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AdMore Lighting High Output LED kit for Givi V46 Topcase (running/brake/turn signals)


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This kit gives you everything you need to equip your GIVI V46 top case with brake, tail light, and turn signal functionality.

The LEDV46 is specifically designed for the GIVI V46 top case. This LED kit provides light output that is much brighter than regular incandescent bulbs. Unlike an incandescent kit, which illuminates only during braking, the LEDV46 kit is always on with your bike's tail lights, brightens with your brake lights, and flashes with your turn signals.

Using high intensity, high efficiency LED bulbs, our brake light kit draws only 180ma with the brakes applied or with turn signals flashing (as compared with 635ma using conventional incandescent bulbs).

You will not ride unnoticed with this light kit installed in your V46 case!

- 1 high powered, center mounted LED circuit board (running and brake lights)
- 2 9-piece LED Arrays (turn signals)
- 1 mini controller
- wiring
- weatherproof quick-disconnect connectors
- detailed instructions with guiding pictures.


This Admore LED Lighting Kit is not compatible with the R1200GS LC.

Customer Reviews
Review by Saul T Nuhtz
This lighting kit is a great option for people who either don't have the time or the aptitude to develop their own lighting solution. The kit provides everything you need but I have two gripes, hence the 4 stars:

1) The instructions are horrible. If you have no knowledge of wiring and taking apart your box, you'll need to find information elsewhere. For those of us that are pretty good at fiddling with things, the written instructions are just adequate. Additionally, the provided photos are not detailed, are black/white/grainy/small, and do not cover every step of the install.
2) I wish the wiring interface between box/harness was more discreet/tidy. Ideally, they could interface with the standard givi connector which would be awesome. This kit provides a plug that sits awkwardly away from the edge of the box, and a cable that hangs about 12 inches from the box to the saddle, which you'll have to figure out how to secure. (Posted on 16-01-12)
Review by Fredy
What a great kit, very easy installation too. Love the fact that I am more visible to cars and trucks behind me and toy sides. If you have a Givi top case this is a MUST have! Thank you Twisted Throttle! (Posted on 14-08-07)
Review by wavid
A very well-made, complete kit for the Givi V46. Installation of the kit itself is easy. Disassembly of the Givi case top is somewhat difficult. I urge you to search for pictures and/or videos showing how to disassemble the Givi. (Posted on 14-08-07)
Review by Kenneth
I purchased the Admore Lighting LED kit for my Givi V46. I wanted a running, brake, and turn signal funchtion. I installed it and it was fine however, I wanted MORE LED strips. I went to the store and found the exact same model of LED strip that admore uses and added two additional strips to this project
I would of given this a higher rating if ADMORE supplied MORE LED strips. (Posted on 13-07-21)
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