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Stash Box lockable license plate storage box by Twisted Throttle

SKU: TT.SBX.10000

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The STASH BOX is a weather resistant storage box that mounts between the motorcycle and the license plate. It is ideally suited to storing the vehicle registration and other small objects while remaining unobtrusive. The Stash Box has features that provide benefits over other motorcycle storage devices i.e., low cost, concealed mounting location, vehicle styling is unaffected, and easy accessibility.

Sized to work with all standard size license plates as well as the current Wisconsin and Ohio cycle plates.

External Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 1”; plus 1" on the width for the lock.

Internal Storage Dimensions: 6.3" x 3.5" x 0.8"

Made from molded polypropylene. Includes all mounting hardware, retention pouch for paper documents, foam insert, lock and two keys.

Assembly & Mounting Instructions:
  • Assemble the lock into the Stash Box using thread locking compound or RTV sealant on threads.
  • Press the o-ring seal into the groove in the bottom side of the Stash Box’s interior. The ends should terminate along the edge closest to the hinge.
  • Install the retention pouch to an interior surface of the Stash Box. Use this to secure paper documents.
  • Determine the desired mounting orientation that allows the box to be opened easily. Lock up. Lock down and lock sideways are acceptable. Do not mount the Stash Box flat, i.e., license plate facing towards the sky as this may allow water entry under some conditions.
  • Drill mounting holes in the box as required and install with appropriate fasteners. (See below.)

The Twisted Throttle license plate keyed Stash Box

Motorcycle Installation Instructions:
  • Remove the license plate from the cycle.
  • Using a 9/32" or 17/64" drill bit, drill holes at the pilot marks (seen on the inside of the Stash Box) that will allow the chosen mounting orientation.
  • Mount the Stash Box using the included hardware (2 bolts & locknuts).
  • Install the license plate to the face of the Stash Box using the included hardware (4 screws).
Customer Reviews
Review by Bumper
I ride a HD Sportster 1200 and there isn't any storage under the seat like on some bikes so I didn't have anyplace to keep my registrtion. With this license plate storage box, it's the perfect place to carry it. Completely happy with this purchase. (Posted on 15-03-11)
Review by S10Rider
Fits great on a 2013 super tenere! View the youtube video for installation instructions. (Posted on 15-02-27)
Review by Wrench
Bought this for my wife's Honda CTX700 to store registration, insurance paperwork.
Install is easy with one noted exception. If you use a license plate frame with your license plate the provided pan head screws are too short to get a good bite in the plastic. A short trip the the Hardware Store and install is complete. One design issue is again with a license plate frame clearance with the key cylinder. I had to cut and file about a 1/4" of metal off the license plate frame to clear the key frame.
So if you do not use a license plate frame my issues are not valid. (Posted on 15-02-26)
Review by swissutah
Time will tell, I need to go out and ride to see how it holds up.... (Posted on 15-02-16)
Review by Deacon
I bought this last week and it arrived through the postal service in four days. It installed just as described and was very easy to install. Certainly not a strong box as it is made of plastic but it does well what it is designed for. I am pleased with the product and it is a great place to keep my documents. It fits my Suzuki S40 very well. (Posted on 14-11-17)
Review by Phil
I have an '08 KLR 650. My motorcycle came with one of these already installed. It is functional and certainly well concealed, but it moves the license plate forward and away from the license plate light. At night, police cars would be unable to see the license plate because the light hits the top of the box instead of the plate. This might be a good thing for some people, but I am removing the box so I don't have to worry about it. In conclusion, the box is functional, but requires movement of the license plate light. (Posted on 14-11-10)
Review by Dale
I have two of these for a couple of my bikes to keep insurance, registration, etc. These are very simple but are perfect for what they are for. These are a breeze to install. The quality is high and they are rugged. One is on my KLR650 which I do some off road riding with and these things take the bumps and bruises. (Posted on 14-10-31)
Review by BMWdriver
Nice idea, would be handy but it blocks out the license plate light on my K1200R and not real sure that the plastic "hinge" would last in my cold climates. Would be a great addition on most bikes and would survive weather fine in a milder climate. (Posted on 14-09-05)
Review by wylzc
does the job it claims to do -- stores documents, doesn't leak, stays secure. No complaints. (Posted on 14-09-02)
Review by TomHal
I have bought 5-6 of these over the years. All for different bikes of varying yrs 60's-present. I haven't had any issues with fitment.
I do not have to worry about my registration, emergency cash or spare key. One less thing to worry about carrying. The box blends in with the bike. (Posted on 14-08-29)
Review by Guest
Because it fits exactly as your license plate it will mount to any motorcycle. It's so well hidden that even I don't notice it and is a great place for small items such as a photocopy of the ownership, a tube patch kit or a dash light bulb for example. A++ (Posted on 14-08-08)
Review by Jb8712
Great product. Very convenient. Plan on getting more for all my bikes (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by reg26
Have had it installed for a couple of weeks now and it's easy to forget it's on there. great product to keep copies of stuff that you would need if pulled over by leo. I think for the price it's a great mod (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by COSooner
Absolutely will not fit the Ducati Multistrada even though it is listed as a Duc accessory. Cost almost as much to ship it back as it costs. Lesson learned. Be careful what you order. (Posted on 14-07-07)
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