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NoNoise Motorsport Noise Filter Hearing Protection




Wind noise while motorcycle riding regularly exceeds the levels at which hearing damage will occur. Protect your hearing without blocking the sounds you want to hear with the NoNoise Motorsport noise filter hearing protection.

Designed specifically for motorcyclists, the Motorsport noise filter hearing protection by NoNoise will help protect your hearing from harmful noise levels while allowing lower level noises such as conversation, sirens and horns to be heard. So much more than ear plugs, NoNoise utilizes ceramic filtration technology to filter higher sound levels that cause hearing damage but allow lower sound levels to be heard.

  • Reduces wind and road noise

  • Allows communication and intercom use

  • Preserves situational awareness

  • Comfortable, washable and re-usable

  • Silicone free construction

  • Venturi shaped sound channel

  • Zirconium oxide ceramic filter

  • No muffling or blocked ear feeling

  • Thermoplastic outer construction

  • Over 20 years experience in industry and military hearing protection

  • Exceeds strict European EN352-2 guidelines and certified to ISO9001:2008

Protection / Attenuation Data

Mean sound attenuation (EN352-2:2002) is 29.6dB at the higher, most damaging frequencies.

All data in decibels (dB)
M = Mean attenuation; S = Standard deviation; APV = Assumed protection value;
SNR = Single number rating; H, M, L = Value in high, medium and low frequency spectrum

Customer Reviews
Review by captain
68 ys young. Riding honda vfr. Been riding bikes since 1962. These are not as effective as good old foam plugs from Walgreens. Only block maybe 75% of what I consider strictly bad wind noise. Did not try on my goldwing but its not noisy anyway. The vfr is very noisy. Lots of helmet buffeting etc. Guess its like a tourist trap that you know is just gonna take your money, but like a moth your forever enticed to the flame. (Posted on 15-03-25)
Review by RPG
I got these prior to Bike Week in Daytona and they appear to work as advertised. I could hear the music through my Sena unit yet, wind noise was mostly irrelevant, even at sustained highway speeds. (Posted on 15-03-19)
Review by Archie
The ear plugs work fine. The problem for me is that the 'stem' is not long enough. I had real problems removing them. It may be my ear canal is to long. (Posted on 15-03-18)
Review by Kodak
I can leave the plugs in all the time and still hear folks talking. I like 'em! (Posted on 15-02-19)
Review by hojo747
There are no string to pull these out with and when I used them, I had to have someone pull them out for me with tweezers. (Posted on 15-02-12)
Review by GuzziSteve
I happened upon these at the IMS show in Miami, FL. I usually wear foam earplugs or a set of in-ear monitors so when I first tried these it seemed that they really didn't do anything. Well, after pulling them out and riding with no plugs I could tell there is a distinct difference. These are very effective at filtering out a specific noise range while still allowing you to hear music, conversations, and ambient noise.

If they were just a bit longer they'd get 5 stars! (Posted on 15-01-31)
Review by Chas
Used these on a recent one week trip along the gulf coast, alternating with foam plugs for comparison. Unlike others who said they were easy to insert, I had a tough time getting the 3rd cup inserted far enough to make a good seal. When the 3rd cup was not sealing they did not reduce the wind noise enough. When sealing they were close to the foam plugs in reducing wind noise. When in far enough to seal they were much more comfortable over a long period of time than the foam plugs and I even left them in at stops and could carry on a conversation. My wife would even ask me if I had them in. In that respect they work as advertised. Wetting them helped the insertion and by the end of the trip I used them exclusively. (Posted on 15-01-29)
Review by Soul
Extreme difference between when I didn't have them. I love them and use them every time I ride. No wind noise at all, thanks. (Posted on 15-01-24)
Review by mmaynard
Let me start by saying as an audio systems designer that makes a living with my ears, I am a bit more picky than most when it comes to hearing protection.
That being said, they are comfortable with or without a helmet, easy to put in and take out, and allow nearly all frequencies to pass, just at a lower level. In other words,things sound normal, not muffled.
After an hour at highway speeds I do notice a difference, but not as much as the standard quality foam earplugs.
On a typical ride, back roads and such, they work great and allow me to hear things around me with less fatigue, but if I plan any significant time at highway speeds, i'll be using my foam plugs. (Posted on 15-01-01)
Review by bob
Still getting to know these things. Hard to get in the ear easily and not yet sure if I have them in the ear correctly each time. I ride a BMW GS and when I correctly insert the little bugers, the sound is smart, with less wind nosie and not a "deadened" sound. Hard to get out. Easy to clean. Easy to store as cannister connects to ignition key ring. (Posted on 14-12-24)
Review by Bigboy61
Ok, so these plugs are $30.....yeah, a bit on the pricey side, but they work! Unlike other plugs where they totally cram an object inside your ear canal and barely hear anything, these plugs have an inner tube that runs the length of the plug and allows just enough sound waves and air pressure to enter your ear and provide you with more than adequate sound protection.
Clean them in warm soapy water and they are good to go.
Yes, I carry foam ear plugs as spares for emergencies, like when I lost one of my NoNoise plugs at Deals Gap this fall!

When it comes to your hearing is $30 really all that much? Plus you get an nice metal container for storage.

I now have three sets of these ear protection plugs. Wish they had more color selection, but I am more than pleased with this product. (Posted on 14-12-23)
Review by ray
I have used these before and these are the most comfortable and effective re usable earplug on the market. (Posted on 14-12-17)
Review by TriumphDon
I've used all sorts of foam ear plugs and have always found them to be a nuisance. Irritating and fall out if not installed perfectly. These slide right in and stay in and I hardly know they're in. Nice and effective! (Posted on 14-12-16)
Review by Gareysandiego
As a returning motorcycle rider I was advised to begin wearing earplugs. This is something I am not used to doing. I have now worn these a few times. They do seem to function well in dampening noise. And one can still hear the essential sounds like sirens. Being unused to wearing earplugs it is taking me a while to get completely comfortable with them under a helmet, I wear either a full face or a modular type helmet so perhaps a half helmet would be more comfortable....? (Posted on 14-12-16)
Review by colin
Bought these to replace a pair of $150 prescription ear plugs I've been having difficulties with. Additionally, foam plugs were getting dislodged when I put my helmet on. These plugs work great. They seat easily, are comfortable, block out tons of wind noise and stay in place for hours at a time with no troubles whatsoever. I recommend them to anyone that values their hearing and doesn't want to pay for expensive custom plugs. Have already bought two pairs to give as gifts. (Posted on 14-12-15)
Review by Vol
Due to some wet South Texas weather lately and a severe chest cold,I've only rode with them on a couple of short rides, but they do appear to filter out the wind noise as advertized. (Posted on 14-12-12)
Review by Guest
I've had these for a several months and lots of rides and I am really pleased. They work as they say and gets rid of most of the wind noise, engine noise, and tire noise in busy freeway driving. That's really nice. Unfortunately, they don't seem to cut the noise from loud straight exhaust pipes. They also do a great job on helmet wind buffeting! I have been using a pair of custom injection molded plugs I had made at a bike show by an audiologist, but they actually are not as good. Those even can amplify helmet buffeting depending on the bike and helmet where these seem to universally kill buffeting. I also bought a pair of electronic noise cancellation ear buds and tried those before I got these, and they did not work at all for this use. They worked great on airplanes and around town, but they amplified buffeting and engine noise on a motorcycle like you wouldn't believe. It was a big disappointment. These allow you to hear voices and sirens, etc. They are very, very good and pretty comfortable too. Just make sure you put them somewhere safe when you take them out. They will roll off anything you put them down on faster than you can believe. They bounce with incredible velocity, and are almost impossible to see on a dirt road or shoulder because of the clear color! I spent 15 minutes looking for one once because I made the mistake of placing it "momentarily" on the seat while I took the other one out of my other ear. I liked them enough that I bought a second pair and shipped to my brother for his birthday. (Posted on 14-12-04)
Review by Pete
I was looking for a way to cut wind noise, but it was important that the insertion tab not be so long that it touched my helmet speakers. The NoNoise plugs worked just fine in that regard. But having ear plugs that virtually blend in with roadside gravel when dropped -- especially at $30 a pop -- is a show stopper for me. Having lost one plug, I'll not spend the money to replace them. (Posted on 14-12-02)
Review by Eddie
It is a lot to pay for ear protection but I am very satisfied with the performance of the No Noise ear plugs. I just returned from a great bike trip that proved how well they worked. Riding the mountains required constant attention and zero distractions. These plugs allowed me to monitor the bike's engine without the high wind noise. I also noted less fatigue after hours in the saddle on the twisties! Glad I had them (Posted on 14-12-01)
Review by KeithW
I had these adopt a month & riding & cutting grass . They're great & you can hear the boss (the wife) .
I can hear the CB great!!! (Posted on 14-11-26)
Review by yamifz
I bought the "No Noise" earplugs about 8-10 months ago and they have worked quite well. I ride nearly every day and between the wind noise and the high midrange effect of my helmet they tame those sounds very well. The only thing that a few reviewers and myself found is that the tabs to pull them out of your ear are too short and hard to get the earplugs out. I carry a pair of needle nose pliers to extricate that particularly pesky right ear one. Mine are getting a little old and I will be purchasing a new set soon. Much better than those foam plugs that I couldn't manage to keep from moving in the ear and becoming ineffective. (Posted on 14-11-26)
Review by Mark14
It does what the manufacturer tells. You can hear people on the radio with less
engine low frequency noise. You get more relaxed in high noise environment. (Posted on 14-11-13)
Review by noisy
Could not understand intercom conversations with plugs in due to wind noise. Could not remove from ear without tweezers due to stem being too short (Posted on 14-10-29)
Review by John
Works as advertised, but in my case, noise level is still too high. After riding for several hours with this protection, my ears were left ringing for a few hours. (Posted on 14-10-23)
Review by Guest
These ear plugs work just like advertised. It was a pleasure to be able to hear others without having to remove my ear plugs. Comfy for my 150 miles test ride and to be able to communicate with my riding buddy while at a stop light without needing to read lips. (Posted on 14-10-23)
Review by JohnnyBJ
Bought these they may be excellent for noise reduction but my ear canals are evadentley to large as the are not tight enough to stay in. My wife is going to use them (Posted on 14-10-22)
Review by Tom2456
The plugs r easy to use, über the top! G-bye foam! (Posted on 14-10-19)
Review by WhatYes
I wish I'd bought a pair of these years ago. I probably could have saved a lot of my hearing. One of my concerns about wearing earplugs while riding, though, has been whether or not I'd be able to hear my Sena intercom system through traditional earplugs. Enter the NoNoise. After hearing about them on a motorcycle forum I thought I'd try a pair. Was so happy with them I ordered a second pair for my wife, who rides her own bike and with whom I chat via our Sena units. We're both extremely happy. The only thing I'll say is it took a little getting used to for me. Initially I experienced a bit of discomfort in one ear, but that's pretty much gone away. Either I am now fitting the unit in my ear better, or I've simply adapted. But I've ridden several thousand miles now with the NoNoise in my ears in quiet comfort. The other thing - and the instructions that come with the plugs tell you this - occasionally you might need a pair of tweezers to get them OUT of your ears. I've had to do this a couple of times, but it's no big deal. Plus, I normally DON'T need tweezers.

As for using them with intercom units; that's a big YES! They work exactly as advertised. Road and wind noise is substantially reduced to an almost eerie quiet, but audio via your in-helmet com comes through very clearly. Love these and will buy another pair when this one wears out. (Posted on 14-10-16)
Review by sickticket
I have used ear plugs like this at work but they were solid and had a cord connecting them. They work well. These do not have any cords.
If I put them in so that they were easy to remove, far too much noise got around them but if I put them in so that they worked as described, they they then became hard to remove. Several times I had to use needle nose pliers to get them out. They really need to redesign with longer stems. (Posted on 14-10-15)
Review by jpel
I have been using molded silicone earplugs for a long time and was skeptical as to whether these earplugs would measure up. The "apparent" amount of wind noise would seem to be about the same. That's a positive! But what really surprised me is that the NoNoise plugs still allow other frequencies to be heard. It's kind of neat to be able to hear the engine etc. at interstate speeds when foam and the molded earplugs won't allow that.The only negative I can comment on is that they are a bit more difficult to position properly. Practice is taking care of that issue. Color me pleased/impressed! (Posted on 14-10-14)
Review by Romany
Ok, here's the deal. These plugs work. They block the white noise created by wind whistling through your helmet. Yet, they let you hear voices, no not the kind that tell you to do weird things, but those of your friends and fellow riders. And unlike those orange foam things that look geekiest sticking out of your ears these are barely noticeable. Gassing up, pop your helmet off, but leave them in and just walk in and pay the cashier. Cool. (Posted on 14-10-12)
Review by niggy62
Rarely does a farkle exceed expectations but I have to say, in this case not only do these plugs work but they work very well! I hear the motor and the road without the high pitch whine/noise that comes with highway pace! try em,
buy em! (Posted on 14-10-12)
Review by drharveys
They let me listen to my helmet speakers, they block the wind noise and do let other sounds come through. However, the "stem" is so short that I have to use a tweezers to get them out, so I'm taking away one star. (Posted on 14-10-11)
Review by Rice
It may just be me, but I found these earplugs to be less effective than the cheap. throw-away foam type. The plugs were difficult to insert and hurt my ears after only twenty minutes of use. My biggest complaint, however, is that these plugs seem to accentuate wind noise. My intention was to reduce wind noise and not to make it worse. (Posted on 14-10-10)
Review by Murphy1292
I recently wore a pair on a 9 day 3000 mile trip, they were in place the entire time I was riding on the trip, were totally comfortable, no discomfort at all. They blocked wind and road noise, yet allowed conversation using my Autocomm system and with others off the bike. Great product!!! (Posted on 14-10-06)
Review by bc62
I bought them thinking there would be a noticeable difference from the foam earplugs I normally use. The only difference was the huge increase in price and the difficulty I had in removing them from my ears (Posted on 14-10-04)
Review by Ink
Did these work as advertised, in a word, no, but one size does not fit all. Being a big guy, 6'5", and having been fitted for this type of plug in the past I walked into this knowing they may not fit properly, and they didn't. The seal I attained using these plugs seemed to amplify the wind noise, so much so, I shut off my Bluetooth headset due to the fact that I couldn't hear anything but the wind noise. If you are of average size, these may work, if not, you'd be better off with foam plugs. (Posted on 14-10-02)
Review by steve
Had these a couple weeks now and they are handy. Foam plugs block more sound but these are reusable and pass voice slightly better. They can be pushed far enough in your ear to be hard to grab to remove, but this is easy to manage. (Posted on 14-10-01)
Review by K16kid
I read about the nonoise hearing protection in Motorcycle Consumer News, and I have tried all kinds of ear plugs in my search for effective hearing protection. I was particularly attracted because the review said I could still listen to music while the wind noise was greatly diminished. Really? So I spent the $$ to buy a pair, and I've used them while riding my Suzuki DR650 - great noise suppression - and on my BMW K1600GT and I could still hear the music. I'm very pleased! (Posted on 14-10-01)
Review by BBCB750
I bought these just before a 2,000mi trip to and around the Smoky Mountains. They blocked the wind noise well. The CB750 exhaust note cut through on the highway though.
The only other complaint was that the rubber seal on the canister tore up and fell off on about the third opening. (Posted on 14-09-30)
Review by Don
I used foam earplugs for years and they keep the noise out but they keep all the noise out. These earplugs significantly reduce the wind noise but do allow you to hear the other sounds. They are not as totally quiet as foam plugs but are a good compromise between no sound and being able to hear sounds on the road. (Posted on 14-09-29)
Review by donmitt
I think it works well but I would prefer that the "handles" that you use to pull them out be somewhat longer because if you push them in just past the opening of the ear much, you need to have someone with needle nose to pull them back out. If you just push them in a little it works ok But that is the reason for three stars. (Posted on 14-09-25)
Review by Mel
I've never liked earplugs but my hearing is definitely getting worse so I thought I should give these a try after seeing an ad. I love the silence and hopefully can still hear sirens though I haven't really tested that yet. The case on my keyring is what really sold me. (Posted on 14-09-24)
Review by Motonut_1
I bought these hoping to eliminate using foam plugs and have found them to work at roughly the same level as the foam ones when it comes to eliminating wind noise. I have a personal issue in that my ears produce lots of wax, so the clean up process takes more time than usual. Otherwise, I'm happy with their performance. (Posted on 14-09-22)
Review by Jerry
So I thought for this kind of money I was going to be properly impressed, well, I tried them twice, got them seated, couldn't notice much difference, but gave them the benefit of the doubt and kept them in. When I went to remove them, I almost couldn't, they kept getting deeper and I was starting to wonder if I was going to need some help, but finally extracted them. OK, if they had cost $5 I would have pitched them right then, but stupid me I decided to give them a second chance and again I had a terrible time removing them. So I wasted a bunch of money on something that didn't make much difference and was miserable to remove. (Posted on 14-09-21)
Review by R865
I can't tell if they work better than foam plugs or not. I ride a BMW R1200RT and I just don't notice a huge difference with the NoNoise plugs in allowing me to hear my phone or music. (Posted on 14-09-20)
Review by Psyktek
Have been using these on a daily basis for about the past 6 months. While initially impressed, I now have some reservations. Primarily, the material, while comfortable, compresses after this length of use,
meaning that they have to go deeper into the ear canal to be effective. This leads to the next issue which is that the extension used to remove them becomes harder to grasp (its rather short to begin with). And the main problem now is that this extension has split which makes them even harder to remove (tweezers were required today).
Also, if you already have a helmet that is noisy at highway speeds, these are less effective than ordinary plugs.
$30 seems like a lot of money for something that already needs replacing after less than a year of use. So, with reservations, I would recommend these to a friend, but not wholeheartedly. (Posted on 14-09-13)
Review by Garryallen
These things really hurt and the stem is not long enough, I had to use a tweezers to get one out. (Posted on 14-09-06)
Review by Glenf
Earplugs are comfortable and work as described. Also, received them quickly. (Posted on 14-09-06)
Review by Sully1200
I love the fact that I can still hear the day to day sounds while keeping my hearing protected from the hi decibels. Unlike other foam plugs that block the hi decibels as well as the rest of all sounds, these allow you to hear intercoms, gps turn-by-turn, music and conversations at stop lights at a normal level. (Posted on 14-09-06)
Review by Batman
The NoNoise ear plugs work great for filtering out the harmful noise; however, no matter what I did, I couldn't get them out of my ears. The pull tab is just too short for me to pull them out by myself. My wife finally was able to pull them out but she found it difficult. If you have average or larger ears, you'll most likely have a similar problem. (Posted on 14-09-04)
Review by Damz
I haven't worn for many miles yet, but they are comfortable and reduces the buffeting noise very well. The ends where you need to grab to install or remove are too short. I feel that I have to use caution when installing them be cause if they go in just a little too far you may not be able take them out without some help or use tweezers. You tend not to install them as far as they should go be cause of that fear. (Posted on 14-09-01)
Review by Flash
Great; They work as advertised, very good wind noise attenuation, comfortable, easy to insert, not bothered by helmet ( Schubert ). (Posted on 14-08-31)
Review by Bob
I was able to have by Sena Bluetooth at a lower volume and heard the music playing from my phone better. I wear a 3/4 helmet with the shild down. (Posted on 14-08-29)
Review by Pnoyryder
Was researching some reviews online about different earplugs and ran across these. They had mixed reviews but were mostly good so I decided to give the a try. After playing the order thru TwistedThrottle, I received them a few days later. After putting them on for my
45 min. commute, I found out that they did block a fair bit of wind noise but still allowed me to hear my music (I have in helmet speakers) and while going thru the security gate on base, I was still able to hear the guard talk to me. All in all I'd say its worth the price. And yes I did not have that under the water experience that I normally get with foam ear plugs. I did secute them wth rubber bands to act as pull strings to make it easier to take them off. Love the metal container and I have it on my Keychain to remind me to always put them on. (Posted on 14-08-27)
Review by Larry
Have used this product now for a couple months both when riding my dual-sport and in my convertible. Initially seemed a bit uncomfortable. However they appear to be more compliant and comfortable with regular use and actually conforming or deforming to my ear canal. Had a fire truck pass me at a light the other day with full intersection sirens and horn. This would be very painful without ear protection. Though it was still loud my ears were not ringing afterward. The plugs were effective. I recommend cleaning each time with soap and water. Leave them out on a paper towel to dry a few hours before storing in the included container. Keep the container clean and dry too. The various other types of plugs I have reduce all noise making normal conversation difficult, especially my wife's voice. Not good. I can now leave the NoNoise plugs in and still talk to my wife without the use of hand signals. I always wear hearing protection when riding. (Posted on 14-08-14)
Review by Tony
Comfortable, and works exactly as advertised. MUCH better than foam plugs or silicone. Liked it so much bought a pair as a gift for a friend. (Posted on 14-08-06)
Review by Mike
I took a chance on these pricey plugs, and have found them very comfy and effective. I can honestly say they are more effective than traditional foam plugs. (Posted on 14-07-30)
Review by Macabout
Bought last weekend and on the ride home, it was like having nothing in my ears, that was a bad thing. Tried them again this time inserting further into ear canal, same result, no noise blockage, and needed tweezers to remove them from my ears. I was looking for something difference as I already wear custom plugs that are older and bulky, too bad, money down the drain so to speak. (Posted on 14-07-23)
Review by Ernie
I received these the day before I was to do a six hundred mile day. I've never had ringing in my ears from any amount of noise. When I reached my destination and removed the ear plugs my ears were ringing. The return trip everything was the same except no ear plugs. At the end of the trip I had no ringing and no discomfort in my ears. (Posted on 14-07-17)
Review by Anonymous
I have tried several different brands of hearing protection but have gotton mixed results, from total isolation to did I forget to put them in. These worked as advertised and cut out the last of the rumble I would get from wind noise without sacrificing voice and traffic noise. Mind you I am using a Schuberth C3 Pro which is pretty quite to begin with, but this was "AHHHHH" bliss. The only down side is trying to remove them with sweaty fingers when it's hot, the stem could have been a tad longer. (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by Anonymous
The NoNoise earplugs are comfortable, but they let in too much wind noise at highway speed. At 75 mph I could barely hear a semi right beside me. I returned the NoNoise plugs to Twisted Throttle and have gone back to using E.A.R. reusable plugs. (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by TheCopperOne
I debated buying a high priced set of ear plugs when my purple foamies work well and are cheap enough. However, based on reviews I read, I pulled the trigger. My opinion? Meh. I wouldn't buy them if I knew what I know now. They are not worth $30...but close.

1. They are reusable. My foamies only go in my ears a few times before they get difficult to insert. The no noise plugs are reusable...and washable. They go in easy every time, but you have to be careful to get them in correctly.

2. I can hear other people talking to me. With my foamies, once they're in, forget about having a normal conversation with somebody. The no noise allow me to have a conversation with someone with my plugs in and helmet on. This is helpful when talking to a parking attendant or park ranger.

1. They do not block out anymore wind noise than the foamies. The no noise plugs do seem to block more of the engine noise, but at highway speeds the wind noise is the same or worse than the foamies.

2. If you don't get them seated correctly when you put them in, they hurt. I have to concentrate on getting them inserted in my ear so they go in straight. They are not as soft and forgiving as foamies.

Since I have them already, and my pros and cons cancel each other out, I'll keep them. I have returned items to Twisted Throttle with no problems in the past, so I know the process is not difficult...but I don't hate the no noise plugs enough to go through the process. Having said that, if I knew what I know now, I wouldn't have paid $30 for the plugs. I use the no noise if I'm in an urban environment, but for highway trips and trips of two or more days, I'll stick with the foamies. (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by GreenGargoyle
These are the perfect solution for bikers to preserve their hearing. The reason I like them so much is that they seat themselves comfortably well into the ear canal, so when you put on your helmet, they stay in the way you inserted them -- unlike the first two brands I tried.
Take care to use the suggested method (on the box) of pulling your ear back just so when you pop them in. That way they stay in and feel right.
These cost quite a bit more than cheap foam plugs but they seem to be high quality that should last a long time. Lastly I like the nifty case that ships with each pair. (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by Anonymous
Come with a keychain case, lightweight, washable, and they work! (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by TerriRider
I've had mine for several months now and feel like I lost a friend if I ride without them now. Fit well, the tab to remove is just long enough to remove the plugs but not too long that it rubs on the helmet interior. I use with my Sena which allows me to wear plugs and use the communication system without issues. Perfect item and recommend them to everyone. Oh, and the little aluminum canister is perfect to holding these between rides! (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by Longhaulpaul
I hate earplugs. Not that they don’t work, and not because I know I should use them all the time. I hate that they are two small things I always forget to put in. As someone who is always trying to make good time riding, remembering about earplugs as I pull out of my driveway or as I pull away from a gas stop is just a bit too late. Having short term memory loss, well, that doesn’t help either. Why can’t the manufacturers make earplugs you leave in all the time, and just flip a switch when you want to block sound? Sort of like reverse hearing aids. Perhaps they could make them bigger then your ears, and brightly colored so we would never forget to put them in. How about making them harder to lose by making the pair a single piece instead of separate, like they did years ago to pants? Something I may work on after I make my first million from selling my amazing non-stick tape.

Another issue I have with earplugs is I seem to get worse fuel mileage when I wear them, I ride a bit longer in the saddle, and just between you and me, the voices in my head seem to scream at me louder. I wore a set of generic foam ear plugs on a recent long trip, and if I did managed to get them in equally, they only worked adequately to reduce the road and wind noise, but also my audio from my radar and GPS had to be at 100%, and even then it was hard to hear. A buzz from the engine seemed to get louder with the plugs in, and I was frequently checking to see if it was not some alternator whining noise. It wasn’t. Cheap earplugs are just cheap. I argued this point with the voices all the way home.

Years of riding motorcycles have clearly caused some listening and hearing problems for me, and one of my New Year’s resolutions was to ALWAYS wear earplugs, even if I was just going out for a couple hundred mile ride. I got a set of these NONOISE brand Motorsport precision tuned earplugs and got a chance to test them out on a recent morning commuting to work. I had worn them the day before while stacking firewood in the yard, as my neighbor was landscaping with his chainsaw again. The plugs seemed to work well. The trick would be remembering to insert them in the morning, before my helmet and gloves.

I decided to leave the house early and take the long way to work, about 100 miles extra - just because. I was so proud I remembered to insert the plugs, keeping them in my mouth before entering the garage was the trick. As I rode, I really thought there was something wrong with the earplugs; my motor seemed to howl and thud quite a bit different then normal. I was riding pretty spiritedly though, and it wasn’t till I got to work that I realized my exhaust really sounded odd. I found my Y-pipe had cracked in half, and removing my helmet and plugs, my exhaust was LOUD. The earplugs were doing their job and actually seemed to allow the right sounds in and noisy sounds out. I could hear my GPS and Radar beeps fine, while the whine that cheap earplugs created was nonexistent. I like these plugs so much, I wore them Sunday while taking a nap, and as my Grand Daughter wailed on some new musical instruments she got for her birthday, I slept like a baby with Nonoise. --Longhaulpaul (Posted on 14-07-07)
Review by Kenneth
These ear plugs work just like advertised. It was a pleasure to be able to hear others without having to remove my ear plugs. Comfy for my 150 miles test ride and to be able to communicate with my riding buddy while at a stop light without needing to read lips. (Posted on 13-12-28)
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