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Laminar Lip For VFR800 VTEC Interceptor '02-'09

Laminar Lip For VFR800 VTEC Interceptor '02-'09

$107.99 $82.99

Sorry, but this item is no longer available.

Note: This product is no longer able to be ordered. Please view related products on the right side of this page for more gear & accessories that you may be interested in.

The Laminar Lip is designed to quiet wind buffeting and reduce wind pressure while raising the wind comfort. The LIP is an inverted airfoil located above the top edge of your original windshield, that attaches to the front of the shield. As air flows between the shield and the LIP, it follows the underside airfoil of the LIP and is redirected more vertically. This air eddy then diffuses the oncoming air raising the blast of this oncoming airflow. Another feature of the inverted airfoil is that it increases down pressure on the front wheel. The LIP does all this without having to add a larger windshield. In many cases, it works better than the taller replacement accessory windshields, because although they may be taller, they do nothing to control airflow. So grab a Laminar Lip today and experience the difference.

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