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Barkbusters Storm Weather Protection Replacement Handguards for Barkbusters VPS Aluminum Bars | Plastics Only


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Maximize your wind protection with the Barkbuster's largest handguard plastic! For use with single sided Storm mount and all Barkbusters Handguards with VPS backbone.

Customer Reviews
Review by LoneStar
Bought these to replace the plastics on the VPS series on my GF's F700GS. Big improvement in looks and she says they block the wind better as well. They bolt in place using the original screw then they have a saddle that clamps over the bar on the inside - only niggle is that the saddle leaves space between the bar and it rattles slightly (Posted on 16-02-06)
Review by Keith
I just received my Storm plastics to replace the VPS plastics which I thought were very ineffective at blocking out wind. I installed the new Storm handguards just before writing this review, so I haven't had the chance to test them on a ride. I have no doubt they will do a much better job at protecting my hands from the elements. They are more of a wrap around style and just by simply putting my hands on the bars, I can see how they offer more coverage. I'm sure the VPS plastics were designed for a different purpose, so I don't mean to take anything away from them. But, if you are looking for wind protection, then I strongly recommend purchasing the Storm guards. Twisted Throttle shipped the guards in short order and packaged them nicely! Thank you! (Posted on 15-12-03)
Review by goodvibes
The Storm plastic covers added to the excellent Barkbuster hardware provide super wind protection, and also to some degree a little rain protection as well. They do a great job on those chilly mornings to keep the cold wind-blast at bay for just long enough to get to work or to the grocery store. If you crash 'em, you'll replace 'em for sure, but for what they were intended to do, they do very well. (Posted on 15-10-14)
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