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  1. Redverz Atacama Expedition Tent - Green

    Redverz Atacama Expedition Tent - Green

    The Redverz Atacama Expedition Tent is made for the adventure rider who seeks supreme camping comfort with protection from the elements. Featuring 23 inches of additional sleeping room, the 3-person canvas structure provides room for cots or an air mattress set up either lengthwise or crosswise. The Atacama Expedition Tent is the choice for those riders seeking versatility in their camping gear, as well as some creature comforts. Redesigned with more sleeping space and separate camper doors, this new series of camping housing is ideal for both long trips cross country or short and sweet weekend getaways.

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  2. Redverz Atacama Groundsheet | Sleeping Bay

    Redverz Atacama Groundsheet | Sleeping Bay

    This protective floor covering hooks directly beneath the inner tent/sleeping bay to prevent against abrasion and damage in coarse terrains.

    • Tent can be used without the inner tent and just the sleeping bay foot print. 
    • Weight: 6oz.
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  3. Redverz Series II Ground Cloth

    Redverz Series II Ground Cloth

    Series II Expedition Tent Foot Print / Ground Sheet Learn More

  4. Redverz Series II Awning Kit

    Redverz Series II Awning Kit

    Awning kit for Redverz Series II Expedition Tent Learn More

  5. Trekking poles are not included

    E-Wing Ultralight 2 Person Silnylon Tarp Shelter by MSR

    Traveling light? The E-Wing ultralight tent now offers ample coverage and protection for ounce-counting minimalists. A straightforward Silnylon canopy with burly DuraShield waterproof coating pitches with poles (not included), trees, your bike or overhead objects to deliver on-the-spot shelter. This ultralight tarp-tent can also be tossed into a tankbag on any trip for use as a lightweight emergency shelter for two.

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  6. Redverz Atacama Groundsheet | Garage Bay

    Redverz Atacama Groundsheet | Garage Bay

    This Reverz Atacama Groundsheet fits seamlessly within the garage measurements and layout of the expedition tents. Each foot print is designed to stay in place by being clipped down beneath the entryway of the inner bay and spreads across the bay fully, securing at the opposite end of the garage. This groundsheet ensures the floor surfaces of the tent stay clean and damage free after continued use. 

    The use of a footprint is highly recommended. The garage groundsheet keeps condensation at bay and enables campers to move about the living areas without footwear. What's more? The surface of this footprint can be used to fold clothes or roll up sleeping bags in the morning! 

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  7. Redverz Solo Expedition Tent

    Redverz Solo Expedition Tent | Green

    For trips out on the open road on a whim, the Redverz Solo Expedition Tent offers a lightweight, compact shelter for a lone rider and their bike. Featuring a 90" x 41" sleeping area and an entirely unchanged 102" x 36" garage bay, this camp lodging provides roomy living space with ample headroom and accommodations for a fully loaded bike. 

     The Solo Expedition Motorcycle Tent is designed specifically for a single camper. Featuring a slimmed down design, this shelter gives the rider the luxury of a garage to house the bike, a workspace to make repairs and a comfortable area to weather a storm. 

    Traveling alone can be an incredible experience. With the expedition tent,  two-pole construction makes for simple and quick set up with one less pole to reduce weight.


    • Double-wall construction and a bathtub floor for superior comfort and weather protection 
    • Smaller foot print - 90" x 41" to be exact
    • 12" and 3" in length overall
    • Fits into smaller predetermined camp spaces
    • Lighter pack weight than previous designs
    • Flexible hoop design is rated for 3-seasons for unparalled performance in wind and rain
    • 4000mm Hydrostatic head on the outer fly
    • 10,000mm Waterproofing on the sleeping bay floor keep rain or ground dampness from entering the enclosure
    • Multi-functional doors combine a privacy panel and mesh to allow for either complete closure or bug protection and ventilation. 
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  8. Redverz Solo Groundsheet | Sleeping

    Redverz Solo Groundsheet | Sleeping

    This is the footprint (an under groundsheet layer) for the Redverz Solo Expedition Tent. Learn More

  9. MSR AC Bivy™ Bivy Sack

    MSR AC Bivy™ Bivy Sack

    If you’ve ever packed luggage on a motorbike you know that weight and space really count, so grab a MSR AC Bivy™ bivy sack and be on your way with more room to spare. With this bivy sack you will get to sleep or take cover within knowing rain or insects will be kept at bay. MSR uses the most ultimate waterproof and breathable fabric on top and adds a robust and durable 10,000mm DuraShield™ coating on the bottom. At the top of the bivouac sack is a zippered shoulder entry with mesh was added to provide excellent bug-free ventilation and ease of entry. Don’t let your sleep or shelter quality suffer just because the weather conditions are deteriorating or a hoard of flying pests have tracked you down by getting the MSR AC Bivy™ bivy sack. Learn More


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