off the original plug from your 12-volt device, strip 1/4" from the wire ends, and insert the exposed wires into the two screw-fastened wire contacts in the plug. Contains an integrated replaceable micro-fuse. This item should NOT be used to replace plugs of 12-volt devices that have a voltage transformer built into the plug (such as many cell phone and GPS chargers).
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