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Denali LED lighting for motorcycles - What sets our auxiliary headlights apart?

Posted on December 29, 2009 by There have been 0 comments

Here we have an article comparing the Denali LED Lights to Vision-X Lighting.

This article demystifies Twisted Throttle's new Denali LED Lighting kits built specifically for motorcycles, and explains the similarity to Vision-X's line of automotive and utility lighting solutions.

We don't like to beat around the bush when it comes to finding the right gear for your bike. In fact, we usually just ride right through the bush, because we know our gear can take it.

Many companies make LED light kits with mounts and wiring harnesses designed for automobiles, but we've developed a kickass auxiliary lighting solution with road warrior bikers in mind! Rather than providing simple stand-alone LED pods, our LEDs are packaged in a motorcycle-friendly kit so that you have everything you need to install and use the lights on your bike right out of the box. The result: Denali Extreme LED Lighting from Twisted Throttle!

Here's a breakdown of how the kit contents differ from automotive kits:

  • Denali LED kits include a full wiring harness that's the correct length to be installed on most makes and models of motorcycles on the market. This wiring harness includes a water resistant, flush-mount switch with LED indicators, so you don't have to worry about shorting out in foul weather. We decided to use a lighted switch so that you'd be able to see where the button was at night. Other brands typically include an automobile-length wiring harness, a non-water resistant, non-lighted toggle switch that requires a drilled hole for mounting.
  • Denali LED pods have longer wire leads than similar Vision-X or PIAA automotive pods (24" vs. 6"). This allows you to install the lights in a variety of positions on your bike without worrying about an unattractive, bulky connector hanging in plain sight.
  • Denali LED kits ship with black powder coated steel mounting brackets. Vision-X and PIAA brackets are unfinished galvanized steel that does not match the color of the lamp.
  • Denali LED kits include 'Spot' driving beam lenses as well as wider 'Fog' beam lenses. The lenses can be swapped in seconds using a cross-head screwdriver, providing a wide range of available beam patterns. Vision-X and PIAA lighting includes only one type of lens per pod.

Twisted Throttle has developed bike-specific mounting kits to provide easy installation of Denali LED kits on all late model motorcycles sold in North America. From fender mounts to bike-specific light bars, we've done enough research to be able to offer two or three mounting positions for Denali LED kits on almost any make, model, and year of motorcycle. Most other brands have only developed a simple handlebar or crashbar mount and do not provide any bike-specific fitting information.

The Denali LED Lighting TT-D1.KIT is pure Twisted bolt-on ingenuity, designed specifically for the adventure and sport-touring crowd to which we cater.


Dual light harness with lighted switch for Denali LED headlights

Denali LED Lighting. Close-up of lighted on/off switch.

Denali LED Lighting 2-Light Kit with Full Wiring Harness and M10 Mount. Exploded view shows how easy it is to swap lenses from 'Euro' driving beam to fog beam!

Denali LED Lighting 2-Light Kit with Full Wiring Harness and M10 Mount

If you have any questions about getting Denali LED's on your bike, feel free to give us a buzz and talk with one of our gear experts.


Denali LED Lighting 2-Light Kit with Full Wiring Harness and M10 Mount. Shown on Triumph Tiger 1050 with auxiliary light mounting bar.

Denali LED Lighting 2-Light Kit with Full Wiring Harness and M10 Mount. Shown on MotoAdventureGal's Twisted Suzuki DR650SE.

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