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SW-Motech Aluminum Engine Guard/Skidplate for Suzuki DL650 V-Strom, '04-'11

SKU: MSS.05.296.10001.B

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New design with a 4mm-thick aluminum baseplate and 3mm-thick sideplates for heavy-duty, light-weight protection. Redesigned rear mounting bracket prevents damage to screw heads when sliding over rocks.

Two-tone Black and Aluminum finish

Installation of the SW-MOTECH skidplate requires previous installation of the SW-MOTECH crashbars, which are sold separately.

The SW-MOTECH skidplate is not compatible with Givi or Hepco-Becker crashbars without the use of an additional adapter kit (sold separately).

The SW-MOTECH skidplate can be used without a centerstand, or with the SW-MOTECH, Suzuki or Hepco-Becker centerstand.

4mm-thick baseplate and 3mm-thick sideplates overlap at the seams to provide 7mm-thick rails on the outer edges of the skidplate for added strength and stability. (See photo at bottom right.)

The skidplate has a pre-drilled hole in the bottom so that the oil drain plug bolt can be accessed without removing the skidplate. This allows the oil to be changed without removing the skidplate. In order to change the oil filter, the skidplate's two rear mounting screws must be removed, and the two front mounting screws must be loosened to allow the skidplate to pivot out forward and allow access to the oil filter.

No other holes are present in the bottom of the skidplate; the cutout that was present in previous versions of the skidplate has been eliminated. (See photos on right.)

Only two screws need to be removed from the plate to allow access behind the skidplate to change the oil and filter.

Check out the totally Twisted Suzuki DL650 which is outfitted with this Twisted component
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