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How to use the Interphone F5 with stereo earbuds and the original Interphone microphone

Posted on Jpm4000000pmSat, 27 Apr 2013 16:37:39 +000013 4, 2016 by eriks There have been 0 comments

Interphone F5, F5S, F5XT, F4XT, or F3XT intercoms all come with helmet-mounted speakers, a boom mic for open face or modular helmets, and a self-adhesive mic for full face helmets. This is great for most of us, but what if you want to use your 3.5mm stereo headphones INSTEAD of the original helmet speakers?


Interphone currently offers the CONAU35F5 earbud adapter, an off-the-shelf way to use a set of earbuds with these intercoms, but it has some limitations.



The CONAU35F5 connects to the back of your Interphone head unit and gives you a 3.5mm female "TRRS" stereo and mic output. For those of you that are less "techie", this means you can take a set of standard 3.5mm stereo headphones (like the ones that come with an iPhone or iPod) and use them with your Interphone.

This solution is fine if you only want to listen to your Interphone, but what if you want to talk so you can make a phone call or talk to your friends?

Unfortunately, this adapter doesn't allow you to use the original microphone that comes with the Interphone. Instead, you either go without a microphone, or you use a set of earbuds that has a built-in microphone and attempt to somehow tape that microphone inside your helmet. Not ideal.

 Until Interphone gets their act together, there is a do-it-yourself way to use both your favorite earbuds and your original Interphone microphone. In addition to the CONAU35F5, you'll need to buy two items from Amazon or Radio Shack:

  • one 3.5mm "TRRS" male smartphone headset to dual 3.5mm "TRS" female splitter (one female end is microphone, the other is stereo headset.) Buy on Amazon.com
  • one 3.5mm "TRS" stereo male to 2.5mm "TRS" stereo female adapter. Buy on Amazon.com
The original Interphone microphone terminates in a 2.5mm stereo male connector

Without getting too involved in the technical details, here's what you do:

  1. Install the Interphone head unit on the side of your helmet
  2. Connect the CONAU35F5 to the Interphone head unit
  3. Connect the splitter to the CONAU35F5
  4. Connect the 3.5mm-to-2.5mm adapter to the "microphone" side of the splitter
  5. Connect the original microphone to the adapter
  6. Connect your earbuds to the "headphones" side of the splitter

'Nuff said?

 If not, here's a little drawing!

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