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Meet the Twisted Crew





Erik, a.k.a. Mr. Twisted, is the founder of this asylum and keeps the place running like a well oiled machine (don't ask what type of machine...)! Of the many Twisted Bikes, Erik's favored  trackday toy is the 2012 Triumph Street Triple R. He also finds great joy riding the 2009 BMW R1200GS on and off-road. After graduating from the University of Delaware Erik quickly learned that moonlighting as a trombone player in rock and jazz bands while consulting for a law firm just wasn’t the life for him. Apparently you can't wear race leathers to a board meeting without co-workers nicknaming you "the Terminator". Trading two wheels for the 5 on his corporate office chair, Erik has now been able to ride on every continent on Earth with the exception of Antarctica (possible?). With trips like that, he KNOWS what we sell and how it works in all sorts of riding conditions.

Twisted since June 2002





Dan is our Purchasing Manager, we call him the king of the spreadsheets. Luckily he spices it up with lots of hot sauce and spicy things, for our purposes this makes him the acting tums dispenser.

Twisted since February 2006






When it comes to getting things done, Adam is the guy you want in your corner. Heading up Event Management for Twisted Throttle, his plate is always full - and he likes it that way! After graduating form Bryant University with a degree in marketing, Adam worked full-time as a bank loan officer. In mid 2006, after realizing that sitting in a cubicle for 12 hours a day was not how he wanted to spend his life, he sought out Erik and Twisted Throttle. In-between taking care of business and his family, Adam currently rides a 2004 Suzuki DL650 V-Strom and what ever else he can get his hands on. His former rides include a 1996 KLR 650 and 2003 Yamaha YZF600.

Twisted since August 2006






Nick, who can be seen (and heard) on nice days “haulin’ the mail” in his Pontiac TransAm or on his HD Sportster is the only Twisted employee with just American muscle for personal transportation. Go Nick GO!!!

Twisted since August 2006





Matt is our international man of mystery - he was kind enough to slow down for this shot before wheelieing away. Matt rides a Honda GL1100 Goldwing with his wife on sunny days and a Kawasaki KLR650A with studded tires when it snows. Sometimes he leans his bike so hard his sidecases turn into feelers. Matt's former rides also include a BMW R1100S that he sorely misses."Will work for motorcycle parts!"

Twisted since April 2007






Brian is our in-house racing guy. He regularly flogs his KTM SMR supermoto and 2008 Yamaha R6 around the Loudon and New Jersey tracks while sporting swanky leathers. His current street bike is a Suzuki DL650 V-Strom. Oh yeah... he's even faster than Matt! Brian's former rides include a Suzuki GSF400 Bandit and Kawasaki ZRX1200R. His latest bikes are a Honda CRF230L (for the dirt) and a 2nd-gen race-prepped SV650S.

Twisted since October 2007





Even though Dereck is no longer with us, "Chappy" will always be part of the Twisted crew...always.

Twisted since January 2008




David is a hunter, climber, archer, survivalist outdoorsman, and a professional pirate. One day, he may have his own solo survival show on the Discovery Channel. David doesn't like to waste ANYTHING. If he ever hit a deer while riding a motorcycle, he'd figure out a way to carve it up into venison steaks, strap it to the back of his bike, and take it home to the freezer. He has aspirations of one day owning a Cold War era, Russian-made Ural with a side car big enough to stow a deer and a musket. In the meantime, he's flogging a FrankenKLR 650 through the backwoods of New England.

Twisted since April 2008




Nate is our in-house product designer from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Master of all things metal, as well as doing crafty graphic illustrations and catalog creation, Nate is a chronic Jeep modifier and is learning to speak German so he can play nice with our European suppliers. Nate's current ride is a Suzuki DRZ400SM supermoto. Since purchase, he's built more new toys for that bike than any other. We think he's biased.

Twisted since June 2008




Tom drives the Twisted Trailer to shows all around the country and fixes it when the wheels come off. When he's not forced to drive our big rig, he prefers to ride his BMW R1150GS or F650GS single. A wild world traveler with a penchant for twisties, he has the best party house of the crew and hosts summer shoreline fiestas that no one EVER forgets... and he carries the best first aid kit on his bike out of anyone in the shop!

Twisted since July 2008




Chris is the head dealer sales rep in the office.  He can often be seen running around making sure our dealers are happy and getting their goodies on time.  When he is not in the office he can be seen on the paintball field shooting it up with Willy or on his ZRX1200R, that's a big step up from his scooter.  No speeding tickets yet…yet

Twisted since January 2010




Greg grew up on dirt bikes and is ready to assault the streets. Yes, this is a warning for all Rhode Islanders. He just picked up his first street bike and is trying to fashion a surfboard rack for it to combine one of his other passions - looking cool holding a surfboard.

Twisted since February 2010




Kevin drank the Twisted Cool-Aid and is taking care of marketing. His motorcycle tastes vary wildly from sport-touring on his Yamaha FZ1 to running track days on his Kawasaki EX500's and Vintage Japanese Twins. Kevin spends one crazy day each June piloting a sub-200cc vintage bike 650 miles around Lake Erie in a race with a bunch of other similarly deranged individuals.

Twisted since March 2010





Craig W (a.k.a. Willy) Lead crash test dummy here at 'The Throttle' has brought order and reason along with an exceptionally large helping of kooky to the receiving area of our operation. When he is not riding his brandy new Triumph he can be found dominating on the paintball field along side Chris and Justin.

Twisted since October 2010





Shawn is an outdoorsman. Forced to choose he might opt to live in a tree over a posh hotel with all the fine appointments. He can be found in the field, on the water or in the woods when he is not in the Twisted Showroom dispensing his impressive range of product knowledge.

Twisted since June 2011





J.P. is our mad man in the warehouse! This guy will stuff any box and send it packin' the same day!

Twisted since July 2011





Kyle, ahhhhhhhh "Hey Beavis, ahhhhhh this is gonna be cool!" Kyle hails from NH, has a degree in Sports Management and aspires to be a fire truck.

Twisted since August 2011





Ken "Speedracer" Condon is our web content person. Ken's been around the motorcycling community for a while and is involved in all sorts of riding activities. He's the head instructor at Tony's Track Days, an MSF instructor, contributing editor for Motorcycle Consumer News, and author of Riding in the Zone. We are told he has funny tattoos he shows people at inappropriate times. We can't wait for him to show them to us.

Twisted since September 2011




Raja is our CIO. Genius of all things digital, he's masterminded several plots involving laser beams and "one million dollars".

Twisted since November 2011





Jeannine, or "J9" as we call her, is our enthusiastic web content coordinator. Not only is she able to keep the barrage of ever-changing web content under control, she is also one competent rider, whether flying over rocks on her KLX250 dually, or carving perfect lines on her ZX6R. J9 is even good enough to be a control rider for Tony's Track Days. Booya!

Twisted since December 2011





Jack arrived by Suzuki from Utah to get our IT world in order. Jack rides his Boulevard rain or shine, proudly parking it front and center in the Twisted parking lot to show that we aren’t only about adventure and touring bikes (it’s true). Jack can be heard spouting mildly interesting bits of knowledge without provocation, not because he is deranged, but because he takes trivia night a bit too seriously.

Twisted since April 2012





Jane comes to us from the wacky world of HVAC where she accounted for the never-ending flow of dollars in and dollars out. Not only is Jane a highly-skilled number-cruncher and organizer, she is also an accomplished rider. When she’s not managing the inner-workings of the Twisted corporate machine, she is teaching newbies at an MSF course how to ride or ripping around the racetrack on her R6 or DRz400 motard.

Twisted since April 2012





Michael always seems to have a spring in his step, even after a long day answering phone calls and restocking the retail store. When Michael isn't serving customers, he is dreaming of the limelight and his glorious past as a stage performer and Karaoke king. Rock on, Mikey!

Twisted since May 2012





Josh is our dreaded Customer Service Representative, and by dreaded I mean his hair. Some say he resembles the The Predator, but don’t worry it's only in looks, he is very friendly. As an MSF instructor Josh joins our ranks of highly knowledgeable staff, he enjoys playing outside whether that is riding his 2011 Harley Street Bob or snowboarding.

Twisted since November 2012





Some say she runs faster than her KLR and she names all her bikes Pete… all we know is she’s called Jenny.

Known for clicking her “tradeshow boots” around the convention centers, Jenny has a range of motorcycle knowledge and is a serious motorsports enthusiast. Her 15 years of riding experience includes twisting a 1975 Yamaha XS650 into a café racer and kitting out an RC51 for use as a sport tourer. Jenny’s current “Pete” is an ’09 KLR650E, used for ripping around Colorado in her role as dealer advocate.

Twisted since January 2013





Ernie is a recently retired as a Fire Lieutenant who commanded a Special Hazards unit for the City of Providence Fire Department.  With his crisis management skills and lifelong history of riding, Ernie is the number one person on our list to go dualsport riding with, should things get “interesting”.  Ernie has swapped out flames and building collapsed to work on our Web Content Editing Team and we could not be happier,  Outside the office, Ernie maintains a small personal fleet, “Now I’m down to four bikes.”

No doubt his 2007 Honda XR70, 1981 Honda XL185s, 2002 KTM 400exc, and a KTM 990 Adventure R have a jeopardy friendly home.

Twisted since February 2013




With 13 years of dealer experience in service and parts departments, Dave is Mr. Showroom. At age 13 Dave started on a '79 Honda 250 which was only the beginning of his relationship with 2-wheelers, both off-road and street. Oh ya, and there was some roadracing mixed in. He'll ride any bike that has the key left in it, but don't worry, he'll fill the tank before bringing it back! What is his dream bike you ask? The Batpod of course!

Twisted since February 2013




Paul builds his life off of craigslist, sure most of us buy a thing here and there but everything signifcant he owns came from craigslist. Training for Mixed Martial Arts several times a week makes him into someone you won't want to mess with. As a former car guy, Paul rides an SV650 most of the time and drives a teal Honda CRX as his rain vehicle, I think we've converted him! If he were to get all of his dream bikes he would need a warehouse as a garage.

Twisted since February 2013




James is our Web Development Guru, but even more important, he makes delicious cookies! New to the world of motorcycling, James is learning a ton and loving it, especially along side his "new" 1983 Honda Shadow 750!

Twisted since March 2013




Spike grew up with a motorcycling father who got him on 2 wheels at a young age. As a dirt and trail rider Spike has a CRF450R but when asked what his dream bike is he just says he wants a bike no matter what it is. Other than motorcycles, he is all about rubik's cubes and RC trucks.

Twisted since June 2013




Angela joins our Customer Service Department with her 250 Ninja. She got her first bike, a 250 Intercepter, at age 13 and has since moved on to street riding with some track days mixed in.

Twisted since June 2013




Brad is a part of our graphic design team. His riding background helped make him tough enough to handle the rigors of the Twisted office. For starters, Brad started riding at age 14 on one of those Honda ATC three wheeler death traps. Nowadays Brad can be found riding both off-road and street bikes that are less likely to kill you. Brad raced the Elsinore Grand Prix and Adelanto Grand Prix and off-road endurance races like the 6 and 24 Hours of Glen Helen. Brad likes pavement, too. He even raced supermoto for a time and his garage now houses a 2005 BMW R1200GS as well as a 2007 Husqvarna TE450.

Twisted since July 2013




Michael O, our original Mikey, was the first employee to ever join Twisted Throttle in Rhode Island. He abandoned us to go back to school in a foreign land for a few years. We cried. He later came back. We smiled. Veteran of strange bikes such as the Suzuki Bandit 400 and a strange one I can't remember right now from eastern Europe, his needlepoint skills (...or was that acupuncture?) are not to be underestimated. Oh yeah... it was an MZ Baghira. Do you have any parts for him?

Twisted since a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.




Genny joined us as critical reinforcements to our Customer Experience crew. Watch and behold!

Twisted since January 2014

Marc is one of our Retail gurus. He grew up riding small dirty bikes, but now covets the awesome Triumph Trophy SE. Marc's tastes have certainly matured over the years, don't you think?

Twisted since March 2014


Peter joined our Customer Service crew as another Twisted Gear Expert. Peter is a sport bike guy who rides his BMW S1000RR on the fast rural roads. He plans on puting that speed on the racetrack this year. Watch out!

Twisted since March 2014




Nicole is our Twisted Cafe' barista who will serve you a tasty treat when you come and visit the Retail Store. She has been riding ATVs since she was a young un' but she plans on taking two of those wheels away and riding a single-tracker in the near future.

Twisted since April 2014




Are you next? Join the Twisted Crew, and you too will be happier, more beautiful, and ride like Valentino Rossi!

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