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SW-Motech Aluminum Engine Guard/Skidplate for Suzuki DL650 V-Strom '12-'15 & V-Strom 650XT '15-'16

SKU: MSS.05.759.10001.B



New design with a 4mm-thick baseplate and 3mm-thick sideplates overlap at the seams to provide 7mm-thick rails on the outer edges of the skidplate for added strength and stability. Two-tone black and aluminum finish.

The SW-MOTECH skidplate can be used with:

* WARNING: This item does not fit with the Hindle Exhaust System, part number VS650HSS.*

Front mounting bracket connects directly to the motorcycle without the need to connect to a crashbar. Recessed rear mounting bracket prevents damage to screw heads when sliding over rocks. Front and rear connection points are rubber mounted to reduce vibration, which lowers noise and the possibility of fracturing the skidplate. The shock absorbing mounting points can be inexpensively replaced if damaged.

The skidplate has a pre-drilled hole in the bottom so that the oil drain plug bolt can be accessed without removing the skidplate. This allows the oil to be changed without removing the skidplate.

To change the oil filter, the skidplate must be removed. This can be achieved by removing four bolts from the bottom of the skidplate and four additional bolts from the front end of the skidplate. The four skidplate mounting brackets can remain attached to the motorcycle. The process of removing and reattaching the skidplate from these points should add no more than 10 minutes to an oil filter change.

Optional SW-MOTECH Skidplate Toolbox Available

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Customer Reviews
Review by Davidyya
The looks and finish of this skidplate are outsatnding. It is clearly designed from a serious engineering point of view, with multiple tolerances for adjustment and perfect fit. Only downside that I found was that in the instructions and description was never stated that the the lateral stand has to be removed for installation. So if you don't have a motorcycle ramp, you will have a hard time installing this skidplate, most probably having to lean the bike on its side. Other minor difference that I found is that in some other models of skidplates, they are hold to the lateral guards that cover the engine and unite in front of the front cylinder, this SW_Motech skidplate does not hold to laterals guards which can be an advantage if you are not installing the lateral guards and a disadvantage in terms of rigidity/protection (Posted on 15-11-25)
Review by AndyTAZ
I'm really pleased with the protection this provides for the engine. The installation directions are straight forward, the installation is not. I needed to use some serious tools to get the sidestand bolts out because of the thread locker used at the factory. (Posted on 15-10-24)
Review by BusyBob
Just installed this on my 2015 DL650A. Very well built, and not difficult to install. This is a vast improvement over the plastic piece on the bike. (Posted on 15-06-08)
Review by Tim
Excellent product that is well engineered and worth the $. Install is easy, with exception of swapping out the bolts that attach to the left rear frame/kickstand!! Not a fault of SW-M, but Suzuki (DL650 XT) really didn't want those bolts to come out! Also worth noting, since you need to loosen the two bolts holing the kickstand, it is a good idea to have a centerstand already installed to support bike. (Posted on 15-05-29)
Review by Ken
After purchasing a 2014 Suzuki Vstrom I knew right away that a skid plate was a necessity due to it's exposed oil filter and underbelly.
The installation was pretty straight forward, directions clear and no big surprises. Most of the work was just getting to the bolts on the kick stand, without using the kickstand to do it.
Recently I rode up some pretty rough (rocky and steep) fire roads and more than once I could hear rocks scrapping the bikes underside. Very worthwhile purchase. (Posted on 15-05-22)
Review by pofolk2000
Exactly what I wanted to protect that oil filter and fit perfectly. (Posted on 14-10-01)
Review by Anonymous
I had all the parts I needed to install. The holes lined up the way they are supposed too. I am pleased with my purchase. (Posted on 14-07-07)
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