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R&G Plug 'n Play Micro Indicators turn signal resistors (pair, 9.8 ohm each)


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After replacing your bike's original 21 watt incandescent turn signals with R&G Micro Indicators LED turn signals (RG.RG371), you may find that the signals flash too fast or too slow. Adding this resistor resolves this issue. No cutting, crimping or soldering required. Plug n play!

Includes one pair of 9.8 ohm resistors with bullet connectors.

Using R&G's replacement Micro Indicators LED turn signals together with these resistors simulates the power consumption of 21-watt original incandescent bulbs. Here's the math: At 13.4 volts, a 9.8 ohm resistor produces a 18.3 watt load. Add in a 2 watt LED indicator, and you're at about 21 watts total.

Not for use if:

  • you're replacing original LED turn signals with R&G LED turn signals (do not use a resistor)
  • you're replacing original 10 watt turn signals with R&G LED turn signals (use resistor RG.RGR0002)
  • you're replacing original 21 watt turn signals with R&G 10 watt incandescent turn signals (use resistor RG.RGR0002)
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