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SW-MOTECH Centerstand Suzuki DL650 V-Strom '12-'15

SKU: HPS.05.764.10000.B



The must-have accessory for sport-touring! Greatly eases basic chain maintenance, tire changes, parking, and bike cleaning. Super-strong steel construction features typical German design and high engineering standards. Superb integration with the factory exhaust and sidestand components -- retain all existing features without sacrificing lean angle or clearances.

All hardware needed to mount the centerstand included. Typically installs using basic hand tools. No welding, cutting, or drilling of existing frame or body parts required. Tough black powdercoated finish with some gray fittings or hardware as applicable. A double-retention spring is included as a safety feature to prevent the centerstand from contacting pavement if one of the two springs should fail during a ride. Designed to work with OEM components -- we cannot assure fit with aftermarket exhausts or other accessories.

Special Note: This centerstand does not fit the '04-'10- DL650. For the '04-'11 V-strom centersatnd please order HPS.05.257.100.

  • Will fit with Touratech skidplate.
  • Does not fit with the Hindle Exhaust System, part number VS650HSS.


Special Note: We do not recommend installing centerstands on bikes with a lowered rear suspension because use on a lowered bike may result in:

  • Ground clearance & cornering clearance problems
  • Difficulty in lifting the lowered bike onto the centerstand
Customer Reviews
Review by Curt
Great add on to my V-Strom. Easy to install if you lay your parts out on the parts list provided. Probably took 30-45 mins. Did not need the spring tool, since a good screwdriver works well. The hardest part was learning how to get the bike up on the centerstand. Once you get the idea that you need to put all of your weight on the stand, the bike goes up on its own. Took a few times to figure it out. It made cleaning and tightening my chain so much easier. This should be stock on V-Stroms-come on Suzuki! (Posted on 15-03-12)
Review by wrightpwx
Purchased stand for a new '14 V-strom 650. Stand was very well made and comes with clear instructions. A few tips to help out during installation:
1. Fine threaded bolts can get cross threaded easily- run bolt through hole before installation to clean out the threads.
2. Right side bracket tolerance for the two mounting holes is very tight, be careful during installation (see number 1 above, you may want to ream the holes out a little if you have problems getting the bolts started)
3. Upper Allen bolt on right side cannot be tightened using a normal Allen wrench. You will need a long ball head wrench to tighten the bolt. If you have a socket drive Allen bit you may be able to remove the bit and turn it with a regular crescent wrench.
4. The double spring is very stiff but you can easily install it with brake spring pliers. (Posted on 15-01-20)
Review by JJHH
I did a lot of internet research on center stands for my 2014 Suzuki Vstrom 650 and settled on the SW-Motech stand. The stand is top quality and the instructions are detailed and clear. You may want to read through them completely a couple of times before starting. It will also make the job easier if you CAREFULLY examine all the pieces and fasteners and sit each piece on its corresponding picture on the parts list. This way, as you go through the installation instructions, you can easily grab the EXACT piece you need, as there are several different fastener and sizes of spacers.Take your time and you will love the result. It is easy to get the bike up on the center stand, even for us older guys! (Posted on 14-12-28)
Review by tomkioti
Why the vstrom doesnt come with a center stand is beyond me. This one was easy to install and works great. Twisted throttle was super fast in getting it to me. Next day for free. Really? (Posted on 14-12-04)
Review by actiongarrett
I bought this product after oiling my chain once without a stand of any kind. lots of rolling the bike around. I was seriously considering purchasing a track stand, but it seemed like it would take up more room in the garage and be more difficult to use by myself.

I only had one issue with installation (cross-threaded the forward/bottom bolt on shifter side behind the foot peg) not a lot of clearance for a socket allen. I would suggest starting the bolt with an allen key, and torquing it with the socket once it is fully in. I was able to to fix the issue by driving a shorter bolt from the other side to straighten the threads. This was in no way caused by the stand, but by the location of the predrilled hole on the Strom, and user ignorance.

The stand works perfectly and feels very secure. I was a bit apprehensive the first time I used it as I had never used a center stand before, but I watched a few videos and discovered that by pressing down on the stand and using the passenger foot peg as a handle to pull straight up on the bike pops up very nicely with little apparent effort.

Before purchasing this stand I was concerned about cornering clearance. I read somewhere that other stands require lengthening the left side peg feeler. I haven't scrapped the pegs yet, but I like having that space just in case. There are no such issues with this stand. I don't ride off road so i am not sure how it would affect ground clearance, but it doesn't appear that it would cause any issues.

I am impressed by the quality of SW Motech parts and will certainly be using them to continue improving my Strom

Garrett (Posted on 14-12-02)
Review by EdW
Install was easy and took an hour or less. No need for a special spring tool. Use a long heavy flat head screw driver with flat sides for plenty of leverage. (Posted on 14-11-13)
Review by Bob
There is a reason most people view products from SW-Motech as the best. This centerstand for my 2013 V-Strom 650 bolted on with no issues whatsoever and compliments their engine guards perfectly. With such fast shipping and the advice of the "string" trick, this was the best way to go! (Posted on 14-10-11)
Review by Les
The package arrived right on time. Upon opening it I was a bit overwhelmed at the number of pieces (22 in all) and the fact that all of the wording that I initially saw was in german. However there were very clear pictures and diagrams that took me thru the assembly step by step and the whole centerstand went together and onto my Strom without a hitch. A perfect fit and of excellent quality materials and design. Worth ever penny. (Posted on 14-09-26)
Review by Studad
The install wasn't bad, just go slowly and double check the bolt lengths. There is one that's in a tight spot, and you won't want to have to pull it out and redo it. (Posted on 14-09-22)
Review by Stacy
Easy to install and works great. Fit is excellent. I’m very happy with my purchase. (Posted on 14-09-11)
Review by LostYooper
This center stand was easy to install and works great. It is very easy to get my bike up on the stand and it sits on it solidly. When I push my bike off the stand it comes down smoothly. This stand just plain works perfectly. (Posted on 14-08-31)
Review by RideEveryDay
The installation of the centerstand was straightforward and easy. The installation video shows you how to easily connect the springs without the optional spring installation tool. The quality of the product is excellent. I have used the OEM centerstand as well, and I feel that the SW-MOTECH centerstand is better (easier to put the bike up). The SW-MOTECH centerstand is also less expensive than the OEM centerstand. (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by christopher
Easy install and perfect fit, but one mounting bolt is a bit challenging to get to. Incredibly smooth to put on the stand once installed. By far the best center stand I have used. (Posted on 13-08-21)
Review by Diane
Needed it badly----it was simple to install, and works perfectly. Easier to put the bike up than others I've had. I'm a very happy customer! (Posted on 13-07-05)
Review by Jonathan
Purchased this center stand & was expecting (based on previous experience with other center stands...not by Twisted Throttle) installation to be a real bear. I read the directions several times, did a "dry-fit", and installed the centerstand in less than 30 minutes! Excellent product! (Posted on 13-06-19)
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