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SW-MOTECH centerstand with foot lever arm for Kawasaki KLR650 '08-'15

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Review by Superfunkomatic
Love my center stand. Installed in all of 5 minutes. It doesn't sit quite locked on the stand but this is the pay off for getting your rear tire way up off the ground. It's easy to get the bike up on it but again it's very easy to rock it off the stand. I keep a ratchet strap in my saddlebags to quickly attach from the stand to the front center vertical frame rail if I'm parking it on uneven terrain or working on my bike. It's a small price to pay for the luxury of a center stand. (Posted on 15-05-03)
Review by Iclean13
Good build quality. Was easy to install and I suck with tools! Is so much better loading bags and cleaning chain with bike upright. Took a little practice to get the bike up on the centerstand but after some practice and the proper technique was a non issue. Would highly recommend the stand. (Posted on 15-03-30)
Review by playsinthedirt
With my KLR 650 the single side kickstand sometimes wasn't enough out in the dirt. Terrain conditions at times made it difficult (at best) to park the bike. The center stand allows for better weight distribution when using a metal or wood platform in soft sand, dirt, or gravel. (Posted on 14-11-25)
Review by William
This center stand works well. Once installed it goes up on the stand easier than my beemer or Honda which had factory stands. The only problem was the bolt holes in the spring attachment plate were too small. I had to drill them out then repaint the plate which added a day to an otherwise easy installation. The other two plates had the correct size holes and the bolts supplied in the kit went through easily. (Posted on 13-04-04)

4 Item(s)

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