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Denali D2 Dual Intensity LED Lighting Kit with Full Wiring Harness and M8 Mount

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When bright is no’t bright enough, grab a set of Denali D2 LED Lights from Twisted Throttle. Small and BRIGHT, with an effective beam distance of 423 feet on the low-beam setting and still an incredibly small power draw!

Denali D2 Lights

The unique optic in the D2 light was designed to create a massive beam of light that is the perfect balance between distance and width. You won’t believe how much light is thrown out in front of you, and off to the sides. Consuming only 10 watts of power per lamp, the Denali D2 lights throw a blazing beam of light 423 feet down the road in front of you. That’s 3 times further than your typical motorcycle high beam.


  • Pod Size: 2” round x 2.4” long
  • Beam Distance: 423’
  • Power Draw: 10 watts per lamp
  • Intensity: Dual
  • Beam Angle: 10° and 40°
  • Waterproof: IP-68
  • Mount: Universal M8
  • Effective Lumens: 828

 Click here to go to our application chart to find the correct fitment for your bike.

Dual Intensity Technology

The Denali D2 lights are equipped with a dual intensity LED and harness to create the ideal lighting solution for on and off road riders who want an uncompromised beam of light illuminating the road in front of them. These lights are so bright, we developed dual intensity technology so you can use your existing hi/low beam switch to select half intensity brightness when passing oncoming. The lights can also be wired independent of your high/low beam switch to run at full intensity all the time. It’s up to you!

All Denali LED lights are housed in a rugged waterproof aluminum housing (submersible up to 3 meters underwater). Our LED’s boasts an average life span of 50,000 hours; that’s 6 years without ever being shut off. Yes, we went overboard. It’s what we do.

Making our light kits easy to mount and install to your motorcycle is a top priority for us. Every light kit includes a universal M8 mounting bracket and detailed wiring diagrams that are simple and easy to understand. Bike specific light mounts are also available for many popular bike models. Please visit for more information on mounting options for your motorcycle.

Lumen Comparison

SKU Lumens Driven Effective Lumens
TT-DX 920 90% 828
TT-D2 920 90% 828
TT-DM 493 90% 443
TT-D1 900 90% 810


What's in the Box:

  • 2 x Denali D2 LED light pods
  • Wiring Harness with Dimmer Module, Relay and Lighted Switch
  • 2 x M8 (8mm) mounting brackets
  • 2 x spot driving beam lenses (10 degree beam pattern)
  • 2 x flood beam lenses (40 degree beam pattern)
  • Installation instructions
  • Allen wrench

Denali Light Output Comparison 

Comparison: OEM low beam only vs low beam + D2


Comparison of all Denali LED lights

 Click here to go to our application chart to find the correct fitment for your bike.



Video Description: Quickly "unravel" the components comprising the Denali 2 wiring harness. This short video will help you to identify the leads and help you differentiate between pod and trigger plugs.


  • For motorcycles with CAN-Bus electrical systems, such as later model BMWs, the CAN-Bus Adapter is recommended in order to avoid disrupting the CAN-Bus system..
  • We have noticed that the interlink and associated channel on the LED pod have very tight tolerances. It may be that you find that the interlink does not want to seat. In this case apply a light tap to the interlink to slide it in far enough to allow the M3 bolt to gain purchase.
  • Motorcycles with a low beam that does not remain powered while the high beam is active require connecting the WHITE 12 volt power wire to a switched 12 volt power source other that the low beam headlight circuit.
  • Be certain to plug the light switch into the proper port and the light pods as well. Premature failure can result if done improperly.
  • For installations on motorcycles that have LED headlights or headlight circuits that do not provide 12 volts, such as the BMW R1200GS LC ’13-’14, it is recommended that the WHITE 12 volt power wire be connected to the positive circuit of the motorcycle’s Auxiliary Power Supply socket or accessory. The CAN-Bus Adapter is not required for this installation
  • For dual intensity installations on motorcycles that have LED high beams or high beam circuits that do not provide 12 volts, such as the BMW R1200GS LC ’13-’14, it is recommended that a second switch (not included) be installed to provide the correct voltage to the high beam trigger wire. This switch should be installed between the BLUE high beam trigger wire and the WHITE 12 volt power wire circuit. The SW-MOTECH Weatherproof Accessory Switch is recommended for this application.

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